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the best solution for old buildings Curtains in a room with a low ceiling - how to choose the right one

When designing a room, designers are advised to pay attention to the fact that curtains play a very important role in the interior. They will help to give the final look to the image and style of the room. A correctly chosen curtain is a harmonious decoration and accent.

And vice versa, unsuitable curtains will become an interior disaster, which will remind of itself from day to day. When sewing curtains to order or when buying them, you should pay attention to the texture, color, material, cut, size and style of products.

Also, special attention should be paid if you choose curtains for low ceilings.

General information

Choosing the color of curtains

To figure out how to choose the color of curtains for the interior, decide on as follows:

  • What exactly will the curtains be combined with (with walls, pieces of furniture or decorations).
  • Should they be in the same tone with the interior, or vice versa, play the role of an accent?
  • What function do they play - decorative or functional.

An important factor for choosing curtains will be the stage of creating an interior. If your renovation has already been completed (ceilings and floors are decorated, walls too, and decorative items are placed), then you should choose curtains for any of the interior items.

If you are only engaged in design, then you can be guided by any of the methods that are proposed.


This includes the following:

  1. It's white color and all its shades (for example, snowy, milky, pearl), and this color will be especially relevant for the Scandinavian interior, as well as various modern styles.
  2. Beige - it fits perfectly into rooms in the style of contemporary, classic or eclecticism, and it's also great when combined with gold, brown and white.
  3. Gray with its own shades is suitable for rooms with a cold color palette.
  4. Black is a very active and vibrant color, but it can rightfully be considered neutral, approaching different color palettes.

Let's consider one more option.

The color of the wall surface

The combination of the color of wallpaper and curtains in interior design is suitable for decorating a small room, because the walls will merge with the window in a single line, and the space will not be divided into parts. Such a scheme for choosing a curtain to match the shade of the walls is the safest, because there is not even a chance to miss and choose the wrong color. It doesn't matter what color the ceiling, floor or pieces of furniture are. If the curtains and walls are in harmony, then this is a great option.

You can play with shades, and choose light brown curtains for brown wallpaper. They can be with designs, patterns, embroidery or even embossing. It will look elegant.

Matching the overall color of the interior

the best solution for old buildings Often lounges or bedrooms are decorated in a single color, or rather, the premises will be characterized as a "blue room" or even a "pink bedroom". But behind such a formulation, there will be a combination of dark and light edges of the same color, its subtones and halftones.

To get the interior of a blue room, you should choose wallpaper and paint in blue, textiles and curtains should be chosen in the required blue shade, but with patterns. Such a move will add liveliness to the atmosphere. Curtains fit perfectly into the space, and at the same time do not stand out from the general background.

Contrast curtains

Colored curtains for the interior will be a bold experiment that helps to completely transform the monotonous strict design and fill it with the energy of rich colors. For interiors of a neutral type, which are decorated in white, gray, beige or even black tones, it is worth choosing the color of juicy curtains from the rainbow spectrum.

For example, you can revive a deathly pale interior with deep green curtains, and bright orange panels will help make a room with gray walls warmer.

Good advice! If you think that bright curtains are a very bold decision, then choose a neutral color for the curtains, based on the principle of contrast with the rest of the range of colors in the room.

Bicolor / tricolor (curtains)

Such a scheme is perfect for the final part of the room decoration, as well as for the initial one. If the entire interior is decorated, then for the textile decoration of the window it is worth choosing several main colors and patterns of the room. For example, curtains with a straight cut in gray and golden colors are perfect for modern interiors.

If you are just planning an interior, then the curtains should be chosen to match the rest of the textiles, and then adjust the rest of the color scheme to match it. For example, burgundy-beige curtains can be complemented with a carpet of the same color.


This parameter is equally important, especially if you are choosing curtains for a small living room with a low ceiling. Always pay attention to the variety of shapes.


Similar products are made of several layers of fabric (usually two), and one can be with a pattern, and the rest are chosen in a single color form.

Layered curtains look rich and are often chosen for the living room or bedroom.


the best solution for old buildings They have become very popular not only for the design of public buildings, but also in the design of private interiors. Due to the different cut lambrequins can be of different cut and shape. They will be characterized by the use of several types of fabric, as well as a combination of several shades, the presence of ornaments in the form of eyelets, hooks, suspensions and fringes.


Such curtains will help to revive the situation, and make it original, and curtains with an asymmetric shape differ in that one side will be much shorter other.


Roll-type curtains are perfect for decorating a modern interior in high-tech or minimalist style. They will not take up much space, and they also perform a decorative and protective function at the same time.


Such curtains are most often chosen for the kitchen or other small room in which they will look appropriate. Usually such curtains cover the upper part of the window, and cafe curtains cover the lower part.

