Stretch ceilings in pink

Stretch ceilings in pink Pink stretch ceiling (matte and glossy) + photo

Pink is an ambiguous color in the interior. Some decorators think that all shades will suit different combinations and styles, while others deliberately do not use it. In this article, we propose to consider how the pink color of a stretch ceiling is perceived in a particular room. You will also find several recommendations for choosing a shade and decorating rooms with different purposes.

A palette of shades of pink

This color has a large number of variations, from light to bright and rich, cold and warm.

In connection with the choice of tone, stretch ceilings in pink look romantic and necessary, airy and fresh, or bold and bright. Here are certain of the different shades - coral, peach, salmon, fuchsia, violet red, almond, amaranth, pearl pink, purple, orchid, violet, clove, and lilac. In the style of pop art and fusion, you need to choose rich colors of raspberry and fuchsia. Pastels and pales are widely used in shabby chic style (along with matching decor and antique prints). For a more strict design, pale colors are used that are suitable for a loft.

Delicate pink is used in the Renaissance, the classics and even in the Baroque style. In other styles, pink is not used as the main tone, but as an accent. This is Mediterranean, country, Provence, ethnic and others like that.

Please note that for spacious rooms, you can choose rich and bright shades, and in more modest ones, use pastels. Sometimes people settle for colder shades that will add extra height.


Pink ceiling with different textures

Color perception will depend not only on its saturation, but also on linen texture, which is available in two types of materials - vinyl film and fabric with a special impregnation for strengthening.


The plane is able to absorb light, and due to this the room becomes much darker. With saturated shades, you may get the feeling that the ceiling is starting to press on your head, and therefore they are satisfied only in rooms with a high ceiling. But the delicate scale will attract a little attention and will become a neutral background for brighter elements. The matte type texture is in demand in the classic and other historical styles.

It looks great with a plinth for the ceiling and all kinds of architectural elements - stucco, columns.


The coating is capable of reflecting light and surrounding objects, due to which the room will appear taller. This makes it possible not only to correct the geometry of the room, but even bolder to apply bright colors. The lacquer type texture has the largest range of colors. But consider the fact that gloss will only suit modern styles.

You also need to think over the location and configuration of spots and chandeliers so that the light does not hit your eyes in any way. You should also take into account the rays that are reflected from the canvas.


This texture is also capable of reflecting light, albeit to a lesser extent. This will create a pearly sheen. Such a ceiling looks incredibly advantageous when combined with complex shades, and the price is higher than that of other films, but the room will look more refined and at the same time comfortable.

Which wallpapers are suitable for the pink ceiling?

For rich ceiling shades, you need to make a choice in favor of neutral and lighter colors in the rest of the interior design. In this case, the room will not seem cramped. For a pale pink ceiling, the wallpaper may be slightly darker, but you should not choose too bright either. The snow-white color goes well with various variations of pink. The room will become romantic and airy.

Perfect white wallpaper (namely embossed), as well as with a pattern, is also suitable.

Pale shades look great with grays, and in contrast to mild steel or slightly bluish pinks, the pink will be especially delicate. A combination with warm beige will look cozy. The furnishings will be complemented by pieces of natural wood furniture. Green is perfect for brighter shades, from light green to emerald green.

This combination strongly resembles a flower bed or garden, and therefore is often used in country houses.

Pink looks great with a color that's close to it - lilac. You can use perfect cyan too, but the colors shouldn't be very bright. From dark tones, blue, black, purple, olive and chocolate are suitable. But it is better to take them not as solid ones, but as patterns on wallpaper canvases with a pastel neutral tone.

Overview of options

Kitchen pink ceilings

Glossy stretch pink ceilings are an ideal choice if the kitchen is small size. This type of texture has one more advantage - it is much easier to remove dirt from it, and in the cooking area there can often be splashes of fat and water to which dust adheres. In the kitchen room, an active and lively range is allowed, and at the same time, shades of a warm type are more suitable. These colors will increase your appetite and awaken activity.

