Stretch ceiling gray

Stretch ceiling gray Glossy / matte gray stretch ceiling + photo

Despite the fact that various shades of black are considered boring and monotonous, the matte gray stretch ceiling has taken a special place among the products offered by the product manufacturers. When using it, it is important to pay attention to the combination of interior elements and ensuring sufficient lighting is required so that a visual increase in the perimeter is not obtained.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gray ceiling

Since the ceiling is a fairly significant area, the type of room will depend on the design in the colors of which, and experts try to pay increased attention to achieving harmony between separate interior elements. Despite the apparent degree of monotony and boredom of a grayish color as a solution for a stretch ceiling, most designers believe that color combinations can give a room a relaxing, sophisticated or strict design.

Office decoration with stretch canvases in this range is considered the best option, since it will contribute to an increase in the level of efficiency in making unusual decisions.

Among the other advantages of this coating, the designers highlighted:

  • The functionality of colors, which makes it possible to combine it with different tones.
  • Practicality and versatility through the use of non-marking color.
  • Ability to mask room imperfections.
  • The ability to present simple textures and materials in a favorable light.
  • Can be used as a base shade.

  • Less visibility of dust and dirt on these shades.

As the designers say, the gray stretch ceilings have the greatest functionality, the photos of which are presented below. Its use made it possible to visually increase the volume of the room. At the same time, the use of coatings in such a color scheme also has drawbacks, and among them the masters in the field of design say about:

  • Creation in room decoration with a cold and uncomfortable atmosphere.
  • A component design approach is required, and in the absence of it, the interior gets a dull and gloomy look.

To fulfill this condition, it is required to purchase a coating of high quality materials, paying attention to how the text and shade are combined with style and room features.


Specificity of gray stretch ceilings

Despite some skepticism regarding the use of a gray shade in the design of the canvas, you can note that due to the advantages and special features, such a shade is often used by modern designers. Before implementing the idea, you need to decide on a shade that will be superior in decorating coatings. Among the most popular tones, experts call silver, smoky, ash, lead, the color of wet asphalt, graphite gray and dove blue.It is recommended to use a rich gray color when decorating a bedroom area, combining it with many light shades.

Experts try to attribute to the main features:

  1. Stretch ceiling gray The ability to visually increase the area of ​​the room when combined with white ...
  2. Ash tint combined with a faint pink tint will create a romantic setting.
  3. Possibility to vary with the percentage of black and white in gray.

  4. The versatility of canvases, which makes it possible to combine them with warm and cold shades, for example, with sand, orange, cream, blue or beige.
  5. A smoky and asphalt shade can be used in combination with orange, cream, sand, blue or beige colors.
  6. Products in neutral gray are successfully combined with a restrained bright tone, without making the decoration provocative.
  7. To lighten the interior design, it is allowed to use a yellow shade, which can be skirting boards with contrasting notes or colored inserts that will be installed in the ceiling.

At the moment, interiors that are made with a combination of white and black are quite popular, but in order to soften the contrast, you can use different shades of gray.

If a combination of 3 colors is used, it is required to observe according to which only one shade can be bright in the range. An excellent example is the gray and white stretch ceiling, the photo of which is below.

Varieties of gray ceilings by texture

The product gets a certain look not only due to the texture, but also introduces several restrictions on the possibility of using it when creating the selected style. Moreover, depending on the selected texture and color gamut, each room needs to be decorated in compliance with the rules that are inherent in the selected direction.


Stretch ceilings that have an texture like glossy gray go well with styles such as high-tech, minimalism, loft, and can be applied in the decoration of shops, halls, offices, hotels, living rooms.

An ideal smooth surface makes it possible to reflect light, which gives the space a volume and visually touches above. Experts caution that when applying a dark shade in simple rooms, the direction of light can create terrible glare. Applying this design of canvases, it is important to take this property into account when choosing a configuration and an elemental combination of decor. Moreover, a high-gloss glossy surface can reflect its surroundings, which poses additional requirements for keeping the room clean.


Gray stretch fabric, which has a matte texture, visually reproduces a perfectly flat surface that strongly resembles painted products.

This design differs in that it will not give glare and can be perfectly combined with large wallpaper patterns, as well as bright decor items. Ceilings of this type look aristocratic with restraint and can be used for finishing in the style of minimalism, brutalism or strict classics.


