The best wear-resistant paints for outdoor and indoor use

The best wear-resistant paints for outdoor and indoor use The best wear-resistant paints for outdoor and indoor use

Choosing a paint and varnish for a wooden house or even for staining wood parts used in the interior is not an easy task.

It is required to try among a large number of proposals to choose the best in quality and cost.

Wear-resistant paint for interior as well as exterior work will be the best solution to this issue.

Varieties of paintwork materials

Paints and varnishes for woodwork can be divided into two types:

  • For work indoors.
  • For work outside the building.

Wear-resistant paints are used when painting the outside of the building. They will have the properties that are needed so that wooden parts or finishes can last as long as possible.

Among them, we highlight the following:

  • Resistance to wear.
  • Resistance to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Protection against rodents and insects.

  • Color fastness.

Now let's take a closer look at external paintwork materials.

Detailed overview

Paints for outdoor type of work

All compositions that are used for painting facades can be divided into the following three groups - acrylic, oil and alkyd.


Such paints and varnishes were able to gain great popularity, and became a standard in European countries. It is an environmentally friendly building material for external processing, which is based on water, and acrylates also play the role of binding components.

Properties of the presented enamel group:

  • The best wear-resistant paints for outdoor and indoor use Does not have a poisonous scent.
  • Allows the wood flooring to breathe without covering the pores.
  • Can reliably protect against frost and moisture.
  • The freshness of the range of colors will keep for years (for 10 years).

This paint is mixed with the pigment.

If desired, the owner will be able to get absolutely any shade and color. But it should be remembered that there is a certain set of rules that should be followed when choosing paint colors for an outdoor type of work. When working, acrylic paint will not cause big problems, and it can be applied with a paint brush, a special roller or even a spray gun. The material dries perfectly, and you can even refresh the surface even on an old coating.

Please note that do not store acrylic type water-based paint at negative temperatures.

Alkyd enamels

They began to be used much earlier than acrylic enamels, but they are popular even now due to their low cost. When painted, a thin film will be obtained on the surface, which is capable of repelling water and increasing the protection characteristics against alkyd paint.Such a coating will dry out instantly, but will not have time to penetrate into the wood layers, and therefore it is short-lived. We recommend such enamel for painting window openings, doors, and thresholds. They will also work with alkyd paints for outdoor work on a perfectly dry surface, and therefore all irregularities, peeling and bubbles will inevitably be noticeable.

Oil paints

Another wear-resistant paint for outdoor use is oil paint. True, it is steadily losing popularity, yielding the palm to acrylic and alkyd compounds. Oil paints are made on the basis of linseed oil - artificial or natural - and are tinted in almost all colors.

Their loss of popularity is due to many negative characteristics:

  • Toxic (sharp aroma even after perfect drying).
  • Dry for a long time.

  • They are washed off only by means of special solvents, which are also toxic and have a strong aroma.

Now let's take a closer look at other paints for interior work.

Paints for interior work

Most often, it is wooden floors that are painted inside a dwelling. To do this, use the following paints and varnishes:

  • Alkyd.
  • Water-dispersive.

  • Polyurethane.
  • Rubber.
  • Wear-resistant specially for wood flooring.

They all have different characteristics.

Water-dispersible acrylic compounds

This is the most popular type of paint and varnish material, and its advantages cannot be disputed:

  • Environmentally friendly material.

  • Resistant to mechanical influences.
  • Resistance to temperature changes.
  • Resistant to fading.
  • Provides a durable and resilient floor covering.

When layering, you can get only a matte surface, which will not hide the wood texture.

You should buy a special paint for the floor surface, because in the process of its creation such important different points will be taken into account:

  • Light resistance.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Resistance to wear.
  • Durability.
  • Long operational period (the manufacturer gives a guarantee for 10 years).

  • Ease of use.
  • Wide range of colors.

All characteristics will be inherent in the repeatedly tested acrylic dispersion paint on wood, which can be applied both outside and inside. Such compositions are made from synthetic binders, the basis of which will be an acrylic emulsion. This type of paints and varnishes is very popular because it is easy and simple to work with.

In other words, wood and acrylic are just made for each other.

Alkyd enamels

Wear-resistant paint for interior work - alkyd.These types of paints are made from similar components, and they differ only in the base (in this case, alkyd types of resins are used). But this is enough for their characteristics to differ among themselves.

Advantages of alkyd enamels:

  • The coating is very reliable.

  • Brightness and color consistency.
  • Resistant to water and sudden temperature changes.
  • Effective protection against decay.
  • Drying speed.

Most Qualifying Craftsmen will favor this paint and varnish, and there are some disadvantages to it.

This is an unpleasant aroma, flammability and pungent odor, lack of resistance to chemical influences. More often than not, such properties hinder its distribution on the market.

Polyurethane paints

Such polyurethane products have become a modern type of interior flooring and stairs. Polyurethane enamels have many advantages:

  • The best wear-resistant paints for outdoor and indoor use Excellent adhesion.
  • Instant drying.

  • Formation of a wear-resistant and durable coating.
  • High resistance to water and various chemicals.
  • Resistance to temperature changes.

Due to its mechanical stability, polyurethane enamels are suitable for wood flooring. Such paints cannot be attributed to budgetary ones, but the high cost will be justified by a long service life.

Wear-resistant enamel for wooden floors

Such a paint and varnish material can be considered ideal by studying its technical characteristics:

  • High degree of resistance to mechanical loads.
  • Abrasion resistance (only 4% of the coating is erased during use over 10 years).
  • Excellent hygroscopicity.
  • Ease of application to the floor surface.

Wear-resistant enamel for a wooden floor will not snap off and fade, and even retains its beauty for a long time.

The disadvantage of such paints is flammability. The enamel is highly flammable, and in addition, it is toxic until it dries perfectly and has a pungent pungent aroma. When staining, the extracted harmful substances take an extremely long time. Complete drying lasts for a week, and therefore not everyone decides to buy such a product.

Rubber paints

They are a big breakthrough in the flooring paint industry.

They will combine all the properties that consumers require:

  • Water resistance.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Low cost.
  • Durability.
  • Drying speed.

  • Elasticity.
  • Low consumption.

This type of flooring compounds has gained great popularity among consumers.Rubber paint for wood has proven itself especially well, because it allows the processing material to breathe.

The best wood paints for outdoor use

Wear-resistant paint for outdoor and indoor use is very important.

More and more people are trying to acquire a separate home and make it as good as possible. most take the more inexpensive and simpler route, decorating the outside of the house with a block house or even siding. More zealous and practical owners try to preserve the original beauty of the timber structure. In this case, the main point should be taken into account - to qualitatively protect the surface of the wood. Thanks to developments over the years, a unique composition for wood for outdoor use has been created, that is, "Drevoplast".

This 3-in-1 acrylic primer combines the following qualities:

  • Drying speed.
  • High coverage.
  • Resistance to cracking.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Resistant to sun rays (does not fade for a long time) and temperature extremes.

Means "Drevoplast" for external treatment has excellent dirt-repellent properties due to the inclusion of natural oils and waxes. The unique composition of such a product helps to solve several problems at once - it qualitatively protects the wood and forms an elastic, silky, and also pleasant to the touch coating. If you are faced with an abundance of paint and varnish material for indoor and outdoor work, do not get lost. you should carefully study the composition and recommendations for application, as well as analyze your financial capabilities and planned labor costs, and only after that make a choice.