Temporary Construction Site Electrician: Overview + Video

Temporary Construction Site Electrician: Overview + Video Temporary electrician for the construction site. When you start building a house, you should definitely make sure that the construction site is electrified, since there is practically nothing to do on a modern construction site without the help of electrical tools. Concrete mixers, rock drills, demolition hammers, drills, cutting machines, welding machines - they all work only with electrical energy, and this helps to facilitate,


and also speed up the construction stages, and For this reason, the temporary supply of electrical energy to the construction site is the first of any construction site.

General information

Requirements for the electrical network

The first step is to provide requirements for the temporary supply of electrical energy to the site , on which construction work will be carried out:

  1. Reliability - The supply of electricity during construction must be uninterrupted.
  2. Quality - voltage and frequency must guarantee the operation of electrical devices.
  3. Safety - protection of personnel to the maximum, as well as the safe work of operators on the construction site.

To do this, you will first need to document organizational issues that are associated with connecting to backbones with sufficient capacity that are already available.

Arrangements for the organization

Depending on where the site is located, on which the construction will take place, the choice of a method for connecting a temporary supply of electrical energy will be carried out.

The choice of the type of cable laying can be influenced by the following moments:

  • Distance from the place of power transmission.
  • Estimated power consumption.
  • A type of object - residential buildings, warehouses or production halls.
  • Network selection - three-phase or single-phase.

  • The condition of the power line that is closest to the construction site.

Based on these options, you should choose the best way to install the temporary electrical supply for the construction site. This can be a connection to existing electrical networks, or the installation of an autonomous electric generator. When connecting to the electrical network, the best option would be to clarify the calculation procedure and other conditions individually in the energy sales and power grid organization.

Nyunasy connecting to existing power grids

The first situation that should definitely be considered is when construction is carried out in close proximity to your own home.

The method of electrification from the input, which has already been registered, will be much less expensive and more preferable over the other options.During the construction work, electricity will be consumed, which is already available on the territory of the construction site, and payment will be made according to a previously concluded agreement. This option is suitable for the temporary supply of electrical energy to a private house.

After a new construction site is erected, and possibly the dismantling of old buildings will be carried out, it becomes necessary to re-execute the contract with the supply organization, since a temporary power supply device is no longer required.

This will require:

  • Temporary Construction Site Electrician: Overview + Video Specify , what is the estimated power consumption.

  • Obtain technical specifications from the organization and points for introduction.
  • Order project documents.
  • Agree the project with the state technical supervision.
  • Carry out all electrical work.
  • Call the electrical laboratory for assessment and drawing up a test report.

  • Conclude an agreement with an organization engaged in the sale of electrical energy, and you can put the facility into operation.

Details of the question

What is important to consider

Please note that in order to in order for you to be able to make temporary electrical wiring, you still need to draw up a package of documents. In the event that the construction site is located far from the power line, it will be necessary to build a new overhead line or lay a cable. To do this, you will again need to contact the power grid organization and write an application for a technological type connection, and then you will be given a technical specification. After completing the documents, you must complete all the technical specifications and you will need to re-contact the network organization in order to connect the shield on the pipe stand, as well as to seal the metering devices.

You can learn more about the connection from the video.

Entry to the object should be done in such a way that it is like for permanent use. To do this, you need to install an external anti-vandal shield with protection class IP54. The box must be of such a size that it is possible to supply the meter and protection devices, grounding bars and sockets. It is also required to provide a place in advance for a backup supply of electrical energy.

If the construction is carried out within a non-profit partnership, the cost of services for collective connection will be much cheaper for horticultural, summer cottage and garage cooperatives. They have a transformer station to connect to. Most of the teams are already established and formed. Repair work and modernization of equipment is carried out at their expense, including the installation of supports, laying of overhead lines and installation of transformers. Newly emerging developers may be required to pay monetary compensation from the work performed and the behavioral modernization of equipment (partially).

