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The cheapest house - is it possible, cost, how to build + Video The cheapest private house - is it possible, cost, how to build. Each person dreams of something different, but everyone is united by the desire to have their own home. Many believe that this is a pipe dream, since even if there is enough money to buy a relatively inexpensive site, you will need to invest millions in construction.

And in vain, since it's not true! You can quickly and cheaply build a house yourself, while it will have 3 rooms and turnkey everything for a small amount. And how to do this?

What determines the cost of construction

Three important indicators directly affect the cost of building a house for living:

  1. Planning and architectural solution.

    The layout must be functional, compact, as convenient and modern as possible. By completing all the points, you can save up to 20%.

  2. Constructive solution. It must be simple, without unnecessary architectural decorations and rational. By achieving this goal, you will save another 10%.

  3. Used material and wages of workers. Building materials must be modern and relatively inexpensive, and the work must be efficient. At this point there is an opportunity to save up to 40% !.

Let's take a look at a house project together that will solve the main problem - cost reduction during construction.

A standard and not weighted design solution with the use of modern construction technologies makes it possible to perform most of the work independently.

You won't be able to do everything yourself, but even with the hiring of workers, the house, which will be described below, will be built by a team of only two people, and this will slightly increase its cost.

All of the above will reduce the final cost of construction by almost half. In addition, in the future, if you wish, you can expand the area and make it four, five or even six rooms, while not violating the main planning functional decisions. The cost of building a house will depend on the area, therefore, despite the fact that the house will be small in size (only 6 * 9 meters), it will have 3 living rooms, and the living room, in which they spend most of the time, will have 25 m 2 areas.

Construction of the cheapest house

So, let's take a closer look at the construction of the cheapest house in more detail.

Architecture and planning

The main principle of the planning solution of any residential buildings is that the minimum ratio of the entire area to the useful area should be built, and at the same time the layout must be convenient for living and modern. Simply put, try to make the most of what is offered.The total area will be equal to only 54 m 2 , but this is not as scary as it seems, since the usable area, which includes all rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and an entrance hall, is 52.1 m 2 , and the percentage is 96.4% of the total area, while in standard apartments or houses the indicator is only 70%.

Yes, in such a house the vestibule will be combined with the hallway, then due to the fact that it will be warm, this is acceptable in central Russia. Also, the pantry is not marked in the house, but a garage, a sauna or an outbuilding will surely appear on the personal plot over time, which will surely fill this gap. For apartments, a combined bathroom is undesirable, but this is a completely normal option for a private house, since on the street you will most likely have a spare garden.

In this article, the presented project will be considered in more detail, and you can also tell the architectural and planning decisions.

Constructive solution

With a simple constructive solution of the house, you can additionally save during construction:

  1. The cheapest house - is it possible, cost, how to build + Video The width of the house must be 6 meters - this will be enough for overlapping and at the same time you do not need the construction of an additional capital wall (as well as the basement and foundation)
  2. The planning solution of combining the living room with the kitchen makes it possible to save on partitions, or rather their absence between the kitchen, the hall and the dining room.

  3. The width of the walls in the house will be 0.3 meters (depending on the climatic zone, heat resistance will be regulated by siding, as well as by the thickness of an additional layer of thermal insulation), which means that the width can be reduced to 25 cm, i.e. it turns out a wall in one brick.
  4. All partitions in the house can be made of drywall, and this does not require an additional foundation, and they will be made according to a simplified scheme (for more details, see the working draft).

  5. A gable roof would be an excellent option, without constructive and architectural frills.

Construction and necessary materials

As you know, most of the money in the construction of even the cheapest house will go to the cost of work (about half), therefore think about using high-tech modern materials. But why? This makes it possible to do almost 9/10 of the work with your own hands (all new technologies are designed for do-it-yourself assembly), and then you will save the lion's share of the funds on the brigade.

In this case, the saved money can be spent as it becomes available. But if you have the required amount on hand or you have taken out a consumer loan, then you can build such a house with your own hands (together with an assistant).

Naturally, when performing some work, you will not do without the help of specialists, but as we already mentioned, this is only 10% of the main volume.

The main part of building materials and their price (average in Russia):

  • Foundation - reinforced concrete and monolithic - 35 thousand rubles.
  • Concrete blind area and basement when laying in one brick (25cm) - 12 thousand rubles.
  • Walls (30 cm) - aerated concrete, foam concrete or gas silicate - 43.7 thousand rubles.

  • Exterior wall cladding - vinyl siding with crate and insulation - 26.52 thousand rubles.
  • Overlap and roof - wooden trusses covered with metal profile crate, steam and waterproofing, insulation, gypsum board - 54, 25 thousand rubles.
  • Windows - made of metal-plastic + installation - 30.01 thousand rubles.

  • Door blocks, partitions, wall decoration inside the house - sheets of drywall with sound insulation, wallpaper, plastic panels - 28.5 thousand rubles.
  • Floors - preparation with concrete, carpet, laminate and tiles (ceramics) - 29.43 thousand rubles.
  • Sewerage and plumbing - sanitary equipment, PVC pipes - 10 thousand rubles.

  • Heating - wall-mounted double-circuit boiler, plastic pipes for hot water and heating, aluminum radiators - 45.5 thousand rubles.
  • Electricity supply - 11 thousand rubles.

Only 315 thousand rubles. If we take into account unforeseen expenses (1/10 of the total amount), the total cost of all materials for construction will be 347 thousand rubles.

Construction work plan (for two workers)

  1. Pouring the foundation for the cheapest house - 3 days.
  2. Erection of the basement and floor for roughing - 3 days.
  3. Laying the walls outside - 5 days.
  4. Creation, installation of wooden trusses, roof arrangement - 3 days.
  5. Installation of window and door blocks - 1 day.

  6. Cladding with siding - 3 days.
  7. Installation / supply of electricity - 1 day.
  8. Wall cladding and ceiling filing with sheets of drywall TEXT_RELATIONS - 2 days.
  9. Creation of partitions - 2 days.
  10. Joint putty - 1 day.

  11. Wallpapering the walls - 2 days.
  12. Installation of door blocks - 1 day.
  13. Floor arrangement - 3 days.
  14. Plumbing and internal utilities installation - 3 days.

32 days in total.

If you add some more contingency time, construction will be completed in 45-50 days.


As a result, you can invest in 350,000 rubles, even if you hire workers, the cost of the house will be slightly increased, namely on the salary of two workers for a month and a half, and all the same, the final price will be lower than the purchase of a three-room secondary apartment in the real estate market.

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