Storage system in the children's room: racks- Lockers, cabinets + Video

Storage system in the children's room: racks- Lockers, cabinets + Video Storage of things and toys in the children's room - how to organize yourself

The child has just managed to be born, and loving relatives and happy parents have already begun to load up their beloved child with various toys and things useful for the baby. Such a collection is growing exponentially, and if in the first year of a baby's life there is still some chance to compactly place both old and new gifts, then further the question becomes an edge. The area of ​​a standard apartment may be too small for these purposes.

Toys and things in the house appear as if from a cornucopia, and it seems that they will soon fill all corners. And only it may seem to you that you have successfully placed all this invasion from the children's world around the apartment, as something starts to fall out right under your feet.

Where to put all this happiness, so that there is no chaos, and at the same time the child could easily use all objects? We suggest considering storage systems in the children's room so that both you and your child feel comfortable in the apartment.

General information

So, let's start with the main thing, namely with sorting. Look at the toys that are scattered across the carpet. You can't help but note the fact that they are all different. There are animals, almost in full real size, and small presents from a kinder surprise, and a constructor, balls, cars, dolls.

It's hard to look at such a variety without panic! And there is nothing to throw away, because your child will feel it and immediately ask for the thing that was taken to the trash 5 minutes ago. Let's try to put everything in order in the room where the child lives.

The easiest way to solve the problem with children 's toys donated by relatives is for those who live in a private house. For this purpose, homeowners can set aside a room, closet, basement, or even a garage. But in the apartment you don't really roam, but this does not mean at all that there is no way out.

Storage Secrets

"Try to label each drawer in the system, and then both you and your baby will know exactly which drawer will store those or other toys. "

If you are tired of constantly eliminating the effects of a game hurricane that swept through the room, try some tricks that will definitely help you save time on cleaning. They will even make it possible to lure into such a process a child who is extremely happy after active games and is not at all ready to add up all the scattered things.

Sort toys by activity

Storage system in the children's room: racks- Lockers, cabinets + Video Worth revising many items and try to select those from which the child has definitely "grown", perhaps it will already be possible to do without them, and you will agree with the child to give such toys to another baby, who is younger.Discuss what you need to keep, and what you can sell and buy with the money received something else that will suit your needs and age.

Next, you can start sorting those things that are left and at the same time think about where you plan to store your child's soft toys, educational games, cognitive encyclopedias, and so on. If you're not comfortable, you can come up with your own sorting system. Believe me, the work done will not be in vain in any case. During the process, you will be able to determine what kind of storage system should be in your child's nursery so that the space is optimally used and everything that is available fits into it. If the child has a fairly spacious room, then the problem can be solved by the fact that the area will be divided into zones that correspond to children's interests.

If two brothers or sisters live in a room, then you can make a creative corner in one corner, where there will be frameless chairs, and place a low table next to it, on which you can play board games. In such a table, there must be drawers where little things and boxes with games will be stored. There is enough space under the construction table for a garage. In the opposite corner, a small kitchenette for a young hostess can be installed, where there will be a stove, sink and other accessories. Ideally, the center of the room should be covered with a fluffy rug that will make you feel comfortable playing together.

Everything is in place and there is room for everything

Storing toys in the nursery is great if you have vertical shelving systems, and especially if you have you are already grown children. They contain easily accessible and safe bottom drawers or roll-out bins. In this case, the child will know exactly where the parents like to store his toys and can easily get everything he needs. In general, toys should be kept at eye level when properly stored. When buying a system, even if it is very stable, try to attach it to the wall, because the safety of the child comes first.

Also check furniture for sharp edges and fittings that are falling off.

If you cannot afford to order a storage system, then you can use bags, containers, baskets, but before taking them, you should decide on the number of toys that will fit in them so that such containers do not turn out to be too much at home small and do not contain all the children's wealth.


Each box should be labeled so that both you and your child will know exactly where and what toys should be stored. It doesn't have to be lettering at all. If the child is small, then it is much better to make labels on thematic pictures

Open shelves

Those toys that are most often used are best stored on open shelves.

