Technical characteristics of the varnish XC-76

Technical characteristics of the varnish XC-76 Chemically resistant varnish XC-76: application rules and scope

There are several types of surfaces that need high-quality protection, and for this purpose, various types of paints and varnishes can be used. One of the most popular formulations is the XC-76 chemical-resistant varnish, which will reliably protect various products from the negative effects of chemicals.

This varnish is an anti-corrosive mixture that will create a temporary protection for products and surfaces that are made of various types of materials.

The purpose of the varnish composition XC-76 is an extremely effective protection of all kinds of bases, and at the same time the technical characteristics make it possible to use it in such industrial areas.


List of areas:

  • Technical characteristics of the varnish XC-76 Petrochemical.

  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Shipyard.
  • Chemical.
  • Gas production.
  • Automotive.

  • Energy.
  • Oil producing.
  • Food grade.
  • Instrumentation.

In addition, due to its excellent characteristics, chemically resistant varnish composition XC-76 is often used for the transportation of various types of goods, and in the field of agriculture.

Since it is chemically resistant, it reliably protects products from the negative and aggressive effects of various liquids. This varnish composition is used for application to containers in which food liquids such as milk, beer, alcohols, juices and wine will be stored. The protective coating that the XC-76 varnish composition can create is completely safe for food, and also for human health. XC-76 is used to protect containers and equipment from the corrosive effects of gases, for example, sulfuric, carbon dioxide and others.

Another varnish composition will protect the structure from the negative effects of salt water, as well as other liquids.

During the day, the composition will not allow to destroy the surface that is under the influence of various oils and oil products. Moreover, the varnish composition can be used at home, in order to create a decorative coating for wooden structures and elements. This varnish composition will comply with the state standard 23494-79, according to which the composition can be used for a new coating:

  • Treatment facilities.
  • Sewerage systems.
  • Downpipes.

  • Platforms that can be affected by sea water.
  • Surface in the electroplating shop.
  • Water tank, or pools.
  • Gas piping systems.
  • Freight railroad cars.

Excellent characteristics of the varnish composition XC-76 makes it possible to apply this composition to wood and plastic substrates.This product will create a type of coating that protects against dirt and dust, and can be applied for both exterior and interior work. You can use a varnish composition for application to metal parts, which will later be covered with a varnish composition, or a layer of enamel, primer and paint will be applied to them.


Main technical characteristics

So, if we consider the technical characteristics of the varnish XC-76, then it consists of two copolymers - vinylidene chloride and vinyl chloride, which will be in a ratio of 60% to 40%. In addition, the composition contains elastomers and organic solvents, which can give the required characteristics to the varnish composition.

Here are the main technical characteristics of the tool that will contribute to GOST:

  • Shade - green or yellow-brown.
  • The varnish composition can have a homogeneous consistency, without impurities and inclusions.
  • The film will not have wrinkles and streaks, has a glossy sheen.
  • Viscosity at room temperature ranges from 30 to 70 s, based on the data of a device such as a VZ-246 viscometer.
  • The film thickness when applied in one layer is from 20 to 30 microns, preferably from 1 to 3 coats.

  • To third degree, the product will dry at room temperature in about a couple of hours.
  • The protective coating will last approximately one year.
  • Fractional content of dry residue in the varnish composition can be from 20 to 24%.
  • Shock resistance is approximately 0.5 meters.

  • Consumption for one coat from 0.15 to 0.2 kg per square meter.
  • The elasticity of the varnish film after drying for bending is approximately 0.1 cm.

After drying, the layer will be resistant to wind, frost, atmospheric precipitation and heat. The coating will have anti-corrosion characteristics, the varnish composition will not lose its qualities when exposed to detergents, and the varnish is not afraid of exposure to infrared rays and ultraviolet radiation. The product is sold in a metal container of 20 liters. The product will have a certificate that confirms its high quality. When purchasing a varnish composition, you should ask for a certificate of varnish quality, and in this case you can be sure that the composition is of high quality, and not yet fake.

Rules for applying the product

Technical characteristics of the varnish XC-76 These are neither in In no case should it be applied to unprepared substrates. The first step is to remove all contaminants from the surface, including dirt, dust, oils and grease stains. XC-76 can be used as an independent protective layer, or in combination with enamel and primer coatings. If it is used in combination with other paints and varnishes, then the XC076 varnish composition is applied last, on top of the remaining varnish layers or paint.

This composition is perfectly combined with primer compositions XC-010, No.

059 and No. 068, as well as paint XC-75U. If the mixture is very thick, then it must be diluted with a solvent P4A or P-5. Apply the varnish composition using an air temperature of -11 ..

. + 31 degrees. The mixture should be applied by airless spray or even pneumatic spray. To dry the coating, you need to wait at least 1 hour at room temperature, the completely varnished coating will dry out in about 5 days.

Safety rules

Since the composition is toxic in itself, during its application personal protective equipment should be used, for example, wear gloves, a respirator and goggles.

It is advisable to work with such a solution in the open air, but if the application process will be carried out indoors, then sufficient ventilation should be provided. To prevent the mixture from getting on the skin, you should work either in a special protective suit, or in tight clothing with long arms.

Please note that you cannot work with such materials near an open flame, and the mixture is flammable, and the solution will be fire hazardous.


It is required to store the chemically resistant varnish XC-76 in the temperature range from -35 to +35 degrees, in a dry room, subject to a maximum humidity of 80 %. The mixture must be in a hermetically sealed original packaging so that it does not dry out, does not come into contact with moisture, and also does not get dust into it.

In no case should the sun's rays fall on the container with the composition, and it is also impossible to place the material near heating appliances and near food products. The composition is stored for 6 months from the date of manufacture.