Storage of tea and coffee - containers, jars, professional organizers

Storage of tea and coffee - containers, jars, professional organizers Ideas for storing tea and coffee in the kitchen + photo

This when in the kitchen cabinet there is one packet of tea and a can of coffee. It may seem that this does not happen, but in fact the phenomenon is common. Many people live like this and do not suffer. Basically, these are busy people who have such a regime that you need to get up very quickly, eat oatmeal, pour a dose of energy into yourself and go ahead, save the world! The same category includes lonely people who are bored with making teas without friends, but they still have some supply of drinks just in case.

And here we will also refer to those who do not like coffee or tea, but keep a supply at home in order to drink sweets while watching a new film.

General information

If you generalize such people, then they do not have a favorite brand of coffee or type of tea, and when a particular drink runs out, stocks in supermarkets help out. Convenient and simple! This is not an ordinary article, since we decided to conduct a survey and find out how other people organize tea and coffee storage in the kitchen.

There were many respondents, but most had repetitions, and it turned out that we divided everything into categories:

  1. People, whose minimum supply of tea and coffee is they have one can of instant coffee at home, and small quantities of packaged or loose tea.
  2. Connoisseurs of the drink - they have several types of the most favorite coffee / tea, shelves for items that are needed for the morning ritual, special machines and unusual teapots.
  3. Ordinary lovers of delicious drinks - their house has a separate locker for a million jars and boxes of loose and packaged tea, here you can find green / black / herbal tea, as well as ground coffee / in beans / standard instant / cocoa and marshmallows in addition, as well as several types of syrups and sugar.

  4. Creative personalities with unconventional storage solutions.

We offer to look into other people's lockers

Minimum stocks

"Everything is simple with us - next to There is a teapot or teapot with a can of tea and coffee. We are not maniacs in this regard, because we have breakfast on the run and do not drink drinks in the evening. There is no more supply, not even sugar, because we are on a diet with my husband. "

"There is space in the drawer for a basket with tea bags, and in principle we don't drink much of it, so we mostly have such a supply just in case, and in the morning the whole family drinks freshly brewed coffee and go to work.


"Mostly I have time to drink tea at work, and at home there is very little for emergencies, although guests can be offered both coffee and tea, but without frills - I have a little of everything."

"It didn't work out for me with such drinks - I don't like to drink one, so at home there is a minimal set of some kind of assortment."


Such people will not be satisfied with 3 in 1 coffee from a stick or cheap tea in a bag.These are true connoisseurs of drinks, because someone has their own collection for brewing, others can talk for hours about the tastes of tea, and there are even true connoisseurs of Chinese green tea. It is better not to give tea paraphernalia to such people without knowledge of the business, because out of ignorance one can present something of poor quality.

Such people have a set for storing tea, coffee and even sugar.

"The object of love has become a shelf for coffee and tea, and on the lower tier there are cans with sorts of cocoa and tea, on the upper tier there is a geyser-type coffee maker, jars of ground coffee, strainers and a favorite mug. close at hand, and I'm happy with that. "

Storage of tea and coffee - containers, jars, professional organizers "I can't call myself a connoisseur, but only a couple of brands of tea and coffee have taken root in our house, and even friends know that we do not perceive anything else, so they bring gifts in the form of our favorite drinks. Brown sugar has become a special love, and to be honest, I am greedy to use it for guests, I drink only myself and only with coffee! "

"Although I have a minimal amount of drinks, everything is chosen according to the taste of the whole family - there is even a separate shelf in the closet.

For several years we have selected our favorite teas, and now we constantly buy them. And how infuriating, when someone unknowingly gives me tea, but I don’t know what to do with it. I have to take it to work, and they’ll drink something different there. ”

"After a gastro tour to China on tea plantations, I" disappeared "because I realized that tea can be spicy, tasty, sweet, and refreshing (even without sugar). in the kitchen there is already a whole shelf set aside for boxes, bags, cans, and my collection is a source of pride.


