Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips People have always tried to improve their home and make it comfortable, practical, safe.

Of course, everyone knows that a home has foundation, and it must be reliable. After all, the foundation is the support of the building for many years and even centuries, despite the meteorological conditions.

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House on screw piles

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips Making a base for a house with screw piles is not difficult. The main thing is desire, a little creativity, effort and useful information.

If the finishing is done according to all the available criteria, then it will serve you for a long time.

Of course, after the house on stilts is ready, it will be necessary to finish the basement. Decorating the basement of a house on screw piles is essentially a disguise.

When the foundation is installed on screw piles, a gap remains between the ground and the foundation of the house. So, this gap must be closed after the main construction process has ended.

This is necessary for a solid look of the building.

A person who decided to finish the basement on his own is a little confused by this task, because this requires at least some knowledge. Therefore, many turn to the help of specialists, but with knowledge, you can do it yourself.

You can finish a wooden or concrete house on stilts.

Pile masking work

Preliminary work

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips The cladding of a house on screw piles can be made at any time of the year.

Before starting the sheathing work, remove all debris and grass from the area. To cover the ends of the screw piles, use a net to keep pets out.

Strong lathing requires metal corners and wooden planks.

Consider the condition of the soil and the depth of the groundwater in your area, because the base will be very close to the ground. The basement can be flooded with groundwater.

If the danger of flooding is high, then it is better not to use wooden elements in the structure.

Plan ventilation

For a quality foundation finish, ventilation must be carried out to ventilate the underfloor space. For this, small holes are left, and they, regardless of the season, must always be open.

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips

To avoid the entry of pests, rodents and debris, cover the hole with a net , but they cannot be closed tightly. Communications are insulated with special foam.

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips

Materials for finishing

For finishing plinths use metal plates and wooden rails. With the help of these materials, it will not be difficult to finish the foundation.

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips If you take metal plates with a pattern for a stone, then you will have a base as if trimmed with stone.

  1. Metal plates are fastened with self-tapping screws and by welding.Welding is the most reliable and durable way of fastening the skin.

  2. Be sure to sprinkle 30-40 cm with sand at the points of contact of the sheathing with the ground.
  3. The finishing coating is leveled at the corners, the seams are sealed and rubbed with a sealed liquid.
  4. The final job will be fixing the missing pieces.

Important! When decorated with a tree, it will need to be treated with a special antiseptic. This will prevent damage to the material.

Base / plinth trim

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips If you you will make a hinged finish of the basement, you will not go wrong, it has many advantages:

  • material economy;
  • quick erection and simplicity of construction;
  • beautiful view;
  • moisture protection.

Brick finishing

If there is a desire and finances, then you can make finish the basement with brick .

The pluses include such qualities as: protection from damage, thermal protection, the ability to create a basement.

Please note that this option has disadvantages: it is the price and the impossibility of erecting on unstable and heaving soils.

Mosaic finishing

In the modern construction market there is an unusual and expensive finishing option - this is mosaic plaster.

This finish will appeal to the most harmful buyer. Decorating with mosaic plaster looks very impressive, and it does not require a lot of time and is easy to install.

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips

Plastic finishing

Also for finishing the basement of the house on screw piles use plastic panels . This is the cheapest option, but it loses out in aesthetic aspects. Of course, a brick or stone finish will look aesthetically pleasing and elite, but plastic panels are strong enough and not susceptible to chemical and weather conditions.

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips

The assortment of colors and reliefs of plastic panels is quite large, and you will have the opportunity to choose what what suits you.

Concrete finishing

The most economical way is the installation of a concrete base, it does not require huge costs and efforts.

True, it requires finishing with plaster. After all, plaster is the best option for finishing, if there is no way to purchase more expensive materials for finishing the basement.

To do this, you need to do:

  1. the plinth blind area,
  2. then finish with moisture resistant elements (asbestos-cement slabs),
  3. sprinkle the surface with sand near the base,
  4. then plaster the entire surface of the boards.

Step-by-step finishing of the foundation + Videos and Tips

There are many types of finishes and materials for these works, each person who started plinth finish, will select the ideal option for yourself. But the choice must be made with great responsibility, assess your physical and financial capabilities soberly.

We wish you good luck and inspiration!

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