The best video surveillance system for a private house: Types and Features + Video

The best video surveillance system for a private house: Types and Features + Video This article is for those who are interested in choosing and installing a video surveillance system for a private house. Find out what types exist, namely: analog, digital, combined.

Why ready-made sets of system data are good, and for what purposes they are most suitable.

Let's tell you what are the differences between wireless CCTV cameras and those requiring a cable connection.

And also what you need to pay attention to before buying cameras based on your own goals.

How to preserve property?

Surely the owners of private houses think about the preservation of their property, and take available methods for this. Of course, a sign on the fence with the inscription "there is an evil dog in the courtyard" is good, but it is unlikely to stop an intruder, and then look for fistulas, who is looking for someone else's good.

The best video surveillance system for a private house: Types and Features + Video

We propose to keep up with the times and use modern technologies, namely to install a video surveillance system of a private houses.

Fortunately, now you can choose both budget options and super technological, but expensive. This will at least give you the ability to recognize the burglar, and provide the footage from the cameras to the police for further investigation.

A video surveillance system in a private house

Such a system includes such elements as: a camera, hard disk, video recorder, cable, monitor or PC, which connected to the video capture card.

Types of video surveillance systems

  • Analog.
  • IP or digital.
  • Mixed or combined.

Analog video surveillance system in a private house

Such systems have already lost their positions in the modern world, but still, there are those who use them.

Their main feature is the need to connect a DVR and a camera using a cable. This makes installation difficult and costly.

The best video surveillance system for a private house: Types and Features + Video

The disadvantages include the fact that such a system is configured for only one function - transmission video images, often with low resolution, which makes it almost impossible to recognize license plates or the faces of intruders. The increase in the number of cameras also entails more cable to be laid and connected.

Digital video surveillance system of a private house or IP

This system is organized on the IP-protocol, which uses video cameras with digital images.

Each camera is capable of operating autonomously, transmitting video and sound via the Internet or a local network, as well as receiving control commands (changing the viewing angle, etc.). The advantages of such a system include the fact that each video camera has its own IP address and the ability to connect to it.

The best video surveillance system for a private house: Types and Features + Video

Video from cameras can be played either on special monitors or via a PC with installed programs for this goal.This feature allows you to monitor the house from any point, as well as set commands wherever you are, and this is a significant plus.

This can be done via a smartphone or tablet.

Hybrid and combined

In addition to the above-described monitoring devices, there are also others: hybrid and combined.

Hybrid are based on hybrid DVRs that receive signals from digital and analog video cameras. Equipped with a PC network connection interface. They register the picture on the spot or via the Internet.

Expansion of their functions is also allowed.

Combo are a kind of advanced analogue system kits. They are based on a combination of digital and analog surveillance cameras.

Features IP video surveillance for a private house

Note. IP video surveillance for a private house delivers a picture in Full HD quality.

Digital cameras have sensors that react to movement and record only when there is movement in the camera's field of view. This feature allows you to save hard disk space. After all, not everything will be recorded, but only the necessary.

Advantages of the digital system:

  • The system can be easily supplemented with the required number of cameras.
  • Ability to choose a complete set of different companies, and not just one.

  • Huge selection of digital cameras from cheap to expensive.
  • Transmits sound.
  • Possibility of using video surveillance systems for small private houses and for huge territories.
  • Systems can be installed at any time (during construction and after).
  • Optimum operation without frequent interruptions, without the need to be present in the house and its constant adjustment.

Disadvantages :

  • Video signal delay, which depends on the camera (type and manufacturer).
  • Digital cameras can be connected to an intruder's system if the IP address is known.

A typical digital video surveillance system for a private house has a simple structure: network cameras, PCs or video archive storage, Wi-Fi or wired Internet, a router, if necessary.

The best video surveillance system for a private house: Types and Features + Video

When choosing surveillance cameras, you should be guided by the following criteria:

Video resolution quality

How high quality the transmitted picture will be depends on it. High resolution guarantees a clear image, the ability to recognize small details, letters, numbers, facial features.

Modern cameras have a resolution of 1.3 MP - 3.5 MP and even more. For those who do not pursue a clear picture, there are options for HD 720, Full HD 1080.

Matrix and light sensitivity

The second indicator determines how well the camera sees in the dark time of day or when lighting is poor.

Quality cameras have a good level of this indicator, the measurement takes place in suites.When buying, pay attention to the packaging labeling.

