Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos

Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos Do-it-yourself interior decoration of the country house + Photo and Video. Taking into account the current economic situation in the country, and the salaries of ordinary Russians in particular, making repairs in the country is an expensive pleasure. If you look from the one side, then, probably, it makes no sense to make repairs in a place where we spend several months at most, but on the other, everyone wants their own cozy place in the form of a country house.

Let's look at how you can make the interior decoration of a country house.

Finishing options

Today you can find many options and various materials that are ideal for finishing a country house.

Among the huge list, we want to highlight several interesting options that will be affordable for everyone and will successfully fit into the interior.


The lining can rightfully be called one of the most popular and demanded materials that are used to equip a country house and the site as a whole.

Panels have a lot of advantages that speak for themselves:

  • Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos They have a pleasant appearance, which makes it possible to make imitation for different types of textures.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Good thermal insulation performance.

  • Easy to install, even an inexperienced person can handle it.
  • The material is environmentally friendly.

Do-it-yourself interior decoration of a country house using lining is a good idea for those people who value coziness and comfort more than anything else. You can experiment with shades and textures and you can create an incredible interior without getting into debt to buy materials.

What points should be taken into account when installing the panels?

  • It is possible to make a high-quality finish only when using wooden lathing as a base.

  • If you also want to insulate the walls in the house, then mineral wool, expanded polystyrene or glass wool should be laid in the frame.
  • For the base, wooden slats are used, and they should be fixed with screws or nails.

I would also like to note that the lining will become an excellent material even for finishing cabins at the summer cottage.


In its popularity, drywall is practically not inferior to clapboard. It is a versatile material used for leveling walls, creating interior partitions or decorating window slopes.

Installation of drywall for the interior decoration of the country house is as follows:

  • First, you need to make a frame from wooden or metal slats. It is fixed to the wall with screws or self-tapping screws, at a distance of 0.4-0. 5 meters apart.
  • After that, plasterboard boards should be attached to the frame.

    Seal the joints between the sheets with putty, and then prime them.

  • When about 8 hours have passed, and this is just enough for the primer to dry, you can proceed to painting or pasting the walls.


This is exactly the option for finishing a country house, about which one can confidently say "cheap and cheerful". If you do not know how to decorate the walls so that it is inexpensive, then plywood will come in handy. This material makes it possible to "breathe" the walls, and has good indicators of water resistance (for this reason, you can use plywood for finishing in the bathroom) and sound insulation.

Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos In addition to these advantages, it is possible to attribute the ease of installation even with your own hands, since even those who have never did not do repairs. And the finishing touch will be that it can be painted or pasted over.

Unusual ideas with a limited budget

Above, materials for finishing a country house were considered, which are suitable for those who want to save money or simply do not have enough funds. But what if you want to make a beautiful repair, but still no money? Further, it will tell you how to decorate your home, and spend less than a full renovation of one room.

Idea 1.

Paint for the whole world!

When considering the most popular options for decorating rooms, one cannot fail to mention paint. This is the easiest way to update the interior and allows you to experiment with shades and colors. What should you know before you start creating?

Painting wood or lining

If you want the wooden surface to acquire a rich color, and at the same time leave interesting texture, opt for translucent paint. Exterior finishing should be done only with flexible paints that are not afraid of temperature changes (oil and alkyd). Inside the rooms, you can use water-based emulsion or water-dispersible paints.

More expensive options, for example, silicone or silicate paints, make no sense, except that you live in high humidity conditions.

Before painting the walls, you need to prime them well so that after the paint consumption is less, and it lays down in an even layer. If dampness remains in your house after the winter has passed, do not start work immediately. To begin with, try to dry the room well with a heat gun or a hair dryer. Natural drying is acceptable, but it will take much longer.

Do not even try to paint over areas that have mold and rot. Believe me, after the repair, the fungus will continue to destroy the coating, so first you will need to get rid of the mold, dry the surface, sand it with sandpaper, treat it with an antiseptic, and only then can you paint.

Be patient and do everything according to the instructions, and then the result will delight you for many years.