Temporary Construction Site Electrician: Overview + Video Another situation that should definitely be considered is the temporary supply of electricity to a private house from neighbors. If electrification is being debugged for reasons independent of you, and the deadline is running out, then you should negotiate with your neighbors, and this will be the best solution to the problem. If such a kind person is found, then through an additional metering device, the electrical supply is connected for the period of construction and repair work. It is necessary to stipulate in advance the value of the supplied power (this is required for setting values ​​on the metering control device) and the installation of a protective limiting device. So it will be easiest for you to get a temporary electrician for the site.

By the way, apart from everything, it is worth considering also such a method of supplying electrical energy as connecting a generator. From a technical point of view, such devices help to provide high-quality electrical energy, and builders will use them at their discretion and not depend on anyone. But the disadvantages will be the high cost of the generated electrical energy. This type of supply is generally resorted to only at the very beginning, when there was a hitch with the paperwork.

Technical measure

After all organizational issues are resolved and a temporary power supply scheme for the construction site is selected, it is required to determine the location for installation of an introductory board on a support or post.

In addition, it is required to install an additional support in the event that the section is removed from the power line by more than 25 meters (this is indicated in the PUE chapter 2.4, paragraph 2. 4. 12.).

But this value may differ downward, as indicated in the PUE chapter 2. 4, paragraph 2. 4. 19. According to the rules for the introduction of the shield, it must be installed on the border or territory of the applicant.

From the lead-in box, the marking of cable routes or electrical transmission supports is made to the place of work, lighting and power networks. For optimal power distribution across the construction site, power cables should be routed to the lifting mechanisms, to the concrete preparation area, the welding area and the wood processing area. At the beginning of construction, a temporary lighting system can be made of several floodlights, and be divided into main and emergency lighting, or general and local.

Diagram of consumer connection

During the construction of a building, routes for cable laying appear, the type and length of the cable, the characteristics of the loads, and a diagram for inclusion. It can be of the annular, radial type, or even in the form of a mixed wiring.

Radial power supply is performed from one input; power posts and lighting installations must be distributed from it by cables.If the developer has a backup generator, then the temporary supply of electrical energy will be mixed or ring. The radial circuit is able to duplicate the connection circuit from the main installation. This type of supply makes it possible to continue construction work in the event of possible interruptions in the electrical supply.

Design of introduction

Often engaged in self-connecting the electricity, illiterate builders make big mistakes, violate safety and create risks for all other workers.

An example is a photo where it can be seen that switching devices that are used outdoors are not protected from the effects of atmospheric precipitation, attached to a plywood sheet that perfectly absorbs moisture in fog and rain. Access to the device is free, not restricted for outsiders. Such a shield is of poor quality and cannot be used.

The technology for assembling a panel board on a personal plot differs little from the assembly of a three-phase panel. But it will not be superfluous to remind important points.

Devices for protection and a metering device, for example, a circuit breaker, a residual current device must be located in a sealed box, which will prevent the ingress of moisture and other foreign objects. You should also organize grounding for the switchboard, as well as re-zeroing from the overhead power line (PUE chapter 1. 7., paragraph 1. 7.

61). Do not forget that you must take all safety measures to complete the work. Laying cables is also possible for trenches, in places where there will be no loads from vehicles passing from above, and by hanging them on a cable.


Construction is constant movement, movement, as a result of which there may sometimes be completely unforeseen risks ..

. For this reason, special requirements are imposed on the temporary supply of electrical energy, since such a factor is welcome (the adverse effect of the atmosphere on electrical installations and their parts). Adjacent workers with a low tolerance group or lack of the required qualifications, the presence of caustic and combustible materials at the construction site, the absence of grounding and equipotential bonding of the devices.

When building in conditions with a high level of humidity, it is required to follow the current rules of PUE 1. 7, paragraphs 50 to 53, which prescribe protection by installing a residual current device, in case of indirect contact in the event that the voltage more than 50 V AC and 120 DC.

In addition, to improve the safety of workers who interact with power tools, isolation transformers with an equipotential bonding system should be used, which connects all open-type enclosures using protected plugs in the socket.

When lighting, select devices with protection class IP54, so that installation can be performed in an open space.Following the recommendations and rules from the PUE, the risks of injury will be reduced to zero. Finally, we advise you to watch a video that demonstrates a shield for the temporary supply of electricity to the site.