Distinctive features of satin fabrics for stretching in gray - versatility, which makes it possible to use them for most interiors, beautiful external design and Ease of use. In addition, satin creates a warm atmosphere in the room, which is achieved by the soft light reflection from the surface. Such coatings do not create glare and also provide an even light distribution.

Varieties of illumination for a gray ceiling

Various types of illumination can be applied to create a specialized atmosphere, to obtain the final type of finish. The creation of lighting around the perimeter makes it possible to highlight the zones of the room, while the suspension of a floating type of lighting device makes it possible to achieve the effect of visually expanding the height of the room. Moreover, you can use contour lighting around the edges, and the option with lighting inside makes it possible to achieve an effect in which the canvas will emit soft light.

Chandeliers, illumination inside and around the edges, and spotlights, spots and diode-type lamps with a small size can be used as a light source. The main condition in assessing the possibility of using certain devices to illuminate selected areas of the canvas is the inadmissibility of overheating.

The color of the backlight is selected depending on the style used in decorating the room and its size. The classic is the cool white light. In rooms that are large, it is better to use lighting in yellow tones.

What interior does the gray ceiling match?

The photo of gray stretch ceilings shows that the harmony and tranquility created by gray are perfect for creating a design in high-tech style or strict classics. Pearl gray and steel shades can be used for decoration in nautical style, Art Nouveau and Provence directions.

When applied, a combination of cold and restrained warm tones creates a cozy and calm interior, which is inherent in country, loft and historical style. Sometimes designers practice dividing the room space into zones, highlighting them through different shades and placing the coating at different heights. This approach can be applied in modern, classical and most other styles.

In the kitchen

Stretch ceiling gray Applying gray for the ceiling decoration of dining rooms and kitchens has gained incredible popularity due to its practicality, which is expressed in the less noticeableness of dirt on the surface of these coatings.In terms of colors, experts advise a steel shade that provides a harmonious combination with the chrome metal surfaces of household appliances.

Glossy products that are easy to clean are ideal for kitchens in texture. Moreover, the smooth surface of the floor can increase the height of the room, which is incredibly important for a room with limited space. If there is free space in terms of the height and size of the room, you can use a two-level canvas, and one of the zones separates the place where food is prepared from the place for receiving it. Here, a coating of a different color is used, located at a different height.

In the bathroom

The choice of such a shade to decorate a limited space is a very good solution, not just because of the ability to visually increase the volume of rooms.

An additional advantage will be an excellent combination of gray and beige tones, white and blue colors, which are usually preferred when choosing tiles for decorating a bathroom. Experts advise to provide sufficient room lighting, which can be a diode backlight, which is placed around the entire perimeter of the coating, or using spotlights. Given the limited size of the room, designers advise using a light gray stretch ceiling, which has a glossy texture. In more spacious rooms, it is possible to use a two-level or multi-level ceiling, at different levels of which it is possible to experiment with texture and shades, using red, blue or white tones as an accent.

In the hall

This is a space in which there can be different variants of textures and colors of paintings.

The choice depends on the taste preferences of the style and the customer in which the room is decorated. When decorating the hall and living room, designs are often used, which provide for several tiers, combinations of with light or moderately bright colors. The creation of contrast can be provided for the interaction of different textures and additional emphasis of the boundaries of the section through lighting. In the design of canvases used in such rooms, it is permissible to use photographic prints, exquisite patterns, pictures or flowers on the theme of architecture.

In the corridor

The stretch gray ceiling in the corridor, ideally, should be with a slightly matte texture, light gray shades are preferred when finishing.

To visually expand the space of the room, designers advise using a sufficient number of lamps, placing them in an arc. The second solution would be to use different elements in the form of placed rhombuses in white in the transverse direction.

In the bedroom

To achieve the relaxation function, designers are advised to choose a texture that does not have bright reflections. An excellent option for decoration is considered to be a stretch ceiling in gray color, which has a matte surface, and its photo is presented below.Experts consider products with soft and light shades as preferred colors for decorating a bedroom, but darker colors are also allowed for high ceilings.


Stretch ceilings in gray, like products made of glossy type and satin, are in demand among supporters of the industrial, urban style, as well as high-tech and loft. But when choosing a shade and texture, you need to take into account all the details, for example, the size of the room, the number and type of lighting fixtures, the style of the room and the height of the ceiling.