Stretch ceiling wood + photo and advantages

Stretch ceiling wood + photo and advantages Stretch ceiling under a tree + photos and advantages

Interest in the use of natural materials in the home interior is always was quite high, and therefore it is not surprising that wooden stretch ceilings are becoming more and more popular. This is especially true for country houses and cottages, in the design of which wood is almost constantly used in various forms. PVC film with a pattern and texture of wood fibers can be used in a house or apartment, if the ceiling and the overall design of the room are properly designed.

Advantages and disadvantages of a stretch ceiling with a wood pattern

The fashion for materials sometimes makes people commit rash acts, and therefore, before trying to install a stretch ceiling with a pattern under a tree, the novelty needs to be tried on 10 times and rechecked to what extent the decor fits well into the decor of the room.

What is interesting about the unusual texture like wood

Arrangement of a wooden ceiling, regardless of the design and style of the room as a whole, has always been a problem.

For those wishing to decorate the interior more natural and warm, decorate with wood-like elements, the choice was small. It was possible to make the covering of the floor by means of MDF panels or lining, or to glue polystyrene boards with a PVC film for wood. As a rule, homeowners did not always like this option with a finish made of natural material, it did not always turn out flat and even angular. For this reason, opting for film stretch ceilings with imitation wood finishes means you can get rid of several problems:

  • Instead of dusty or awkward carpentry work that takes an entire weekend, and you can arrange ceilings under wood for only 3-4 hours.
  • By means of a stretch film, a perfectly flat ceiling surface will be obtained, which is unrealistic to obtain with any finishing materials for wood.

  • A very simple design - stretch ceilings can be installed in all types of rooms with very rigid walls, since otherwise the fabric or ceiling film can easily tear off the finish.

Moreover, photo printing makes it possible to transfer almost all designs to wood, from a simple ruled ash texture, or an ornate rosewood pattern, to sandalwood and ebony. Naturally, the stretch ceiling decoration will not be able to copy the wood cladding, but the surface will not fade or darken.

Disadvantages of stretching canvases with a wood pattern

But there are enough disadvantages, which also need to be mentioned:

  1. Stretch ceiling wood + photo and advantages Harsh chemical aroma - never a PVC film with a wood-like pattern will emit pleasant pine needles or linden wood aromas.
  2. It is difficult to fit into the interior of a house or apartment - it takes serious preparation work, and an experienced designer should do this in order to accurately select the pattern of wood fibers.

  3. Tension canvases, even of high quality, tend to clap when doors, windows are opened, or strong wind gusts.

Please note that each of the listed shortcomings is not so critical in itself, but the disadvantages collected in one place can seriously spoil the impression of the film-type decor.

It's not really that bad. It is possible to successfully fight against the windage of tensioned canvases, for example, if the web is stretched in small sectors on a frame made of an assembly type profile. The aroma will disappear after a week, and you can choose a drawing with your own hands.

Properties of stretch ceilings with wood imitation

Stretch ceiling wood + photo and advantages The price of a stretch ceiling wood moderate. When planning this type of decoration, it is required to take into account certain specifics of the material. Firstly, PVC film does not tolerate low temperatures extremely well. The stretch fabric will become fragile and hard, like glass, and the paintwork on the ceiling may begin to flake off and sometimes even fall off. Secondly, the membrane or film can be easily damaged when cleaning or cleaning.

But on the other hand, the wood-like pattern ideally masks the gluing and patches. It is not easy to repair the decor, and therefore, if possible, it is worth making a choice in favor of a material with a textured surface. In this case, scratches and small flaws will not be so noticeable on the surface of the "wood".

Which design are used to combine stretch canvases with a wood-like pattern

The following option has become a classic example of a successful connection of ceilings with a wood-like pattern in an apartment interior. The brownish-red texture of the stretch ceiling perfectly matches the light shade of the walls and furniture.

True, in order to enhance the image, it was necessary to add a false fireplace and a table with an oak top.

For stretch ceilings in a dark shade, only light walls, huge window openings are perfect, and ideally, laminate or linoleum with a wooden pattern is used for the quality of the flooring. The main condition for the successful combination of an apartment interior with a tension canvas for wood was the rejection of smooth and soft lines. Interior items and furniture should be decorated in angular, even rectangular shapes, and only then there will be a visual connection between the ceiling decoration and the room decor.

The flat wood grain ceiling d├ęcor is ideal for rooms and studios with large window openings.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, flat ceilings, rectangular mantel lines and home furnishings complement each other perfectly.If it is not possible to use large windows, then the effect can be enhanced by means of mirror inserts on the wall surfaces. The film with a pattern of aged oak timber applied to it can be used as inserts on multi-tiered ceiling structures. If you fully decorate the ceiling with a film-type material for chestnut, then the room acquires an unusual lighting tone. When combined with creamy walls, a very simple but beautiful design is obtained.

Matte wood ceilings can even be used in the bedroom. Such a finish does not give terrible sun glare, and at the same time, the room can be made very warm and bright.

Recommendations and advice of professionals

Of all the options that exist among the ceiling decor, fabric or film materials are the easiest to maintain. This type of decorative finish is washed with a soft foam sponge, soapy water, without the use of "heavy" cleaning or sanitary products. It is not recommended to clean the surface with alcohol, detergents for washing dishes and windows, as well as all kinds of liquids that contain acids and alkalis.


Stretch ceiling under a tree is fresh, unusual, beautiful for modern interiors with wallpaper interiors, painted floors and ceiling slabs. Like all new products, this type of ceiling finishes has many drawbacks, but they are not so serious as to interfere with the renewal of the furnishings and style of housing.