How to choose the material

In fact, there are a lot of fabrics - light, heavy, synthetic, natural, blended, reflective and light absorbing, fire resistant and dust repellent.

Depending on the special requirements, the fabric can be covered with a protective layer against moisture and dust.

The most common types of fabric are as follows:

  • Chiffon, organza and veil are light and translucent textiles that look airy on the window, and creates light volume folds.
  • Satin and silk are reflective capricious fabrics that always look different in artificial and daylight, and with a lot of light they will make the interior richer and more elegant.
  • Upholstery fabrics, brocade, velvet and jacquard are expensive both in appearance and in cost, heavy fabrics, suitable for decorating a living room or study.
  • Natural satin, linen or cotton are environmentally friendly materials that are perfect for a bedroom or children's room.

As you can see, there is plenty to choose from.

Ways of fastening

The appearance of curtains will be influenced not only by the design, but also by the way of fastening. There are several fastening methods:

  1. On the hinges - the curtains have a simple cut in the form of a rectangle, and everything is attached to the baguette by means of loops (the latter can be Velcro or sewn in).
  2. On the drawstrings - a version of the universal type for any cut, color and type of fabric.
  3. On rings - suitable for all types of curtains made of lightweight materials.

  4. On eyelets - perfect for heavy and light curtains.

Next, we suggest considering how to adjust the window.

Window correction. Details

A small room can be visually enlarged with a baguette or even a cornice longer than a window. If the curtains occupy one wall, it will create the effect of a large room.

To make the window larger, use bright colors and curtains to fit the window. These can be blinds, roller blinds, roman, or even short curtains.

Curtains for low ceilings

In most houses that were built during the Soviet era, one of the main problems is low ceilings.And if the small size, lack of lighting and even the inconvenience of planning can still be corrected thanks to large expenses and technical methods, then low ceilings can only be beaten through design methods. One of these tools will be the right curtains for low ceilings.

They help to visually expand the opening, as well as competently place accents when decorating the room.

Tips from designers

In a room with low ceilings, curtains should meet these requirements:

  • Be casual and simple.
  • Do not have excessive decorative finishes.
  • Curtains should be attached to an even number of eyelets so that the curtains will fold in even folds.

The best choice for attaching curtains at low room heights is to use a hidden cornice.

This design will be hidden behind a stretch ceiling or even under a baguette. This type of attachment will create the feeling that your curtains are coming down from the top of the room. By the way, a good option for a room with small ceilings would be to use a profile cornice. It will help to visually increase the height of the room, and due to the wide range of such models, their use makes it possible to create incredible interior designs.

Selecting the type of curtains

For a hall with a low ceiling height, one-color curtains or those that have a vertically located pattern in the photo are ideal.

Any variation that makes it possible to visually increase the height of the room is acceptable in this case. The ceilings will look much higher if the window in the living room is decorated with long curtains in combination with airy tulle. To complete the window opening, you can put a flowerpot with home flowers that will stretch vertically, as well as a mirror or floor lamp near the window.

Curtains in oriental or Japanese style help to create the illusion of a high ceiling. Smooth strips of material that will cover part of the window opening are an excellent choice for a minimalist style.

Japanese-style curtains should be plain and plain, because multi-color models will visually reduce the height of the ceiling. If there is an unusual window shape in the living room, then you can try using asymmetric curtains, and this technique not only makes it possible to visually increase the height, but also distract attention from the lack of space. For a low ceiling in the kitchen, heavy curtains or even soft airy tulle, as well as vertical blinds, are perfect. If you like curtains more, then choose one-color models in soft green, blue, yellow, or decorated with a vertically placed pattern.

Color palette

Experts will help you choose the color of curtains for a low ceiling as follows:

  • If If you are in a classic room, then it is worth choosing curtains in calm colors.

  • If the interior style is modern, then contrasting colors will be your strong point.

But here it is worth noting that for low rooms the contrast should not attract special attention. Ideally, curtains should harmoniously complete the overall picture of the interior design. For example, if the walls are painted in a bright yellow-green tone, then the curtains should be in a soft lilac shade. In other cases, you should give preference to delicate shades of pink, green, yellow or blue.

You can decorate the window with the help of snow-white tulle, which will be attached to the very ceiling and fall in soft beautiful folds to the floor.

Other design techniques

To make a room with low ceilings look elongated, besides curtains with vertical patterns, use vertical vases, paintings or even a grandfather clock. Each element of the interior must work to visually increase the height of the room. Thus, when using elementary design techniques, you can not only correctly decorate the room, but also hide its flaws. By decorating the window opening with curtains with a vertical pattern, you can visually increase the height of the ceiling and create a comfortable atmosphere for the inhabitants of the room.


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