Storage in the kitchen - anti-tips

Storage in the kitchen - anti-tips 5 most stupid tips for organizing storage of things in the kitchen, which are often written on the Internet

Interesting it turns out that sometimes we are madly trying to copy advice from the omniscient Internet, and we try to apply everything, everything, everything, sometimes without even thinking about whether this is really correct? Some things are even dangerous to do in relation to their own health, not to mention material losses, if the recommendations relate to home improvement.

Undoubtedly, all the information received should be carefully "filtered", and try on each piece of advice to understand whether it will be of benefit or harm. The topic of this material is 5 stupid kitchen organization tips that are constantly flashing on the Internet. Let's take a closer look at what the use of certain popular solutions can turn out to be. Although the rational use of free space is an extremely important thing for the kitchen and not only, but it is still worth knowing when to stop!

Recommendation # 1 - use a perforated canvas for storing dishes on the wall

Believe me, everything looks pretty only in the picture.

But in everyday life, the bottom of the pans, as in the kitchen, ceases to be perfectly clean. In addition, if all the dishes are constantly in sight of everyone, then soon such a "dryer" will become a very annoying object for you, and you will constantly have to clean all the pans and pots. In addition, if you wash an object, you will have to wipe it dry immediately so that water does not drip onto the objects hanging below.

Things that you do not use or rarely use in everyday life will gradually become covered with a layer of grease and dust on the wall, and this, as experience has shown, is a terrible combination (because when stored for a long time in this form, difficult to wash). In general, such an exhibition does not look aesthetically pleasing at all.

Yes, a perforated wall itself is a great option for a workshop or garage, but certainly not for a kitchen space.

Recommendation # 2 - storage of dishes on open shelves

Storage in the kitchen - anti-tips No one will definitely argue with the fact that dishes decorate the kitchen, because this is a well-known fact. Beautiful plates, cups, charming pots with bright patterns - all this can become a wonderful accent in the design. But this only works when you are not cooking in the kitchen.

An exhibition of incredibly beautiful sets is justified only in the place where a person makes tea / coffee a couple of times a day.

But the housewife who prepares food every day, this will be an incredible punishment.

Even if you have a very expensive and powerful hood installed, grease and dust will settle in the cups, and each cleaning, among other surfaces, you will have to devote time to washing the exposed dishes. Why is this needed? Is an exhibition like this worth so much trouble? The best option would be to store dishes in closed shelves.

Recommendation # 3 - rods or magnetic stripes above the surface of the stove

You have had such a slotted spoon fall from a magnetic strip or a rod into a pan with hot borscht, and so that the spray remained even on the ceiling? No?

You are a happy person, but this does not guarantee that this will not happen in the future either. In addition, in order to take a ladle when cooking, you will need to stretch your hand across the entire stove over the dishes bubbling with steam, and this is quite dangerous.

And, of course, do not forget about fat, because it is in that place that it will cover everything that will be encountered on the way to ventilation with an even thicker layer.

Knife handles after a while will begin to become covered with an unpleasant sticky coating, and this is completely unhygienic and disgusting. The space above the surface of the slab must be free of all other objects. The only thing that must be above the surface of the stove is the hood.

Recommendation # 4 - using the entire space under the ceiling

The organization of storage of things in the kitchen has its flaws, for example, when housewives order a kitchen headsets to the very ceiling.

There are two ways to implement this advice, but both are awkward. If you decide to make closed shelves under the surface of the ceiling, then remember that you cannot store anything in them that may be required for everyday work in the kitchen.

In the best case, you can hide all (as it turned out) useless household appliances there, for example, a juicer, which you get only on holidays, or a vegetable dryer. But the question is, is there any point in keeping all these things? And if you put the most "popular" pots or plates under the top, then you will greatly suffer from jumping on the stool every time to get this or that object.

There is also a second option - to put baskets on the kitchen set for storing items.

But keep in mind that with them everything will be the same as with the dishes that are on open shelves, as well as with knives hanging on a magnetic strip above the hob. There should be nothing on the lid of kitchen cabinets, only old newspapers that need to be changed in time, and then there will be no need to scrape off kitchen dirt and layers of grease from the surfaces.

Recommendation # 5 - storage of fruits and vegetables in open boxes

Storage in the kitchen - anti-tips It's one thing if you decide to buy a couple of mangoes and are going to eat everything for breakfast, because you can't even call that storage. And a completely different matter if you need to buy onions, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables, for at least 1 week, or even more.

The problem is as follows - in open types of boxes, all vegetables will begin to dry in the warm climate of the apartment almost immediately.

Some vegetables, such as cabbage and potatoes, react strongly to light and begin to change color.If everything is not so scary for cabbage, then the potatoes will have to be thrown away, because due to the effect of light fluxes, a poison called solanine is formed in it.

In addition, the contents of such a basket will spread not the most pleasant aroma, for example, the same onion. In open objects, onion and fruit flies also quickly start up, after which it is very difficult to get rid of, and moreover, they are even capable of attracting, due to their aroma, cockroaches that previously lived with your neighbors. Yes, freely available products are an excellent place for colonies of harmful insects.

Do not rush to adopt the first recommendations that come across, even if they are accompanied by a beautiful picture. By the way, on social networks, many people express the opinion that foreign manufacturers advertise sliding systems that are useless, but this is just not true. Any rotating racks, skids, roll-out drawers are a great addition to a kitchen set.

They help save both space and energy. But conversations that they are difficult to find on sale are groundless, because good manufacturers of kitchen furniture have long been using components from Europe.

Now you can order whatever your heart desires - from hidden sockets of a certain shade to special shelves for lids.

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