We paint plaster or drywall

To make plastered or drywall walls look attractive, you can use an acrylic water emulsion.

  • Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos For the best adhesion of the paint to the surface, do not want a primer during the processing step.

    As a last resort, you can use a soapy solution, thanks to which it will be possible to remove dust and grease from the walls. But the best option is to use a primer, as it is reliable and effective.

  • If the surface has cracks or no plaster, latex filler paint can be used. It will help to hide cracks, the size of which is no more than 0.2 cm.

  • Do not be afraid of white, which is considered by many to be the most "impractical" color. To begin with, we note that it is the cheapest, and even on a light background, each piece of furniture looks beautiful and unusual. Moreover, with the interior decoration of a country house with white paint, you can visually expand the room.

Idea 2. "To be or not to be?" - wallpaper question

It is not uncommon to use wallpaper in the country.

But what to do with them during repairs? There are two options.

Option 1

If the old wallpaper slowly began to peel off, you do not need to tear it off immediately (or you can, but only with a complete change of scenery). If the canvases come off completely, you will have to remove everything and glue new ones. If the delamination is only in the corners and at the joints, carefully glue everything.

Please note, that for a strong bond, PVA glue (1 to 6) should be added to regular wallpaper glue.

Option 2

If you have been on fire for a long time with the idea of ​​changing the pattern that you are tired of, but in some places the wallpaper has stuck tightly, then you can use a piece of wet cloth, which should be applied to the area of ​​the wallpaper and ironed with a hot iron. This will make it easier to shoot.

Those who thought about gluing wallpaper at their dacha, we want to suggest a few useful life hacks that will give you the opportunity to save:

  • You can search in the pantry, rolls or pieces of wallpaper that remained from the last renovation, you can ask to take the old leftovers from relatives. After that, you will have enough material to create a patchwork wallpaper. So you can make repairs at minimal cost, and at the same time the rooms will look original.

    Thus, it is better to design only one wall, otherwise you will constantly dazzle in your eyes. The rest of the walls can be painted.

  • Very often you can find "sale" wallpaper from hardware stores, which remained in the amount of 1-2 rolls. This is an ideal and almost inexpensive option for interior decoration of a house with your own hands, since you usually have a reduced price for them. You just have to choose several options that will be combined with each other.

  • Please note that although the cheapest wallpapers are often used for summer cottages, this is not the most practical solution, since they will last for a maximum of a couple of years, after which they will fade / fade or simply fall off. Still, an excellent solution can be called two-layer paper wallpaper, which is not much more expensive, but many times more durable.

Important! No need to choose wallpaper with a large pattern when saving. Because of this, you will have to adjust the details and the drawing itself, and thus you will spend more. Ideally, use wallpaper with a small pattern.

Idea 3. Interesting tiles

Tiles are another unusual material for budget repairs. Now we are not talking about the famous Italian ceramics, but about other samples that are much cheaper and can be found in any hardware store.

And again, there are two options:

  • Buy the required amount of tiles and finish the kitchen and even the summer shower.
  • Find the remains from friends, and make an unusual interior decoration of a country house in the "patchwork" style.

Idea 4. Reminder from the past - wall newspaper

Eeeee… the cheapest option! "How much cheaper?" - And there is where! Ordinary newspaper strips can be used to replace wallpaper. You need to glue them like a simple paper covering, and cover with varnish on top. The big advantage of this option is that after a while such repairs will look more atmospheric and more interesting. By this principle, you can use old pages from maps or pages from books.

Additional options

If you think that this is the end of all the ideas, then you are deeply mistaken. There are some more interesting options for finishing a country house in stock:

  1. Perforation is an ideal way to store knives and pans in the kitchen. If this helps to hide the unevenness of the wall, then it is generally ideal.
  2. Save a few drawers and attach them to the wall for a comfortable and roomy shelving unit. This is both practical and unusual!
  3. You can hide the unevenness of the wall with the help of a large panel made of textiles.


If you have a crisis (both financial and creative), we hope this article was useful. These are just the basic materials that can be used for furnishing, but you can always choose what you like and create a unique interior in your home!