Examples in the bathroom

The pink color of the stretch ceiling canvases help create an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury.

A light glossy film is ideal here, and if the slab on the walls is bluish, turquoise or snow-white, then cool shades (for example, ash pink) are more suitable. And with beige tiles, warm ones will be better combined. For lighting, built-in lamps are used, which are placed in the corners. In large rooms, you can add a similar spot in the center.

Various options for the bedroom

Stretch ceilings in pink To embody comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, take either a satin film or fabric that create soft pearl-type overflows.

Bright pinks are close to red and can be overly exciting. For this reason, it is best to choose pale shades for bedrooms. If desired, for a change, the surface, the canvas must be decorated with a discreet print or interesting point-type lamps (for example, brass or crystal). The bedroom interior is complemented with a floral theme on the curtains, as well as paintings or wallpaper.

Children's room for girls

This range of colors makes it possible to create a truly fabulous setting for little princesses.

Delicate shades of pink ceilings in the interior are combined with pieces of furniture in white. It is better to decorate the walls in pastel colors. One of them can be decorated with photo wallpapers of a suitable theme - a flower garden, a fairy forest, a tea party at the gnomes, in general, whatever the owner of the room desires. If the little girl is not a dreamer, but much more energetic, active tones will do. You can even apply fuchsia or neon pink.

But it is better in small areas, and not on the entire surface. An excellent option would be a ceiling with transitions from bright to quieter pink. They combine not just shades, but also textures. In this case, a satin or glossy surface is perfect, and sometimes they are complemented with a matte finish to emphasize the shine with contrast. But you should forget about the correct lighting, and in the child's room it should be combined, with different sources - in the working area, the general and the play area.

It is better to opt for a chandelier with an interesting design and complement it with several spots.

Ideas for two-level ceilings in the living room

Stretch ceilings in pink Stretch ceilings in pink the hall can be brighter and more daring. One of the popular options is multilevel type constructions. Such ceilings make it possible to distinguish between different functional areas - for dining with guests, for relaxing on the sofa in front of the TV screen, reading books, and more.

The space needs to be highlighted by lowering the level, highlighting or another type of canvas.

Most often they combine a pink glossy texture and a snow-white matte finish. At certain points, instead of a smooth one, you need to choose a decorative or satin one (there is an option for a metallic or suede texture). Of the rest of the colors, beige and gray are perfect for tandem colors, and you can also combine different shades in pink, placing them from the palest to the very bright.

At the edges, it is required to lay an LED strip, which will be beautifully reflected in the varnish, or mount a number of spots. A spectacular technique is to highlight the chandeliers by means of a two-tiered ceiling.

Around it, it is required to make a rosette, which can be just round, but also of an unusually complex configuration (for example, in the form of a flower). With such a range, translucent shades, glass or crystal lighting devices will look interesting.

Pink color and photo printing

The first idea that comes to mind is, of course, flowers. Indeed, orchids, roses, lilies and peonies, as well as other plants, refresh the rooms, and also make them more sophisticated and romantic. The image fits into, for example, romantic style, Provence and shabby chic.

But this is far from the only option. It is required to look like pictures in the form of a daytime sky, and the clouds will seem creamy, the overall impression is extremely delicate. This photo is perfect for a nursery. If you print branches or even sakura trees, hieroglyphs, pagodas and mountains (not necessarily all at once on one canvas) on a pale pink background, you get a room decorated in Japanese style. It will be complemented by suitable pieces of furniture.

In addition, ornaments and patterns will look great. Black looks clearly and strictly, luxuriously golden, and to some extent mysteriously silver.

Please note that the ceiling with photo printing is a tangible accent in the interior. It is advisable to decorate the floor and walls in a more modest way, choosing neutral tones.

Stretch pink ceilings are suitable for the interior of various premises.

But it is required with particular care to choose the shade and texture of the paintings, as well as the rest of the design.