From there it will be easier to get them, and they will always be in sight.

Comfort is paramount

In addition to where to store their own toys, the child must have a place to play with them, so it is worth equipping the room with a rug, which will match the scope. This does not mean that all objects should focus only on the carpet and should not lie on other places, but you can insure your little one against injury.

Use the means at hand

There is no way to buy expensive shelving - better look around, for sure there are several places in the house that are definitely suitable for storing a child's toys. It can be a wicker basket that was previously used to store laundry, or an old suitcase.

Teach your child to be clean

Having a storage system in a child's system will be a great way to teach your baby to be clean and neat. For the first time, you will have to show everything by personal example, and next time you need to ask the child to put everything in the allotted place on his own and, if the task is done correctly, he should be encouraged.

Space for games

If the area of ​​the room allows, then it is worth organizing a separate playroom for the child. This will help take the worry out of organizing free space outside of playing time.

Where to store things and toys - a list of original ideas

"Of particular interest is the question of where to store a child's toys.

To do this, you can use ottomans with a folding seat "

Storage system in the children's room: racks- Lockers, cabinets + Video Storing things in the children's room can even be organized in drawers, which will be focused only on toys. Use colored plastic boxes . They can be in lids or even without them. In such an improvised storage facility, it will be possible to conveniently fold toys, and to make it easier to search for them, you should provide them with special stickers and collect toys in them with the child. At the same time, it will be useful to pronounce the name of each object every time and focus the child's attention on the box with the necessary mark (typewriter, ball, etc.


Buckets - toys may well be stored in plastic buckets, and in order to save space, you should fasten them together and organize the space like a pyramid. For example, you can install 3 buckets in the base, fix 2 buckets on them, and crown the creation with another one. In such a design, you can place cubes, balls, constructors, small cars and other toys. Such a pyramid can perfectly decorate an empty corner.

Faceless buckets can be decorated with self-adhesive pictures or painted with felt-tip pens. Surely the child will like this and arouse his interest for further cleaning.

Hammock , and this is an interesting place that not every mother will think of.Try to hang such an unusual object for the interior of the apartment in the child's room and see how much it inspires the child to put his things in place. Such a hammock can even be placed in the hallway.

It can be used to store toys that you take outside. But he should hang at a level accessible to the child so that he can take everything he needs without your help. He also eats a lot of toys in the bathroom, and you can store them in laundry bags or shopping bags. All ingenious is simple.

Handicraft mums can make a large patchwork canvas that can also be used as a toy storage.

Attach a piece of rags to a cardboard frame or a regular gymnastics hoop. This is required so that the fabric does not deform, and everything hangs evenly. Outside, you can make several spacious pockets, where there will be children's toys (dolls and cars). Such a structure can even be assembled from polyethylene, and then the baby will immediately see where what lies.

Boxes , and this is a great option, because bulky boxes from large purchases often remain in the house.

Do not rush to throw them away, it is better to sheathe everything with a fabric with cheerful patterns or paste over the remnants of wallpaper with drawings, decorate with ruffles, beads, bows and you will have a beautiful place to store toys. Canvas pouches are soft baskets, especially handmade ones, and they will look very pretty. It is worth attracting the child to decorate the bags with the help of applications, as creative processes will arouse children's interest.

Shopping bags and wire baskets. Such old things can be used in a children's room, where sometimes he himself does not know what exactly to store a child's toys in.

From such simple elements, you can make beautiful compositions. They are painted in bright colors and arranged in a checkerboard or chaotic manner. Often they attach interesting plaques or funny drawings. Particularly advanced parents even attach boxes to the ceiling, and make custom garlands out of them. Returning to the topic of old boxes and boxes.

Everything can be put on wheels and the storage system will become mobile, which will make it easier for the child to assemble toys.

Sometimes interesting ideas come to mind quite unexpectedly. Where to store a lot of children's things in the country, if not in an old tire? For suburban conditions, the option is quite acceptable. The storage system in a children's room implies a non-standard approach, for example, storing toys with metal elements on magnetic holders. Thus, the child will get his own "Board of Honor".

