The best types of household linoleum and the difference from semi-commercial

The best types of household linoleum and the difference from semi-commercial The best types of household linoleum and the difference from semi-commercial

The modern market for finishing materials offers all buyers an incredibly large selection of floor coverings, both from natural raw materials and from artificial ones.

Linoleum is incredibly popular. For many years in the domestic market, this option has been able to establish itself as a reliable and affordable coating, which is suitable for various types of premises - shopping centers, residential buildings, hotels, cafes and other objects.

In the article we propose to consider in detail household linoleum and its characteristics for apartments and houses.

Brief characteristics

Linoleum is a separate type of floor covering, which is made mainly of polymer material.

It is sold in rolls. The dimensions of the canvas and its length can be very different. This option is actively used for residential apartments. In addition, linoleum has become widespread due to its affordable cost and ideal performance.

Installation of the coating will not take much time, and it is not yet particularly difficult.

To keep the material clean, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time. In addition to the features listed above, the coating will have a stylish aesthetic appearance, and will become an expressive addition to many interiors, and most importantly, correctly choose the shade, as well as its saturation.

At the moment, buyers have the opportunity to choose among a large number of coatings, but household-type linoleum continues to remain on the crest of popularity. Most often, it is installed in the kitchen room, in the corridors or in the hallway. As practice has shown, it is a practical, convenient, wear-resistant and cost-effective material.

Linoleum of this type has universal qualities. It should be noted that he easily tolerates increased humidity or dryness indoors. In addition, the coating will not fade from the sun's rays, does not collect dirt and dust. Due to the ease of installation, the installation process can be performed independently, without having any special tools. Due to modern technology and new methods, manufacturing companies make reinforced and improved linoleum, which retains its shape and original appearance throughout the entire operational period.


Advantages of using the material

Experts have identified many advantages of household linoleum:

  • The best types of household linoleum and the difference from semi-commercial Simplicity of installation and ease of use.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Large assortment of shades and colors.
  • Easy to clean - remove dust and other types of dirt from the surface very conveniently.
  • High resistance to constant loads.

  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Keeping warm.
  • The product is elastic.

Given the huge number of styles, designers have been able to develop many types of linoleum. It is sometimes extremely difficult to understand the incredibly huge selection.

To make the right choice, you need to know certain criteria. High quality linoleum, made on high technology equipment and carefully collected raw materials, is a product that is considered environmentally friendly. Before sending the coating to the store, it must be checked for safety for the health of others. It should also be noted that earlier in the composition of the material there were different oils and resins, at the moment they use fiberglass and polyvinyl chloride (that is, PVC).

Interestingly, due to the change in composition, linoleum has become not only much better to keep its shape, but also received the highest class of environmental friendliness.

Technical properties and parameters

All linoleum, which you can find on the shelves in modern hardware stores, have certain markings. It can be designated by two numbers:

  • 2 (household-type linoleum) - covering for residential-type premises, houses and apartments.
  • 3 - linoleum for installation in the office space and study.
  • 4 - the material is used on the basis of the production area.

The second number will talk about resistance to wear and the level of withstanding load.

The higher it is, the stronger the product will be and the longer its service life.


When choosing a material such as linoleum, it is imperative to pay attention to the thickness of the protective film that will cover the product ... The service life will depend on this indicator.

The material for decoration, which is intended for residential premises, is characterized by a thickness of the protective film of 0.035 cm. As a rule, such products retain their beauty and elasticity for 5 years.

Base (base)

There are classes of household linoleum, and the degree of sound insulation and heat preservation inside the room will depend on the base of the coating. For houses intended for seasonal living, for example, summer cottages, it is recommended to choose a base with an additional polyester layer that will absorb excess moisture.

It should be noted that each of the brands offers customers a product with one or another operational period, which may differ. When choosing, you need to take into account the fact that a product with a higher degree of quality retains its appearance and performance properties for much longer.

