Step by step instructions + Videos and projects

Step by step instructions + Videos and projects Lovers of nature and country life who did not manage to acquire at least a frame garden house 6 by 6 , but having a land plot, they usually dream of at least some kind of refuge in their possessions. Making a home with your own hands scares most citizens. And in vain. Today you can find a lot of information about step-by-step construction from experienced craftsmen. She will not only give confidence, relieve anxiety and fear.

Using the recommendations of professionals, you can carry out all the necessary manipulations competently and in the prescribed order, significantly saving on hiring a work team.

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It is, of course, not a bad thing to use the services of specialists. They guarantee (most often) quality, in addition, the construction time will be noticeably reduced. But if the budget is limited and you want to save on construction, or if you want to try yourself in such an interesting business, nothing prevents you from rolling up your sleeves and building a garden house cheaply. An additional bonus - for oneself, everything is usually done exactly as it seems and dreams.

Sometimes it is difficult for hired workers to explain their vision.

The structure of an economy class house

Step by step instructions + Videos and projects What is a budget version of a house? Its height is usually 3.2 meters, it is insulated around the entire perimeter, and the roof too. There are two rooms inside, with a partition between them. The walls are finished with clapboard.

The outside is sheathed with corrugated board, block house or imitation of timber. Various layout and assembly options are available.

There are different options for the purpose of frame houses - as garden ones, for storing equipment, as for fishing, etc. The wood used for manufacturing is processed with special compounds and impregnations that provide it with environmental friendliness, strength, stability and reliability.


Step by step instructions + Videos and projects
House drawing

Even an inexpensive frame house needs a project.

The dimensions of the potential structure are usually small and are 6 × 6 m or 4 by 4 m . The area of ​​future housing can be distributed independently.

The main thing is not to forget to mark on the drawing of the garden house:

  • The specific dimensions of the walls of the building (bearing), as well as partitions inside;
  • Bedroom, kitchen, hallway and living room. Some of them can be combined, for example, a kitchen with an entrance hall, and a living room with a bedroom;
  • Places for the future location of heavy equipment or furniture: they may require reinforcement of the foundation;
  • If the house will be operated all year round , then you must specify the place for the stove or fireplace.


Since we have planned an inexpensive frame house with you, a light budgetary foundation made using support-columnar technique is quite suitable for it.

You will need 9 massive pillars that will support the base of the building.They must be well buried, so holes are made for them with a special garden drill. It is convenient to use a TISE drill (if available), or a democratic shovel - but it will take more time and take more effort.

Step by step instructions + Videos and projects
The foundation of the garden house

To arrange the foundation, you will need about two cubes of sand , five standard bags of cement and one large roll of roofing material for waterproofing. Asbestos pipes can act as permanent formwork.

They can have a diameter of 0.18 m and a height of 0. 15 m. Holes are drilled in the soil to a depth below the point of freezing. In central Russia, this figure is just over one and a half meters.

Under the concrete, a sand cushion with a thickness of 0.2 m is needed to ensure stability.

The hole made is protected from moisture with roofing felt, a frame made of reinforcement and wire is placed in it. The cuffs are located at the top. After that, the solution is poured.

If at this stage of the construction of a frame-panel garden house there are no assistants, then it can take about 4 days to thoroughly install the pillars.

Lathing, frame

Step by step instructions + Videos and projects You can proceed to the frame only after how the foundation really froze. For the strapping, a beam of 0.15x0.10 m is required, the frame itself is made of a bar of 0.

10x0.10 m. The bottom of the strapping with logs is necessarily impregnated with compounds that reliably protect the wood from insects and fungi.

The logs and the lower harness are laid on the foundation, after which vertical supports are placed and strengthened. Even a not very knowledgeable, novice master will need no more than two days to complete a frame for a garden dwelling project.

Despite the fact that it takes little time to build it, the structure will be quite durable and strong.

Often the owners choose a house with a veranda. In this case, the lower logs are extended to its intended length. For this, additional supports are built.

Step by step instructions + Videos and projects A rough floor is made from thick boards.

It is covered with one of the heaters, then it is waterproofed. As a floor covering, an ordinary floorboard or linoleum is used.

Then the walls are assembled from the timber, fastening the joints with dowels. Insulation is laid between the crowns. In general, insulation is desirable for each next layer.

For an economy class home, a tourniquet or tow is usually used. Further work begins on the installation of the roof.


For rafters, a board with a section of 150x25 or 100x50 mm is used. You will also need roofing material with glassine. To facilitate the task, racks measuring one and a half meters are placed in the center of the building, and a bar is already attached to them.

The rafters are located on the resulting structure.

Installing the roof of a one-story garden house on a frame can take only one day. The type of specific roofing material is selected individually, according to your own capabilities and taste.Do not forget about the peculiarities of the climate of the area where the future homeowner lives. Sheets of common galvanized iron are often used.


Step by step instructions + Videos and projects
Using glassine

The finished frame must be covered with glassine, and only the selected finishing material is mounted on it. It can be different according to the budget and preferences of the owner. The imitation of a natural timber looks great, which is attached with self-tapping screws.

One-story frame garden houses, finished outside with wooden clapboard or siding, look attractive. Both wooden and plastic windows are well suited to the resulting structure.

Doors made of wood or imitation of this material will naturally look. Indoor walls can also be covered with clapboard. Or you can sheathe them with drywall, which is then covered with paint or pasted over with wallpaper. The floor is made of planks.

Approximate cost

Step by step instructions + Videos and projects Construction of a frame garden house will be inexpensive .

.. The final price may differ: it will depend on the materials used, on the selected type of building (from timber or plywood), its size and on the presence or absence of assistants. In short, the approximate cost of one square of a house-kit can range from two and a half, to four thousand rubles.

At this price, a ready-made house-kit for a frame house assembled independently includes: load-bearing heat-insulating wall panels, a wooden beam, drawings for installation and fasteners for assembly, if necessary, interfloor floors.

If the construction of the second floor seems too complicated, you can choose the option of a frame garden house with an attic.

Projects of garden houses

Step by step instructions + Videos and projects Step by step instructions + Videos and projects Step by step instructions + Videos and projects Step by step instructions + Videos and projects


A neat frame garden house , , made with caring hands, is convenient to use for permanent or temporary residence. It is roomy enough for storing tools and household items.

It has enough room to receive and accommodate guests. And if in the future it is planned to build a grandiose structure, then it can become a place of residence and base for an entire construction team.

A small 4x6 garden house with your own hands, without the involvement of workers, is not so difficult to build. The main thing is a responsible attitude to construction, attention and patience. And, of course, strict adherence to recommendations and compliance with requirements. And very soon your land plot will be transformed and will take on the appearance of a real home ownership.

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