Storing kitchen towels in the kitchen

Storing kitchen towels in the kitchen Storing towels and napkins in the kitchen : interesting ideas

Storing towels in the kitchen is not only a matter of ergonomics, but also of your own habits. Paper or waffle, "working" copies in spots or snow-white, for fragrant bread?

Are you ready to open the drawer or are you looking for an option "without unnecessary movements" (relevant when your hands are dirty)? It is these options that designers offer to their clients for different scenarios of using kitchen towels.

The simplest solutions

In the sink

Although this may, for some reason, seem like another stylist quirk - Throw a towel in the sink, but no. A similar solution can be found in projects from all over the world, and this is hardly an accident - let's say that most housewives find it convenient to throw the edge of the towel into the sink when cooking. This option should be used if you have a kitchen without handles.

It is worth being mentally prepared for the scenario "finished cooking - throw a towel in the washing machine."

Where we cut the products - we store there

Storing kitchen towels in the kitchen If you are in the habit of using a bread towel (which is needed to hold the baguette on the cutting board), then keep such a napkin as far away from the "work" towels as possible. Alternatively, you can use the roof rails, which will be located under the cabinet shelf in the kitchen.

This option is perfect if you need to store very beautiful kitchen towels, and napkins for slicing bread can be laced.

Under the sink (on a special holder)

In the presented storage solution, two rather important points can be noted in the photo at once - for a start, the direct location of the holder (This is where the towel is most commonly used).

And the second option is the design of the holder, because such rings are often offered in the bathroom collection. But it's okay, it turns out that this is the most convenient way to hang towels in the kitchen. This option is perfect if, after washing the dishes, you wipe your hands right away in the kitchen, rather than rushing to the bathroom.

On the oven handle / hook near the headset

Storing kitchen towels in the kitchen In such a project, kitchen towels will hang on the tiles "for the New Year mood." If you take a closer look, the hostess weighs the working towel onto a special screwed hook - between the cabinets.

This option is worth using if you have a large kitchen and you don't want to run around looking for a towel. And so one will be on the tile, and the second near the sink.

Near the doorway / door

Let's immediately note the fact that this solution is not suitable for every kitchen. If the width of the casing is 7.5 cm (as it is according to the standard), then this will be enough so that the hooks do not interfere with the passage.

But there is an important point - it is important that the towels and the holder for it are at arm's length from the sink or stove, as shown in the photo.

If you need to reach even further from your stove to the hook, then you should not be surprised that towels will be in the kitchen anywhere, but just out of place. Use this option only when you can easily reach the holder from the stove or sink.

On an extension ladder

Such storage of kitchen towels in the kitchen presupposes a certain area of ​​the room and your desire to "save air". The walls could be occupied with pieces of furniture, for example, another closet, but sometimes a ladder is attached to it.

It could be well loaded, but it only has a couple of towels on it. It is worth enlarging the photo to make it clear that the working towel is suspended on a hook by a loop. It is better to throw the spare over the crossbars. Use this option if you have a fairly spacious kitchen and the stairs are comfortable.

On the railing that is attached to the wall

This is a special solution if you have "ceremonial" towels.

If you imagine what a "real" work towel looks like, then, most likely, it is covered with spots that the bleach could not "take". You can't hang this on the rail in front of your family and guests. Use this option if you want to hang beautiful and effective towels. It is also suitable for hanging bread towels.

Organizer inside the cabinet

Manufacturers of kitchen "filling", among the usual stands and holders, also offer sections for hanging kitchen towels.

It is worth choosing options with the ability to pull the loop and push the entire holder entirely from the bowels of the cabinet. This option is definitely worth using if you have a habit of wiping up spilled water with a towel, and then you need to hang it somewhere to dry.

Holders on the back of the door

Closet door hangers are a wonderful and very useful invention, but the main thing is that you hang everything is railing inward, not outward (as indicated in the photo from the Aliexpress store). Opening the door will be just one extra movement, but there will be much less visual waste in the kitchen. Use this option also in cases where you want to hide the towel and gloves at the same time.

Under the table

Another way to hang a towel in the kitchen is to choose a place that is below eye level, under the table. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the roof rails are made almost the entire length of the kitchen island. It is extremely convenient that you do not need to "aim": the towel can be hung anywhere on the rail.

Inside the top wall cabinet

A fairly popular option for storing towels at the forge is to use a special holder inside the module, located above. Use this solution if you have the opportunity to order a cabinet frame for a kitchen made of MDF or solid wood.

Sawing through the bottom of the cabinet, which is made of chipboard, is not worth it - it will immediately begin to swell.

Idea for future renovation

It is important to think about the railing at the end of the U-shaped kitchen at the moment when you order the set. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the designer decided to specially bring the countertop outside the cabinet, and as a result - it turned out to make a rail on the aisle, but it was impossible to catch on to it. The second convenient nuance will be the use of rounded corners of the table top. If you screw the rail to the end of the existing kitchen (without lengthening the countertop), you can easily bruise.

The option is perfect for a small kitchen, where there are no handles on the headset, and there is space for placing towels only on the aisle.

Please note, that the roll will not bulge due to the fact that the towel itself is in the recess. To finalize the kitchen module, you will need to add not just the lower bar, but also continue the countertop. Use the version of the island on wheels, which can be moved and placed diagonally during cooking - then it will be deployed simultaneously to the sink and to the stove.

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