Note. The sensitivity level is independent of the resolution on the camera. She can give a super high quality picture, but not "see" at night.

The matrix provides information on the availability of this function.

The best video surveillance system for a private house: Types and Features + Video It is recommended to opt for CMOS ACS, CCD matrices and do not look towards CMOS with low light sensitivity.

How do you make sense of the suites? Explain: with a full moon 0.1, at twilight time - 1. Based on this, the camera should have a reading of up to 0.

1 lux or less.

Video stream and its speed

Modern digital cameras have a video transmission rate of 3 - 25 frames per second.

Camera device

They are box, dome, outdoor, anti-vandal, PTZ, mini cameras. The latter are used for secret installation. The dermal ones have their own technical features, suitable for installation in specific conditions.

If you need a camera in the courtyard of the house, then you should give preference to outdoor or anti-vandal. For installation inside the house, cabinet or domed are suitable.


Programs for video surveillance systems of a private house are:

  • OEM - the supply comes from the camera manufacturer, completely free, but not enables software from other developers;
  • From other developers - on a paid basis, but they have much wider functionality.

For Windows, there are such programs as:

  1. Smart IP from Russian developers. The minimized version can work on 16 cameras, the video archive memory is 1 TB, the video server is 1.

  2. XProject Go allows you to choose the free and paid versions. Free is designed for 8 cameras, video server in a single copy, supports AVI format with the ability to record video and store it in the archive for 5 days. Paid has no restrictions.

Each program provides an output image to a PC or monitor. They differ in memory level and additional functions.


It is necessary to be able to organize a wireless video surveillance system. Its function includes the distribution of Wi-Fi, and also has an RJ45 connector with the ability to connect a UTP cable. CCTV cameras for a private house are connected to the router Wi-Fi and cable. The choice of device also depends on this, for cable you need a certain number of ports.


When choosing a router, find out about the network coverage, at what speed it transmits a signal, data, how many cameras can be connected to one device.

The best video surveillance system for a private house: Types and Features + Video


They have good functionality, capable of playing, transmitting and storing video recording. Some models are equipped with the ability to connect a pointing device or USB mouse. Devices do not have hard drives (often), they are designed for digital, analog cameras.There is also a hybrid type that provides signal transmission from digital and analog cameras.


It is required to power the cameras and DVRs 12 / 24V.


Ready-made video surveillance kits for a private house are available for sale. They have everything you need to install such systems: cameras, power supply, cable, video recorder, etc. It is clear that this equipment will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Such devices are good in that you do not need to buy everything separately if you are satisfied with exactly what the manufacturer has put in them.

Standard set: 2 - 4 cameras, cables, video recorder. Installed without much difficulty, you just need to follow the instructions. First, decide on the location of the cameras to ensure control over the territory of the house.

After installation, the cctv cameras for a private house must be configured correctly. For this, there are special programs that may be included or they will have to be purchased separately.

Cameras need to be configured so that they can access the router and vice versa via the Internet from a PC or smartphone.

Next, you should adjust the quality of the transmitted image and other program settings. You can do this yourself or call specialists for help.

This is a super modern technology of a video surveillance system for a private house, which has a wide functionality that allows it to work much more efficiently. One of them is the ability to determine an object in the camera's range of vision, namely: the system can easily determine who the motion sensor has reacted to, an animal, a person or a car.

If the camera "thinks" that the object is not dangerous, the sound signal will not follow, otherwise it will go to the control panel.

Important! With the help of such systems for a private house, you can monitor children, thieves, notice the flow of water or gas in time, and start a fire.

Where to buy a camera, what is the price?

The best video surveillance system for a private house: Types and Features + Video


The main criterion that should be followed when choosing CCTV cameras for a private house is rationality or appropriateness. Think about what exactly you need this or that system, what goals you pursue.

If the main task is to protect housing from fire, gas leakage, then choose a system with sensors that react to this.

If from intruders, then you need motion sensors.

Manufacturers of CCTV cameras of such brands as Axis, Samsung, Vivotek, Bosch, Honeywell Security, Fermax, Hikvision, RCG, Dahua Technology are considered the best of their kind.

The best choice will be a wireless video surveillance system for a private house, based on cameras with the ability to connect to the Internet, with appropriate access, movement sensors.These systems are designed to find solutions to the main issues, exactly those that you need.