successful color combinations + Photo and Video

successful color combinations + Photo and Video Green shades for interior decoration are rightfully considered one of the best and most popular. But this is due to the fact that the green color has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, calming, giving harmony and balance.

Also, the choice of color is influenced by the theme of everything natural and natural in home design, eco-style is now at the peak of popularity.

Green wallpaper in the interior will allow you to relax after a hard day's work and recuperate.

Green color in the interior

Psychologists say


.. that being in a room with green walls, a person finds harmony with himself and peace of mind.

From a scientific point of view, people who love green shades can be characterized as able to defend their opinions without aggression, secretive, self-centered, but at the same time sociable. Dark shades of green are loved by conservatives and introverted people.

Love for the dark green color distinguishes people with a closed, conservative mindset.


The design of green wallpaper, their shades, textures and textures is so great that you can use them for wall decoration in any style and room.

Dark Green

successful color combinations + Photo and Video Wallpaper is suitable for creating luxurious designs in style classics, baroque, romanticism. The choice of such a shade will certainly be made by people of romance who value practicality, silence and harmony.

Light green

Wallpaper in the interior is suitable for wall decor in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and nursery.

Often used by designers to create Provence and country styles.

Bright green wallpapers

Malachite, light green, emerald are suitable for the art deco style. minimalism, hi-tech, modern. The choice is natural for strong-minded natures who love everything bright.

Pale green

Wallpaper is used in Provence style very often, they help to create an airy weightless space.

Modern design involves the use of several shades of the same color or combination with others. Solid walls still look boring.

The combination of colors

  1. The green shade is good because it is quite simple to choose the color that matches it, the main thing is to follow the selection rules. For bright colors, calm, muted shades are better. Dark green wallpapers in the interior are in harmony with light ones, otherwise the monotone will make your room bulky and dark.

    As design practice shows, the following colors are the most optimal for combination:

  2. successful color combinations + Photo and Video Beige and white are used in combination with light or bright green wallpaper. The room will turn out to be gentle and light. White-green wallpaper in the interior will add airiness to the rooms, colors do not hurt the eyes, they are combined perfectly. Choose white furniture for your interior, as well as textiles and decor items. Beige is a little softer than white, so it can soften the green tint of the walls.

  3. Unlike white, beige-green wallpaper is much warmer, which softens austere green. Make one wall beige and the others green, or match curtains with beige furnishings. Bright accessories will become a worthy addition.
  4. The combination with purple, blue, black should be done with caution, since such an arrangement can visually reduce the room.
  5. Brown-green wallpaper is a classic that never goes out of style.

    Very suitable for eco-style. Brown represents the earth, tree bark, green represents foliage. Choose light colors for a harmonious combination. There should not be too many dark shades, only in the form of individual inserts and decor items or furniture.

  6. Warm shades of the sun, such as orange and yellow, can bring spring mood and joy to your home.

    Best of all, a combination of yellow-green wallpaper will fit into a nursery.

  7. Shades of blue-green wallpaper look breathtaking. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.
  8. The color scheme of red is more suitable for large rooms, and then only as small blotches in the interior. Still, red is quite aggressive.


The above color schemes can be created both by choosing wallpaper and various accessories and decor.

Green wallpapers in different rooms

Green is considered universal, its energy carries continuous positive and pacification. Therefore, if you lack this in your daily life, surround yourself with this color at home.

Children's room and bedroom

There is no place for aggressive tonality in rest rooms, calm tones should prevail here, helping to tune in to relaxation.

Green wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom is perfect for this. Neutral, discreet tones can calm and balance a person's mental state. Use a combination of green with beige, gray, pistachio or blue.

If you want to add brightness, it is fashionable to frame the wall at the head of the bed and focus on it. Decorate the rest of the walls in a calm color scheme.

You can also use only one tone for green wallpaper, and place accents using decorative elements in contrasting colors.

Before purchasing wallpaper for wall decor in a bedroom or children's room, think about how your room should look like, what combinations of colors and patterns you want to see in it. In different rooms, the same pattern will look different. Green wallpaper in the interior of a child's calm range will help your energetic fidget to calm down and quickly fall asleep. In the bedroom for adult family members, bright blotches will be appropriate.

For a children's room, choose wallpaper in the same color scheme or a similar one, without abrupt transitions. A good choice would be a combination of gray, blue, pink and green.

Green wallpaper for the living room

This room is intended for gatherings with relatives and friends, and the color scheme in it should set up a positive, cheerful mood ...

Plain green wallpaper in the living room will look boring and relaxing, but you don't need it. Therefore, the best solution for decorating a living room is bright shades of green combined with others. Highlighting accents in the living room is done by decorating some parts of the wall with wallpaper with a bright pattern, as in the photo.


Remember that dark shades of green are not the best choice for decorating a living room, especially in the same tone.

These colors make the room look smaller than it really is. They can be used only as small blotches on one wall or as decor for a room.

Take care of the lighting arrangement in the living room. In the room, in addition to the central chandelier, there should also be wall lamps, sconces or spot lighting. Also, try to maintain harmony in the combination of furniture and shade on the walls.

Green wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

successful color combinations + Photo and Video Wallpaper in green tones tend to be very refreshing. And the kitchen is the place where we spend the lion's share of our time cooking and eating food, arranging family evenings. Everything here should tune in to positive and give a cheerful mood.

Therefore, bright colors are great for the kitchen. Bright shades awaken the appetite, they can be used both as individual decorative elements and inserts on one of the walls.

Add yellow, pink, orange, white colors to green. The shades of blue add freshness and coziness to the room. Combinations of green and gray wallpaper in the interior are suitable for the Provence style.

As for the choice of colors for furniture, here you need to proceed from the size of the room. The old living background was created in such a way that it seems that the kitchen is not at all the room that needs large dimensions.

This is especially true for typical "Khrushchev" houses, where the owners must huddle on 6 square meters, or even less.

Therefore, for such small rooms, only light furniture is suitable, since dark furniture will steal an already small space. Modern construction offers more comfortable housing, with large kitchens, and if you are at the stage of designing a private house, then you can set the kitchen room of any size. For large areas, dark, contrasting furniture colors are suitable. And against the background of light green wallpaper, they will look great.

Frequently used shades of green in interior decoration: light green, olive, chartreuse, turquoise, emerald, pistachio, aquamarine, myrtle, jade, herbal khaki, lime, fern.

Design of green wallpaper

Wallpaper for wall decoration can have not only different colors, but also texture and pattern.When choosing wallpaper, take into account their purpose for a particular room, its size, general style and your preferences.

  • successful color combinations + Photo and Video Solid green wallpaper is used as a background against which other objects in the room will look contrasting. They can be combined with other expressive shades.

  • Green wallpaper with a pattern, flowers, leaves will organically fit into the living room or bedroom.
  • Green striped wallpaper serves as an eye trainer and can visually change the room. Depending on the type of strip - vertical, horizontal, narrow, wide, the effect created depends. The vertical line can lengthen the room upward, and the horizontal strip will make it wider.
  • Geometry on the combined green wallpaper will make the room attractive and interesting to look at.

    Such wallpapers can be combined with other shades in the same tone.

  • Green wallpaper for tiles, brickwork, stone plaster will help to hide defects and irregularities on the walls. Best suited for wall decoration in a hallway, hallway or kitchen.
  • Green fabric wallpaper is used in bedrooms and living rooms. They shimmer beautifully in the sun.

  • Liquid wallpaper of green color contains natural silk threads and mother-of-pearl, capable of smoothing out irregularities on the walls.

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