The best countertops for the kitchen: selection + photo

The best countertops for the kitchen: selection + photo Popular kitchen countertops - all the best varieties

The countertop in the kitchen is most often used for preparing various dishes. The best kitchen countertops must meet all the requirements for a large number of parameters. Judging by the numerous user reviews, the coatings must be reliable and durable. Most often, the surfaces are made in the form of a monolithic slab, on which there are no joints, and this is a plus - if they are, then they reduce the functionality of the product.

Plates, which are made of different types of materials, matte or glossy, plastic or acrylic, fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

In addition, built-in hobs and even sinks are often installed in such stoves. What kind of performance will be best for a particular kitchen is always decided by the hostess, because it is she who spends the most time in the kitchen.

Varieties of materials for making countertops

The construction market is able to offer you a huge amount of materials for making kitchen furniture. To find out what kind of material it is worth choosing a countertop in the kitchen,

, you should first familiarize yourself with all the existing varieties:

  1. Chipboard (laminated wood - particle board).
  2. Acrylic, quartzite imitating a stone of artificial origin.

  3. Fine fraction (MDF).
  4. Natural stone (marble or granite).
  5. Stone agglomerate in the form of small pieces that are sintered into a total mass.
  6. Natural wood.
  7. Stainless steel (metal).

  8. Ceramic tiles.

Each type of material that is presented in the list has many advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, all samples will be used in the kitchen of an apartment and a private house.

Wonderful plastic countertops for the kitchen

Plastic panels are the most affordable solution to problems, and during operation you should be aware of all the disadvantages and advantages of the material, as well as follow simple rules on use, and then such countertops can serve for a very long time:

  1. During the care of plastic surfaces, do not use aggressive chemical preparations, as well as products that contain abrasive particles.
  2. When working with sharp knives, be sure to use cutting boards (so that there are no scratches on the surface of the blade).

  3. It is not recommended to place very hot pots with scalding contents or hot pans on the laminated table.

Slоtech Premium (made in St. Petersburg)

This European trend will appeal to many users, and decorative surfaces of kitchen countertops are distinguished by beautiful and unusual embossing, as well as strongly resembles the structure of natural stones (granite, marble or even malachite), as well as various woody varieties. Manufacturers give a guarantee for the high quality of all products, among the new products are New quartz, Italian mаrblе, White оnuh, Mustiс mаrblе and Вrаziliаn mаrblе. These are quite popular types of plastic coverings that you will definitely like.

Advantages :

  • Traces of sharp knives or other types of cutting tools will not appear on the surface of the tables in the kitchen.
  • Resistance of the coating against high temperature, moisture, shock and rapid wear.
  • Hygienic coating.
  • Presence of antibacterial properties.
  • Large selection of different shades for every taste.

Disadvantages :

  • Often the outer layer gets soaked and swollen near the sink.
  • Do not rub off the stains intensively, as the pattern may be washed off.

Consider another popular kitchen countertop.

Еgger (made in Austria)

Plastic countertops for kitchens are made not only in Russia, but even in Austria. Products are able to attract with their unusual appearance, and due to the presence of a special protective layer "Overlay" plastic plates are able to withstand very heavy loads.

Smooth surfaces can create the appearance of elegance, but in fact they will perfectly withstand strong heat, scratches, impacts, and high levels of humidity. Depending on which room design is chosen, you can choose a single-color type of covering or one that is decorated in stone / wood.

Advantages :

  • The best countertops for the kitchen: selection + photo Large assortment with types of filling.
  • The performance properties of the material correspond 100% to what is stated in the characteristics of the material.
  • A successful combination of value and quality.

Disadvantages :

  • They are not.

Let's consider one more model.

Luheform (made in Ukraine)

Kitchen countertops from such a fairly popular brand are in incredible demand among buyers due to the high quality of products. In the manufacture of plastic decorative coatings, high quality raw materials are used, which are produced in Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany and Sweden. Products from this form are made on the basis of Austrian chipboards from Eger.

Advantages :

  • Huge selection of all kinds of options.
  • Nice appearance.
  • High quality coating meets all the requirements for kitchen work 100%.
  • Nice price.
  • Easy maintenance.

  • Coating durability.

This model has no flaws.

