Step by step instructions and Ideas + Photos and Videos

Step by step instructions and Ideas + Photos and Videos Mosaic of caps from plastic bottles. Craftsmen know no boundaries, and they come up with more and more masterpieces from the simplest things. They make beautiful toys from plastic bottles, while others create mosaics from plastic bottle caps. You can use such crafts in different places: on the wall of the house, for decorating a fence and even for decorating paths.

Different technologies for creating interesting and unusual images will help you choose the best option for you to create your masterpiece in the form of a mosaic of covers.

Mosaic as an art form

The use of plastic bottles in everyday life has become a source of various ideas for the further use of containers. But collecting plastic bottles is much easier than collecting many caps. This process can take a long time, so many craftsmen try to involve all relatives and friends, as well as colleagues and neighbors, in the process of collecting lids.

Note! Try to choose a scheme for the panel in advance in order to immediately determine how many and what color of covers you need.

Step by step instructions and Ideas + Photos and Videos Beginners are advised to start with the simplest schemes, which combine the small size of the picture with a small scale shades.

When mastering the basic technology, you can try to arrange a larger picture in a different way.

Mosaic creation has more than one direction. Depending on where the drawing will be placed, methods of creating paintings are also selected. It will take skill and meticulousness to create your own mosaic scheme from covers, which will not be tied to any specific surface.

The basic steps for creating a beautiful painting from plastic bottle caps are as follows:

  • For a sample on cardboard, draw a pattern of the painting.

    For this, a ready-made scheme that was created for cross stitching is also suitable.

  • Pre-sort the corks by color.
  • Try to be guided by the sketch, connect the lids to each other with glue, which is used to glue plastic.

True, this technology is not very common, since it is much more practical to fix the plugs to the surface itself. You can see simple schemes and their execution in the photo.

We use bottle caps in everyday life

We decorate a fence or a wall

Step by step instructions and Ideas + Photos and Videos A wooden fence or house is a great surface for creating mosaic caps. If it is difficult to access a potential placement, arrange a mosaic on plywood, and then attach the latter to the area you need. A striking example of this is the design of the balcony.

But the most popular are pictures from corks for a country house. In general, all images can be divided into 2 categories: full-fledged drawing or periodically repeating ornament.

The process includes the following steps:

  • Depending on the complexity of the image and dimensions, you should draw a diagram on cardboard or draw a sketch in advance on the surface you want make out. Mark the outlines with colored paints that will match the colors of the picture.
  • The covers are fastened with nails, and their length should correspond to the thickness of the board / plywood and the height of the cork.
  • Bottle caps can be fixed to the wall from both the inside and outside.

Please note, that if you nail the plugs upside down, the recesses will quickly clog up and the picture will lose its original appeal.

In this case, only regular cleaning of the surface will help you, but it is much more practical to immediately fix the caps upside down.

There are some more reasons why plugs should be fixed upside down:

  1. If you choose the opposite fixing option, it will be very difficult to find such a miniature a hammer that can fit into the lid, otherwise the carnations will stick out, which does not add to the attractiveness of the mosaic of plastic bottle caps.
  2. When you make a picture, you can add decor, or cover the seams and voids with a color solution. This will significantly improve the appearance of the mosaic.

It is possible to decorate pictures from cork not only on a wooden surface.

If you wish, you can easily decorate the brick wall if you use a different fixing technique. The most common option is to use an adhesive mixture to fix the tiles to the tiles. But you can also save money if you use a cement mortar, which is identical in composition to plaster. The solution should be applied to a small area of ​​the surface, and then we attach the plugs to it according to the sketch. It is very important to observe the proportions and achieve the desired consistency, otherwise the corks may shift even before solidification.

If you are planning to tackle a large painting, then wait for a full set of plugs, which is a long time. For this reason, we advise you to order covers of the required shade from the wholesale base. Below you can see different patterns of the cover mosaics.

Funny rug

You can make an original picture not on the surface of the fence or the wall of the house. Rugs that are woven from bottle caps are considered quite practical.

Such crafts will be an excellent back massager. It is no less useful to stomp on the mat, since our feet have nerve endings that lead to all organs.

To create you need:

  • A simple scheme of the picture. Usually, an unpretentious geometric pattern is chosen for this.
  • Bottle caps of the desired colors.

  • Line / awl.

And the actions are as follows:

  1. Step by step instructions and Ideas + Photos and Videos All the caps need to be pierced at four points so that they are crosswise.
  2. Lay out the cork pattern.
  3. Each row is strung on a double line.
  4. You can assemble the rows individually or string them all at once.

  5. After that, pull the rows together, and cut off the excess fishing line.

Beautiful paths

Another unusual idea is to use plastic corks to decorate the garden path.

Note, that the tracks that are made of these covers are rather slippery in winter. For this reason, only those places where movement is not expected should be decorated with beautiful paintings.

To create a floor painting you will need:

  • Different cork colors.

  • Construction adhesive.
  • Cement.
  • Sand.
  • Planks for creating formwork.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a mosaic from covers:

  1. Apply markings to the track.

  2. If there is grass on the surface, remove the soil layer. Prepare a trench 10 cm deep.
  3. Place the formwork around the perimeter of the trench, which will need to be secured with pegs from the outside.
  4. Use coarse sand or gravel to act as a drain cushion at 50% of the trench height.
  5. In addition to sand and cement, add glue to the concrete.

    The consistency you get should be easy to pour out of the container.

  6. Fill the trench a little and press the covers in the right order to create the painting or pattern of your choice. Sink the plugs almost to the bottom so that the height is the same.
  7. Now it remains to wait for drying. The duration of this stage depends on the weather conditions.

    Use a hard bristle brush to remove any cement residue from the lids.

At the end, it remains to remove the formwork.


As you can see, there are many options for decorating mosaic paintings from covers. It remains only to choose the method you like, and you can transform the plot in the country with almost no cost.