Colors and shades

When choosing a shade or a certain color of the product, one should take into account the paints that were used to decorate the apartment. If you plan to lay the material in a small room, it is recommended to opt for light shades that have a positive effect on the visual space.The color of a material such as linoleum can be chosen to match doors, pieces of furniture, baseboards and other elements.

Where is used

The name of the household floor material itself will speak about the scope and purpose of the material. As mentioned at the very beginning of the article, it is used for laying on the basis of living quarters, regardless of their dimensions. A similar product of this type is used to decorate buildings in which there is a low degree of traffic. This finishing option is ideal for use in all areas of an apartment / house. Products that are made in accordance with world high standards are capable of serving customers for 10 years.

This period is possible if the material is laid in the living room or bedroom. In the bathroom, kitchen room or hallway, the coating will wear off much faster due to more frequent use. On the basis of a country house, where people come only at certain times of the year, the coating will retain its original appearance much more than the period indicated above.


Linoleum for use on the basis of houses is a heterogeneous coating, which consists of a base, a layer with high density and a protective polyurethane film. This finishing option can be divided into 2 types:

  • The best types of household linoleum and the difference from semi-commercial Thick-layer linoleum.

  • Base or thin layer coating.

It is easy to guess that the greater the thickness index, the higher the density and strength of the material will be, which means that the product can withstand an increased degree of stress. The second type of material will better cope with the role of a protector against excessive noise and thermal savings. There is another advantage of choosing thick linoleum - it is a simplified installation process. It is not necessary to carefully level the floor surface before laying the covering.

due to the unusual texture, the finish will cover small cracks, chips and other flaws. But it is imperative to check if there are any pebbles on the floor.

Reinforced household linoleum can be with different bases. Customers can choose from products on a foam or felt backing. Each of the options has individual characteristics:

  1. Covering with a foam base - this type of substrate is a synthetic raw material of several layers.

    It contains compacted and foamed PVC, hence the name. To reinforce the reinforcement, add fiberglass. Experts have noticed that this option is better than felt models in terms of durability. Artists from the field of interior decoration noted the fact that it is better to use this type of finishing material on the basis of a room with an average traffic. It will feel perfect on the veranda, in the hallway or in the kitchen.

    Moreover, such products are not afraid of high humidity.

  2. Products based on felt - such a substrate (also called jute) also has PVC in its composition, but its structure will differ from the option described above. Felt-based material is softer and more elastic. It also copes much better with thermal insulation. It is better to choose linoleum of this type for regions with severe winters.

    On it you can walk barefoot with courage, without fear of catching a cold. Products of this class are best placed in a living room, bedroom or children's room. It is important to refuse to use this coating in the bathroom. It is not very good at tolerating moisture. It should be noted that this type is less resistant to stress, which is why its operational life is shorter.

At the moment, felt-like linoleum is the most common coating in the class of household coatings. It is easy to care for these materials and expensive funds are not required.

Material price

Affordable cost of material for household decoration has played an extremely important role in the distribution and popularity of goods. Among the large selection of flooring, it is the most budgetary. The minimum cost of material that can be found on the Russian goods market is approximately 100 rubles per square meter.

More expensive items from foreign manufacturers will cost 200-500 rubles per square meter and more.

Reviews from customers

The buyers of household linoleum were divided into 2 groups - some are attracted by the low cost of the material, and others, on the contrary, will repel, being associated with low quality. Those people who bought household finishing materials and laid them on the floor in their home share their impressions on the Internet on special sites. We can safely say that most of the reviews are extremely positive. Buyers note mainly the fact that they are satisfied with the ratio of cost and quality.

In addition, this type of coating can transform the interior in a living room at the moment, making it sophisticated and expressive. It should be noted that only a product of a certified type, which fully complies with high quality standards, has positive properties. If a counterfeit falls into the hands of buyers, after 2-3 years the products will become unusable, even with a low load. How to choose linoleum is worth looking at in the next video.