step by step installation. Advantages and disadvantages of home decoration + Photo

step by step installation. Advantages and disadvantages of home decoration + Photo Log buildings always stand out more favorably among the many-sided modern buildings. Such designs look especially harmonious in the countryside among flowering gardens. You can give your home the appearance of natural wood with the help of metal siding (metal siding), having a coating that imitates a woody texture.

Its characteristics also attract with a weighty list of advantages over natural wood.

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Wood-like metal siding

The latest fashion trend in the facade decoration of houses - the use of metal siding under tree . The exterior of a building clad in this way looks stylish and interesting. The image of a house imitating log masonry is in harmony with greenery and evokes a sense of comfort in human nature.

It's no secret that the aesthetics of naturalness and naturalness are now very much appreciated.

However, not everyone can afford to have a house made of real timber . Do not forget about the difficulties in tree care.

Therefore, facing your own, albeit far from wooden, dwelling with wood-like finishing material solves many problems for the owner who wants to have a similar facade.

Characteristics of metal siding

Metal siding under a wooden structure represents sheets of aluminum-zinc steel processed using a special technology, on the front side of which a pattern imitating log , board, lining or timber.

Several photos of houses clad with metal wood siding:

step by step installation.</p><p> Advantages and disadvantages of home decoration + Photo

step by step installation. Advantages and disadvantages of home decoration + Photo

step by step installation. Advantages and disadvantages of home decoration + Photo

Such siding is on sale in the form of panels measuring 20 cm in width, 2-6 m in length and a maximum of 1 mm in thickness.

If you look at the element in section, you can see several layers: a sheet of steel with an anti-corrosion coating and a layer of primer, then a polymer layer.

Most often, the panels have a kind of latches that provide grip with each other.

Advantages of the material

  1. Long service life (about 50 years);
  2. Durability;
  3. Excellent pattern durability;
  4. Environmentally friendly ;
  5. Not susceptible to the development of mold , insects and rodents ;
  6. High level fire safety ;
  7. Wide range of panel designs;
  8. Easy to install and easy to operate;
  9. Excellent resistance to weather conditions.

The disadvantages of metal siding are

  1. The price for metal siding is higher than for its vinyl counterpart;
  2. Increased thermal conductivity.

    On the sunny side, strong heating is possible, which is transferred to the building. Therefore, it is better to fix metal siding on a surface with thermal insulation;

  3. Increases the weight of the building, therefore, when performing such a finish, the capabilities of the foundation and load-bearing walls should be taken into account.

Attention! During installation, the panels can be easily damaged by strong pressure.

The most popular manufacturers of metal siding for wood texture are: Metal Profile , Grand Line , Woodstock .

Instructions for step-by-step installation of metal siding under a tree


Selecting the season

Metal siding finishing works can be performed in any period of the year.

All accessories must necessarily match the color and type of the main elements. Both horizontal and vertical direction of the panels is possible.

Selecting additional elements of the set

  1. complex and simple outer and inner corners,
  2. complex and simple docking bars,
  3. slope plank,
  4. planks for external and internal corners,
  5. moldings, platbands,
  6. initial planks, plinth planks, drainage.

Packages of wood imitation facing material from the manufacturer should include a detailed installation and operation manual for a specific product. Below will be a description of the general principles.

step by step installation. Advantages and disadvantages of home decoration + Photo

Performing installation work + Video


Metal siding is recommended to be fastened with metal profile lathing. It is lightweight and strong enough for panels.

Tip! The optimal lathing pitch will be 30 cm for both the vertical and horizontal direction of the elements.

The initial plank is installed first after the construction of the frame. It is fixed along a line 30-40 cm from the bottom point of the building.

Fastening the strip

For the horizontal direction of the panels, the strip is fastened along the entire length of the surface being trimmed. Then, starting with it, they alternately insert siding elements under the tree and fix them to the crate. No gap between the planks is required.

For the vertical direction of the siding, angular, fastening and sloping elements are also mounted to the established initial plank. In this case, the pitch for the starting bar will be 300mm.

step by step installation. Advantages and disadvantages of home decoration + Photo

The need for a sharp or obtuse angle is solved by mechanical deformation of a conventional metal angle.

To obtain an obtuse degree, press on the center of the element, as a result, the profile expands, for an acute degree, the sides are squeezed.

Installation of corners

The corners are assembled after forming the finishing cloth from the panels. It is better if they lean about 10mm on the siding, and it should not squeeze the canvas tightly.

The corner profile has a length of 300cm.

Tip! If two starting strips are used to join the corners, it is better to waterproof the base wall.

Since the tightness in such places will be reduced.

Installation is carried out at the corner of the building and is fixed with self-tapping screws in the direction from bottom to top. It is necessary to release 6mm from the ground.

In the case when the length of the corner profile is not enough, it is supplemented with another one, superimposing them on each other with an overlap of the upper to the lower by 2.5 cm.

In this case, you will need to trim the upper profile. This will create a gap of no more than 9 mm.

Joining each other

Two siding elements are joined together using an H-shaped connector, similar to joining corners. The top needs to be adjusted, taking into account the gap to the cornice, the bottom one goes down 6mm below the starting strip.

step by step installation.</p><p> Advantages and disadvantages of home decoration + Photo

First of all, the profile is fixed with a self-tapping screw at the top, but so that its movements are not constrained. And then, while checking strict verticality, the panel is gradually fixed.

H-shaped connection requires the withdrawal of a starter strip adjacent to the profile.

If siding elements are installed with an overlap, then the use of the H-shaped connection is omitted.

Various building openings are finished with a J-profile and window strip.

For an opening up to 20 cm, the length of the J-profile should be 22 cm. The overlap is performed by overlapping the planks.

For large openings, use a corner strip or cut siding strips instead of a J-profile.

Completion of work

The aesthetics of the resulting coating is completed by the installation of the finishing strip.

It covers the paint of the panels and makes the sides more neat.

Such a bar is installed under the very eaves of the roof or window opening, and also when the longitudinal direction of the panels is changed to the transverse one.

It is fixed to the edge of the wall with self-tapping screws at the moment before installing the last panel.

And the last panel itself is cut to the desired remaining width and one edge is inserted into the lock of the penultimate element, and with the other it is folded into the finishing strip.

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