The best artificial stone countertops

What is the best kitchen countertop? Acrylic hard surfaces for kitchen countertops are considered the optimal materials for making countertops. Products made of stone of artificial origin are environmentally friendly, and besides, acrylic surfaces are not capable of reacting with fats, they perfectly repel dirt and do not absorb water. Such kitchen countertops are highly resistant to temperature and mechanical stress.

In addition, stains from tea or coffee, iodine, various solvents and other aggressive coloring agents do not remain on them.

Stone Hand

The manufacturing company offers plates for tables with imitation of real materials. Stone countertops made of molded (acrylic) stone are made with marble effect. Kitchen products come in different sizes, shapes and configurations.

Advantages :

  • Fungus, mold and corrosion will not appear under the sink.

  • Acrylic countertops do not swell with water.
  • Monolithic slabs are made without seams, as well as any technological joints.
  • There will be no specific aroma in the kitchen that is inherent in cheaper counterparts.
  • Long operational life.
  • Increased level of hardness (cannot be distinguished from surfaces made of natural stone).

  • Large selection of structures, patterns and colors.

Disadvantages :

  • Relatively high price.

Let's consider another option.

Acrylic worktop Marble Ocean

The kitchen worktop is a solid solid slab, which is an imitation of natural marble. The material is incredibly popular among a large number of fans of tables made of stone.

The base is made of white clay and acrylic resin. Such a surface has no pores and does not stain coffee, red wine, soy and tomato sauce.

Advantages :

  • Nice price.
  • The material is durable, will last at least 10 years.
  • Huge selection of textures and colors.

  • Aesthetic appearance of tabletops.
  • The surface will not suffer from frequent cleaning with solutions and detergents.
  • The surface can be repaired if necessary (accidental chips can be easily rubbed and sanded).


  • Subtle scratches and traces of sharp objects will still remain on the surface.

We have not considered all the most popular kitchen countertops yet.


The countertops of the South Korean company "Tristone" made of artificial stone are ways to imitate natural granite, malachite and marble.Acrylic branded stone table surfaces will have a high level of resistance to external negative influences, and the level of quality will justify the relatively high cost of finished products.

Advantages :

  • The coatings are very hard.
  • Reliability and durability.
  • The duration of the operational period.

  • Huge selection of patterns, colors, shades.
  • The worktop will not swell from water, nor will it begin to deform.
  • Unlike natural stone, acrylic surfaces are able to maintain room temperature.

Disadvantages :

  • There may be a trace of a steel wool or knife on the surface.

Now let's take a look at the best countertops with beautiful glossy sheen.

TOP glossy worktops


The best countertops for the kitchen: selection + photo These are tabletops made of fiberboard in white, and the manufacturing company is none other than the well-known IKEA, and the country of manufacture is Poland. It is recommended to care for the surface with a clean, dry cloth. You can wipe the countertop with a damp cloth, or use soapy water or diluted detergent if necessary. The kitchen table will reflect the incident light.

Kronosran Shining Stone SQ

These are worktops of Polish origin with a glossy finish that imitates black stone with beautiful and shiny inclusions, and the structure of the material is SQ gloss.

SQ Kronosran marble

Gloss type worktops in different colors. Chipboard slabs are decorated with natural stone (gray, salmon, brown, beige, moonstone, Venetian bright and other shades).

Ideal matte surfaces

Hanex Duo

Countertops made of artificial stone, or rather from acrylic "Hanesk" made in South Korea have a matte structure. The surface design is very unusual - from deep blacks to pure white shades. Interestingly, the material is incredibly plastic, and when heated, acrylic plates are able to form into the desired shape, and the ends are joined using a special glue without creating seams.


These are safe and environmentally friendly countertops made of modern Grandex acrylic. One of the companies in South Korea creates products that are included in 6 collections, collected according to the most popular colors. Natural stone countertops tend to have a matte sheen, and buyers can choose from a variety of samples to choose from in the matte table tops.

Which countertop is better to choose

Most often the countertop is used for cooking, and it will bear the bulk of the load.If, during the arrangement of the apartment, the question arose about which countertop is better for the kitchen, the owner of the apartment will need to work hard to study all the options presented.

According to other users, an ideal option for modern kitchens would be a countertop made of marble of artificial origin Marblé Ocean, and such products are ways to maintain attractiveness and useful qualities for several decades, which will justify the relatively high purchase price.