Ten Decorating Principles for a Scandinavian Kitchen: Swedish Minimalism- Review + Video

Ten Decorating Principles for a Scandinavian Kitchen: Swedish Minimalism- Review + Video If you have started a renovation in a small kitchen, then the Scandinavian style is what you need. It won't be a big deal if you use our decorating ideas. In this article, we'll tell you what lovely Swedes they are and present 10 Scandinavian kitchen decor ideas.

In the modern world, Scandinavian cuisines are considered one of the most demanded. This is due to the peculiarity of transforming even a small dark room into a spacious and light room.

This design is available to people with an average income.

Origin and features

This style emerged from Swiss, Norwegian, Finnish traditions and historical heritage. Scandi combines the features of the designs of these states.

Note: Scandinavian interiors are expressed by severity, simplicity and functionality.

Characteristic features

The Swedes prioritize practicality.

In their interiors, everything is kept to a minimum. In the original Nordic tradition, grandmother's old wooden tables and parquet flooring were prized.

The main color of Nordic cuisine is white. Simplicity of form is considered another important attribute.

Walls are often painted in white, blue, gray tones.

Sometimes deep greens and blues are used to accent walls. Furniture is standard light, but shades of gray, light greens and light blues are also used.

Here, preference is given to natural materials - wooden floors, painted walls, wooden furniture, many indoor plants. Natural wood is considered a traditional flooring material, however, it is possible to use porcelain stoneware imitating a wood pattern. Or it can be decorative tiles.

Note : The main feature of Scandi is that it is ideal even for small spaces .

The standard dining group is a table and several chairs. Sometimes, the dining area can be replaced with a bar counter. But this is only suitable for two people, but a large family certainly needs a full table.

Note: Swedish interiors are very cozy, comfortable, due to the fact that every detail is functional in it.

The combined Scandinavian kitchens with the living room are currently very popular.

Scandi differs from others in a lot of light - windows with short curtains, lighting over the working area, lighting of the upper cabinets, a chandelier over the table.

10 Scandinavian decor ideas

  1. White kitchen cabinet fronts , wooden countertops, wicker furniture, baskets, all this will be a great combination with light walls and ceiling.
  2. Ten Decorating Principles for a Scandinavian Kitchen: Swedish Minimalism- Review + Video More spot lighting. A low hanging lamp over a table, a floor lamp or a lamp by a window.

    The sink, as a rule, is located opposite the window opening.This is done to save space and also for natural daylight.

  3. Textiles. Linen light napkins, towels, tablecloth. White covers are put on the chairs, and on the floor there are motley rugs of a rough knit, as if diluting the monotonous light space.

    In addition to the monochromatic material, you can add textiles in peas or a cage.

  4. Multiple storage locations. Often Swedish cuisine without upper cabinets, hanging wooden shelves everywhere, on which beautiful dishes, decorative items, books are placed. In a small kitchen, Swedes tend to make the most of the space. Therefore, many shelves can be located under the ceiling.

    For this, a step stool can always be useful, which at normal times can serve as a stand for flowers.

  5. Ten Decorating Principles for a Scandinavian Kitchen: Swedish Minimalism- Review + Video The kitchen apron is often light in color. By tradition, this is brickwork or tiles with imitation of light bricks. It can also be made in the form of a glass wall panel or tiles in the form of smalt mosaics or wood.
  6. Plants at home.

    Houseplants on tables, shelves, in clay light pots or in a wooden box. Small flower pots are hung upright on the wall. A simple glass vase on a table with one or more flowers. More often, instead of a vase, they put a colored glass bottle.

  7. Tableware plain or, on the contrary, a bright accent in a plain interior.

    Swedes do not like to hide anything - why clean up a cupboard with beautiful dishes if they can be placed on the shelves. Hanging rails on hooks are a favorite Swedish trick for storing cute little things.

  8. Nice little things. The space around the sink cannot be ignored - a small vase with a flower, an unusual dispenser for the product. Also, do not forget about organizers for bulk products and kitchen utensils: tin and glass jars for cereals, trays, jugs, wicker baskets.

  9. Windows. Scandinavian style does not favor long curtains. Here, bamboo blinds or roman blinds are preferred.
  10. Lots of freshness. There is always a ceramic dish or a wicker basket with fresh fruit on the table.

    Lemons, oranges, green apples will also add a bright spot to a plain interior.

You can also hang photos, a beautiful picture or designer watches on the walls. And put a small sofa under the window for easy reading of a book.