Stretch ceilings 3D with a picture

Stretch ceilings 3D with a picture Stretch ceilings with 3D effect + photo

Stretch ceilings have now become very popular everywhere - both in office premises and in country houses, as well as their special appearance, like stretch ceilings with a 3D effect, are becoming even more popular. Indeed, plastering and whitewashing the ceiling are a thing of the past, because modern technologies make it possible to make quick and high-quality repairs to the ceiling surface.

Drawings with the 3D effect on the ceiling stretch covering make it possible to create a spectacular illusion of volumetric drawings, photographs or ornaments.

These can be images of the starry sky, clouds, butterflies or flowers, as well as non-standard ornament or architectural details that allow you to visually increase the height of the room.


Human vision can perceive a three-dimensional image on the ceiling surface, like a picture that has depth and volume.

This is achieved through high quality printing, special attention to lines and shadows in the image, and particles to reflect light, which ensure the refraction of the light beam.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of three-dimensional structures of the tension type are the same as the advantages of simple high-quality tension cloths:

  • Stability to changes in temperature and high levels of humidity.
  • It is possible to keep the finish beautiful and clean for a long time, because dust will not be attracted to the stretch ceiling.
  • Stretch ceilings 3D with a picture It is possible to "hide" large flaws in the ceiling (base), for example, cracks or height differences.
  • Application of specialized mild detergents in the process of surface cleaning.

  • Ceiling Leak Resistance - many materials can handle up to 100 kg per square meter.
  • Speed ​​of installation and the absence of debris after installation work.
  • Low cost compared to plasterboard ceilings.
  • Possibility to combine with suspended suspended structures.
  • The use of photographs, floral ornaments or geometric patterns that can visually enlarge the space.

But the disadvantages of stretch ceiling canvases include the possibility of light enough damage with sharp objects, for example, when installing lamps. Even an unsuccessfully thrown child's toy or a champagne cork can spoil the canvas. Playing with guns for children with suction cups or bullets is also a way to cause significant damage to the ceiling surface. True, small slots or holes in the stretch-type ceiling can be easily repaired with your own hands.

Construction types

Stretch types of ceilings can be divided into plastic and fabric (made from PVC film).

Polyester fabric ceilings are durable and dense, and the pattern applied to them will not fade over the years. Such a coating is not afraid of temperature changes, due to which it is perfect for a country house that is not constantly heated. The width of one sheet of fabric ceiling is 5.5 meters, and therefore it is usually not necessary to sew several sheets together.

Please note that the seamless type technology for ceiling mounting ensures its durability and strength.

It is believed that a cloth-type coating is 15 times stronger than PVC film.

A stretch fabric made of 3D effect fabric will be installed on the base ceiling in the same way as any other stretch ceiling. Before fixing the canvas, a metal profile or a baguette made of wood is installed on the wall surface. After installing the profile, the canvas needs to be gradually stretched, attaching it to the profile by means of glazing beads, while the canvas edges will hang down. Further, the process of "stretching" from the center of the room to the doors and windows will begin, which should be carried out in 4 hands - a couple of people, working simultaneously, ways to avoid sagging and distortions.

The final stage will be trimming the fabric and installing the ceiling-type skirting board.

Stretch ceilings with 3D PVC pattern feel better in a room with constant heating and are perfect for making multi-level structures. The film width can vary from 1.5 to 5.5 meters, and the wider the canvas, the more it costs.

It's okay if one single piece is not enough for the whole room, since special equipment makes it possible to connect multiple segments together. In addition to the standard installation of the profile, special equipment is required for the installation of a PVC ceiling - an air heater. Specialists can better cope with heating the film of a heat gun and stretching it, but home craftsmen can also use a simple heater and a hot hair dryer. Modern printing methods make it possible to apply a pattern of any size both to PVC cloth and to the base of the fabric. Due to an inkjet printer or plotter, as well as solvent and ultraviolet inks, the effect of a three-dimensional pattern will increase.

Stretch ceiling structures can also be multi-level. They ideally help to reveal the beauty and depth of 3D images. The right combination of three-dimensional drawing and levels can turn a room into a forest clearing or a spaceship, and animals and insects look like they are alive. For the installation of multi-level structures, special profiles are required - specific for each ceiling element. The preparatory stage and installation of a multi-level ceiling is a painstaking and complex work, and therefore it is better to trust it to professionals.

The designer is able to make a play of shadow and light, tell you where it is better to mount the lamps to make the illusion of butterflies or birds.Structures of a multi-level type involve the use of not just a tension cloth, but also plasterboard elements.

Design and forms

Ornaments, drawings and photos on a stretch ceiling are ways to be very different and depend only on the imagination of the owners of the premises. The most popular are the sky with stars through the window of a spaceship (a great option for a children's room), snow-white clouds in the blue sky, bright birds and butterflies among tropical plants. A two-level ceiling with a circular or oval center can represent the bottom of a pool or ocean water filled with marine life, vibrant algae and fish.