An out-of-the-box approach

Storing tea itself can be beautiful! If you don't like endless jars and boxes, if you want to save space in your cabinet and organize a tea corner in a certain style, then choose from a variety of ideas. If you are seriously thinking about how to store your tea and candy supplies, then the easiest option would be to order beautiful and convenient cans, boxes and boxes from Aliexpress.

It's inexpensive, and you can also tell if a particular storage system is right for you or not. If you delve into the proposals with passion, you can find quite interesting solutions. By the way, there is an option that is a little more expensive - pay attention to organizers that you can find in stores with utensils for cafes and restaurants.

Such boxes (stands for tea) can be of different shapes, sizes and mounting methods. An excellent alternative to tea boxes will be acrylic organizers, which are small in size, transparent, durable and look spectacular in the tea corner.

You can also make a real mix of tea and coffee - put everything in a large jar or flowerpot different tea bags and capsules for coffee, and the more shapes and colors there are, the more interesting it will turn out, and now the familiar the jar will become not just a storage container, but a real piece of furniture! Also, a kind of tea bags can become decorative elements - take a piece of cardboard, clothespins that are painted with paints, assorted tea bags and a piece of ribbon or rope. Set aside for 20 minutes and the wreath is ready. It will be doubly interesting to make it with children for decoration for a holiday.

By the way, the Americans came up with the idea of ​​storing tea and coffee by "stations", and the system is called "tea-station" and "sofee-station". But our ears will be more pleasant to perceive the name "tea corner" or "coffee corner". It's almost easy to make, and the effect is gorgeous.

Selecting the same coffee / tea cans with screw caps

You can select cans of different sizes, but in the same design. Stick on them beautiful labels with the names of the varieties, several jars can be put in a corner, and the rest can be put away in a closet nearby.

Place all the little things in a three-tier stand

This will help both save space on the countertop and decorate the corner. Usually, three-level shelves for sweets and fruits are perfect.

Additives, spices, sweets should be arranged in cans and baskets

And the teapot and coffee maker will become the central part of the composition. Use wood, wicker, metal spacing, but not plastic varieties.

Use hinged shelves

They can be made of chipboard or wood, and you can buy such a shelf in a hardware store for 250 rubles.

It is also not difficult to do it yourself - you can use the most ordinary packing boxes from the nearest store. Put beautiful glasses and cups on the shelf, which can even be from different sets - you can combine them in style and color. Flowers will help to decorate and refresh the composition.

Any other tips for storing coffee or tea?

  1. Storage of tea and coffee - containers, jars, professional organizers As strange as it may sound, it is better to drink coffee and tea, rather than store it, because the shorter their shelf life, the tastier they are.
  2. Tea does not tolerate high levels of humidity (because it can start to rot), but too dry air in the kitchen can also be harmful.

    Coffee beans store much better than ground coffee, but both types also dislike dampness and too dry environments.

  3. All blends of tea and coffee do not tolerate cold and heat, and the optimal storage temperature will be room temperature (from 17 to 20 degrees), and for some varieties of green tea, it is even worth allocating space in the refrigerator.
  4. Both drinks do not like foreign smells, and they also easily absorb them.It is for this reason that containers for storing tea and coffee must be airtight, and at the same time with little air access, so that the mixture and powder do not begin to crumble and grind. It is impossible to store drinks in an open container, otherwise the aroma will evaporate.

  5. It is best to store drinks in cans with loose lids (it is in such cans that high-quality and very tasty leaf tea is sold), and in second place will be wooden boxes, in third place are glass and ceramic containers.
  6. Even with the correct storage conditions, after a couple of years, both tea and coffee lose their aroma and taste, and after this time, stocks can be safely thrown away.

What is your favorite coffee or tea? How did you organize your drinks storage? If you have any storage tips or inventions, share, and we make a pleasant tea and coffee break!

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