The most favorite items will always be on display.

Trunks and suitcases will perfectly cope with the role of storing toys, and will become a real boon in a boy's room, especially if the nursery is decorated in a pirate style. Everything should be decorated in the appropriate style, and the child will be happy to hide his "treasures" in the designated places.In the girl's room, a small chest will be indispensable for storing clothes for dolls, children's cosmetics and jewelry. Ottomans.

Ottomans with a folding type of seat are of particular interest in the storage of toys. It will be possible to hide a designer, ornaments, and many other useful things in the depths.

Bulky things: each has its own place

There will be no problems with large soft toys. They can be completely sent to a closet or mezzanine, but a scooter or bicycle is best placed on a loggia or corridor. Since such items are quite bulky, there should be a rule for regularly returning things to the corner allocated for them.

If the apartment is small, then the two-wheeled one should be sent to a hook on the wall, everything can be hung by the frame on special hooks. The child will not be able to take the object on his own, but there is nothing to be done here, he will have to help and remove and hang in place.

Now it's time to go back to stuffed animals. Take a closer look to see if it is possible to replace the ottoman in front of the chair. Then in this case it will be possible to hide all the little things in it.

Sometimes adults choose places to store toys profitably. For example, in one family a large shooting gallery was settled on the closet. Its drooping tail has become a buffer that softens the impact on the wall of the interior door.

You have probably seen funny bright bags in the form of frogs, ducklings and mice in the store. They are handy for collecting skipping ropes, rackets and balls.

It is better not to put small toys in them, as the baby will quickly scatter them on the floor. Small soft toys can be put into such bags and tamped tightly. Don't worry, nothing will happen to them. They will not lose their shape or wrinkle. All raccoons, elephants can be sent to a cage.

For this, a transparent box, which is equipped with twigs, is useful. This will keep everything in sight, nothing will fall off the hooks, and cleaning will be simplified.

For mosaics, soldiers and other little things, you can use boxes, small buckets with lids, for example, ice cream or mayonnaise. The main thing is that all toys of the same type are placed in the selected container. In this case, mark all containers so that the child knows where everything is.

There are some more ideas:

  1. Storage system in the children's room: racks- Lockers, cabinets + Video Small boxes, mounted on the wall, useful for compact items. The main thing is that they are not attached high so that the baby can dig into them on his own.
  2. Small toys like kinder surprises, the constructor can be folded into plastic containers.
  3. If there are high shelves in the room, you can display books and crafts of your beloved child on them.
  4. Hammocks containing toys should be hung on the wall.

    It is worth sending rubber dolls, toys, plastic dishes to them.

  5. The bathroom should have additional storage space for the child's belongings.Such storage can even be an ordinary basin that stands under the sink. You can select a whole box for this, or send all the fish and ducks under the curbstone.
  6. Outdoor toys are best placed in one bright bag, which will be convenient to carry with you.

  7. If you are a needlewoman, you should make an organizer with pockets for brushes, pencils, glue and an eraser. Place it in the creative area, and for the play area, make the same organizer, but with larger pockets for robots, dolls and cars.

These useful tips will help you a lot

A box for an emergency call

Such a box every young mother must have it, since sometimes it is required to put the apartment in order in a matter of minutes, and there is neither time nor energy to sort the child's toys into the designated places. In this case, a box will help you out, where you can store toys for the child. It is worth dropping there everything that the kid has managed to take away around the apartment, and after the guests leave, it will be possible to do the sorting, while it will be reasonable to involve the culprit in the process, and then the work will go more fun.

Items of furniture for the children's room

If the room for the child is spacious, you can install a sliding wardrobe or special cabinet furniture in it, on the shelves of which it will be easy to sort everything. Open views of the shelves are convenient only in the photo, but in real life it is very difficult to maintain any order, and this is not to mention the fact that dust constantly settles there. When buying a crib or table, you should definitely pay attention to whether there will be a place to store your child's things. Believe me, not even a year will pass before you start praising yourself for your foresight and foresight. An excellent solution would be a loft bed, where there will be many drawers and sections.

Even steps can be used as shelves.