The ceiling in the form of an ocean wave is popular, and abstract drawings look spectacular, which make it possible to give not just the ceiling, but also the interior of the room as a whole, modernity and originality. Photo printing on the ceiling involves an extremely attentive attitude to light. In order for the drawing to "play" and the stereo three-dimensional picture to really be an interior decoration, the correct lighting is required. As a rule, these are spotlights that are placed around the perimeter of the room in plasterboard structures. swivel lamps make it possible to place the required accents, the pattern, which is highlighted on both sides, will never get bored.

Please note that PVC ceilings are often installed in special rooms, for example, cinemas, swimming pools and clinics. This makes it possible to create the required atmosphere in the room, which helps a person to relax, calm down, or vice versa, to feel a surge of inspiration and vigor.

Recommendations and expert advice

When choosing a stretch 3D ceiling, you need to take into account the following nuances:

  1. Stretch ceilings 3D with a picture There are a lot of companies that offer to carry out installation work on ceilings with a 3D effect, and most of them offer pleasant discounts. It is recommended to apply only to those firms that have been able to perfectly establish themselves in the construction market, have a large portfolio of finished works and provide guarantees.
  2. A very exotic or not the brightest picture can be annoying, do not choose pictures that can tire the eyes.

  3. 3D drawing must necessarily correspond to the design concept of the entire room - the "sea theme" is best suited for bathrooms, sky drawings for halls and living rooms, birds and butterflies can be in the bedroom and in the kitchen.
  4. The market of materials for finishing the ceiling assumes products of European, Russian and Chinese production. If you want high quality and durability, you need to choose materials from European production.
  5. Do not use dark colors or scary designs for the nursery.
  6. A glossy ceiling looks best in a room with a high ceiling.

  7. For the kitchen, you need to choose a PVC film finish, because vapors and grease stains from such a cloth can be the easiest to clean.Moreover, PVC film has water-repellent properties.
  8. A properly placed luminaire can add depth to a painting.
  9. The night sky is a popular 3D ceiling variation. The color scheme of this ceiling is quite dark, since this image in the kitchen or living room raises more questions than delights.

  10. It is required to use 3D drawings with caution in small rooms with a low ceiling - a large image will not help to increase the space, but rather "press down" it.

  11. Proportionality and clear proportions are the key to the success of a stretch canvas with three-dimensional drawings, but even a slight discrepancy with the plan can introduce imbalance and spoil the whole picture.
  12. If the picture of the volumetric type is tired, then the stretch ceiling can be painted, and acrylic paints and varnishes are usually used for this.
  13. Fluorescent colorants, popular in the past few years, are ways to generate anxiety.
  14. To create additional lighting effects, designers use luminous pins or mount Swarovski crystals in certain parts of the picture (for example, in the center of stars on the sky or water droplets on leaves).

  15. Abstraction can be done best combined in high-tech style. Standard interiors, coupled with an extraordinary ceiling, will look disharmonious.
  16. It is better to trust complex ceilings to specialists, and before placing an order, it is recommended to inquire whether the company's specialists create a structural model. If the answer is no, then it is better to refuse.

Now let's look at some unusual design variations.

Beautiful options and examples

One of the most attractive themes of a stretch 3D ceiling is "a window to the ocean". The stretch canvas looks perfect due to the multi-level ceiling and lighting. This finish will delight you both in the hallway and in the bathroom. If there are no windows in the room, it is required to apply all possibilities in order to add light and "air" to the room. The ideal solution would be a tensile structure featuring white clouds and blue sky.

Such landscapes are appropriate in the interior of modern kitchens, and especially if the ceiling in the room is not the highest. The kitchen will visually be freer and higher, and multilevel ceiling elements help to zone the room, separating the cooking area from the dining area.

Stretch ceilings with 3D effect with abstract drawings have become more popular recently. This is a great option for rooms with a high-tech or loft interior. The decoration is sure to attract the attention of guests who will look at the intricate spirals in the Milky Way.

Such drawings have many advantages - they not only visually increase the height of the room, but also enhance the impression of a stylish interior (for example, a modern kitchen made in black and red).Birds and butterflies have always been popular, but remember that this bright accent will constantly attract the eye and can quickly get bored. And yet, if the room has a complex shape, a ceiling with a photo print can also fulfill the task of zoning, as well as combining the space into the integrity of the style. Large elements in the center of the room can be repeated in arches, corners and niches, on ceiling elements with different levels.

An unusual solution would be an old map made by means of photo printing on a polyester canvas.

This is a real find for a personal account or a nursery, because this ceiling can be viewed endlessly, dreaming of distant countries and amazing discoveries. Watch the video for installation work and lighting installation.