step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video

step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video How to make installation and installation of swing gates can be done in different ways. First of all, the differences will relate to the method of installation and installation of poles. The period of use of the entry group will depend on the choice of the installation method. It should be noted that pillars for swing gates have different characteristics and indicators.

[contents ]step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video

Currently, swing gates with sheathing with corrugated board.

These gates are installed in suburban, garden and suburban areas. They are mounted and installed on metal poles with a specific section, for example, 60 * 60 or 80 * 80. Since swing gates are lightweight, the strength of the metal posts is quite enough, but if you wish, you can easily replace them with large posts.

Installation and installation of swing gates with hammering metal pillars

This installation method has several main advantages, below we list them: step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video

  • economically, installation is very profitable;
  • installation speed increases several times;
  • it becomes possible to replace or repair;
  • self-installation.

Step-by-step instructions for installing swing gates

Metal pillars must be driven into the ground to a depth of about 1.

5 meters.

Drive a pillar into a pre-prepared hole to a certain depth, focusing strictly on the level. Next, we connect the metal posts to the outbuildings or to the rest of the fence. In this case, the pillars are interconnected with a removable bar. It is necessary to weld the frames of two sashes to the ready-made exposed supports.

step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video

Swing gates are made on a flat smooth surface, a welding table is best suited so that the whole structure is even and meets your expectations ...

Installation of swing gates when concreting pillars

step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video Everyone knows that concrete gives additional quality stability to the entire structure of the entrance group. The pillars can be concreted with and without a reinforcing cup.

Beginning of work with drilling a hole for the post, it must be at least 200 mm in diameter. Next, you need to place a support in it and align it with a level. And only after all the above steps, you can start pouring concrete.

In the hole for the metal post, additionally, to strengthen the entire structure, you can place a reinforcing sleeve.

The concrete mixture must be poured to a depth of 1.

0 to 1.5 meters.

What should be considered when installing swing gates?

step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video After the installation of the metal posts, the frames of the future sash are hung on them with the help of hinges, taking into account all the necessary gaps.

The distance between the leaves allows the wicket and gate to remain in good working order, with a slight displacement of the posts. This shift can be due to a certain movement of the ground as the seasons change.

This process can only be avoided by using a rigid frame along the entire frame of swing gates, for example, in metal garage doors, this can limit the passage in height. The use of a removable strip and a bundle of posts with the details of the entire fence will allow this process to be minimized.

Let's answer the question: where will your gates open? For installation and installation, this does not really matter, but for ease of use it significantly affects. As a rule, in some cases the opening goes outward. With this option, the inner territory of the courtyard is saved, and the removable bar does not prevent the gate from opening completely.

When installing and installing swing gates with your own hands, you need to leave a certain gap, taking into account the cold season. step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video

Characteristics and installation of swing gates

Entrance swing gates are very economical, are quite simple and convenient to use. This design is most often used for country cottages. They are also used in summer cottages and garden plots, as well as in various production workshops, car services, in the territories of large manufacturing companies. step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video

Over the decades of use, not only the price of installing swing gates has changed, but also the material used, appearance, characteristic features .

.. For example, in the past, these fences were mainly made of wood. Now it is a durable and high quality metal. Most often, when installing and installing swing gates, you can find an automation system.

The design of swing gates can be divided into two categories - with two leaves and one. At the same time, the cost of swing gates of single or double doors differs significantly.

There is also a more common type of gate design, which combines two categories . These gates have two metal doors and a wicket. This design saves space and material.

And you don't need to create an additional entrance.

step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video You can also order the installation and installation of automatic equipment for swing gates of a double-door type, and put the wicket next to it.

Externally, swing gates can be completely closed, for example, covered with a professional sheet, or be openwork forged with the use of artistic decor.

Automatic gates

Above, we examined the installation scheme for swing gates. And if you are tired of manually closing and opening the doors all the time, you can easily upgrade them.

In this case, the designers have invented linear automatic electric drives.

This system consists of two linear electric drives and a control unit, as well as an antenna, a signal lamp and an electromagnetic lock.It is worth noting that automatic swing gates are connected to a conventional household AC electrical network with a voltage of 220 W.

step-by-step instructions for ages with a drive and automation + Video

It is important to put the bearing pillars in advance before installing and installing the automation. It is advisable to make them from concrete or brick.

Today, there are three main options for installing automatic swing gates.

Everything will depend on the direction of the alignment opening: inward, outward or inward with the modification of load-bearing concrete pillars . For each of them, the installation of automation goes in a strictly defined sequence. Sometimes it may be necessary to install it outside, or for the future for future automation.

The control unit of the system can be located on the left and on the right, it is very important to select all the wire cross-sections correctly.

The electric drive for the installation has a characteristic feature, for it it is necessary to provide a certain distance from the bearing concrete pillar.

If you have not foreseen this and the gate must be made inside, then just gently hollow out and arrange the places for them.

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