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Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video Curtains are both decorative and practical part of the window. Curtains can hide both the flaws of the windows and you from prying eyes from the outside. But to hang the curtains you need cornice.

Types of cornices

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video Today, any of the types of cornices can be screwed both on the wall and on the ceiling.

But if we talk about some models, then their fastening depends on the design features.

A fastener that does not have brackets is attached only to the ceiling and is called ceiling, if the fasteners can be installed on a wall, they are called wall, and if the cornice has both fasteners, then universal.

Usually, most curtain rods are sold complete with mounting parts, either wall or ceiling only, but you can also buy the individual accessories you need.

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video Depending on the preferences of the owners of the premises, there will be a choice of mounting options.

But there are cases when the only way to install the cornice is the ceiling method, because the windows may be very close to the ceiling or the wall may be too unstable.

Curtain rods are:

  • Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video Rail tire cornice.

    Most often this cornice is attached to the ceiling, but it can also be attached to the wall. To attach such a cornice to a dowel - nails and most often the cornice is attached to the ceiling plate, and other types of cornices are attached using a bracket. This type of cornice has a number of positive qualities, for example:

  1. Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video There are no gaps between the cornice and the ceiling , which allows, if necessary, to darken the room well;
  2. Due to the fact that the cornice is attached to the ceiling, the curtain leaves from the ceiling itself and therefore the room visually appears higher;
  3. The cornice is practically invisible, therefore it is quite possible to fit into any interior;
  4. It is possible to remove curtains from the wall at any distance, this is used in cases where the battery or window sills protrude strongly;
  5. They are also used to create an interior partition.
  • Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video The bus is a profile cornice with an inner rail along which you can move the sliders with hooks. They are made one-, two- and three-row, from aluminum and plastic, up to six meters long, hollow and filled with (reinforced).

Such a cornice is bought with a set of necessary parts or ordered separately.

Parts included in the ceiling cornice kit: Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video

  • Tire , is the main body of the curtain rod, with internal rails;
  • Runners, hooks or clips, come with one hook per ten centimeters per row;
  • Connectors - are parts that join two busbars in length. These connectors do not interfere with the movement of the runners.
  • Stopper (brake) is a movement limiter for roller runners, it is used to Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video to close the hole that serves as an inlet for the hooks. These holes are located at the edges of the cornice.

  • Turns are 45/90 degree turning elements that are used to construct bay window cornices. In expensive models of such curtain rods, there are notches, they are cut along them in order to get the desired angle of rotation.
  • Corners are parts rotated by ninety degrees, located on the edge, they have holes for inserting sliders.
  • Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video The ending is an edge piece 30 millimeters long, which has a hole for inserting the sliders.
  • Final is a decorative element that covers the profile end.

  • Dowel - nails - are the fastening of the cornice to the ceiling.
  • Special plugs to mask holes. In the package of such plugs, there should be one plug for every 45-60 centimeters of the cornice.
  • Wall bracket , is a mounting part. Its Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video is used to mount the bus on the wall.

    It is installed every 1-1.40 meters, such parameters depend on the type of curtain.

  • Sticky tape. It is necessary for fastening the fabric lambrequin to the cornice. One part of it is glued to the front of the cornice, and the second to the top of the other side of the lambrequin.

    In order to hang the lambrequin, it will be necessary to connect only two halves, and to remove it will only be necessary to pull on one edge.

  • Hood is a flexible baguette tape made of Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video plastic, it is stretched in a longitudinal groove on the tire from the outside.
  • Baguette strip - this strip is necessary for the decor of the cornice, attach it by snapping into a special groove. Available in different sizes.

Ceiling cornice control

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video Ceiling cornice control eaves can be based on its design features, for example:

  • by hand;
  • by cord method;
  • using the remote control, that is, remotely.

Installation of the ceiling cornice

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video Mounting equipment:

  1. Screwdriver;
  2. Hacksaw;
  3. Hammer;
  4. Tape measure;
  5. Level;
  6. Drill or hammer drill;
  7. Square.

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video The first step is to make marking the location of the eaves and holes for fasteners.

In order for the curtain not to catch on the window sill, it is necessary to place the row of runners closest to the window four centimeters further, the ledge of the edge of the window sill.

In the event that there is a baguette on the ceiling and the cornice has corner elements, then the baguette is cut and the cornice is adjusted closer to the wall.

Fixing dowels with nails is a rare phenomenon.

Such fastening, however, over time can lead to sagging of the cornice.

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video The second stage of installation is picking up the cornice if the cornice is longer than you need length, then it needs to be trimmed.

Further, holes are made in the ceiling, according to the markings.

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video Then attach the cornice using a dowel - nails and a hammer. For hollow ceilings, spring folding dowels are used - butterflies and the like.

Then hooks - runners are inserted into the tire through special holes, then these holes are closed with special stoppers.

The last step is closing the fastener holes with special plugs.

There are two options for hanging the curtain:

  1. Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video The hooks are located on the cornice and the loops of the curtain tape are attached to them, thus they hang the curtains;
  2. Quite a convenient way. The loops of the curtain tape are strung onto the hooks and only then the hooks with the loops of the curtain fabric are attached to the holes of the bus.

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video Before installing the stretch ceiling, a special wood base is installed for the cornice.

The wood base should be the same width and length as the cornice, and the height should be several millimeters less than the distance from the ceiling to the canvas. They fix it with dowels and mark the location on the wall and stretch the ceiling. Where it will be attached, the cornice is installed with special rings that will keep the ceiling from breaking. Then, under the self-tapping screws, holes are carefully burned in the tensioning fabric.

It is best to entrust this cornice installation to specialists.

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video

There is another way to install the cornice on a stretch ceiling and it is called hidden.

This method implies the installation of the cornice on a concrete slab and only then a stretch ceiling is attached to the beam.

If the stretch ceiling has been made for a long time, then the eaves must be fastened to the wall using brackets.

Tire cornice, as a rule, has a low price, easy to install, not whimsical, to use. It also has different options for fasteners, so it is considered number one among the ceiling cornices.

Flexible curtain rods for ceiling curtains

Technology- Mount and Tools + Photo and Video Flexible, plastic cornices allow you to design window openings in an interesting way, regardless of the height of the ceilings.

This cornice can be attached to both the wall and the ceiling, and is also used for zoning rooms.

This will help to make the interior original and comfortable.

We really hope that this information will be useful to you. We wish you good luck in your endeavors!

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