The cheapest kitchen in Leroy Merlin

The cheapest kitchen in Leroy Merlin Cheap kitchens in Leroy Merlin: prices, photos, descriptions

If at the moment you have practically no money, for example, you took out a mortgage for an apartment in a new building, then this does not mean at all that you cannot create a truly original and beautiful one with your hands.

Even with minimal financial costs, you can competently and beautifully equip your kitchen if you buy a compact set for an economy class kitchen. How to decorate the interior beautifully and stylishly in a room so important for every hostess with minimal costs?

We suggest considering several options, tips and cheap kitchens in Leroy Merlin.

What is better not to save on

Before thinking about which items to buy cheaper, it is worth considering which elements you definitely do not need to save on.

We offer to consider the most important details of the kitchen interior:

  1. The cheapest kitchen in Leroy Merlin Lighting.

    The work area must be well lit so that you can use both economical spotlights and high wattage chandeliers. If the kitchen unit is angular, then it is best to duplicate the lighting on both sides.

  2. Sink - this is exactly the element that you definitely cannot do without in any kitchen. Even if you have a very small kitchenette in Khrushchev, you can still choose a full-size high-quality sink. Miniature sinks are quite inconvenient to use, because they will hold little dishes, and there can be no question of the convenience of washing pots and pans.

    Rectangular sinks are much more spacious than corner and round sinks.

  3. Fittings. You can refuse to purchase designer items or furniture accessories from popular brands, especially since domestic models are cheaper. The more elaborate the design, the more expensive furniture handles will turn out, and for this reason it is worth choosing models that are simpler.

Please note, that you have the right to save on design, but not on the quality of mechanisms and fasteners.

Principles of economy in the kitchen

In order to arrange a kitchen in an economy version, you can even pick up not expensive headsets, the cost of which will be in the range of 5,000 up to 7,000 rubles. Furniture items, that is, a set made of natural wood or MDF, are quite expensive, so it is better to give preference for the sake of economy to models of furniture made of chipboard and chipboard. By the way, an interesting fact - corner models come out much more expensive than ordinary ones.

Most often a backsplash is finished with ceramic tiles, but with good handling, even plastic can last a long time. Expensive stone countertops look beautiful, practical and durable, but for economy-class kitchens it is very expensive.

If the amount that you are willing to spend on the interior of the kitchen is very limited, then you should give preference to models made of chipboard with a laminated coating.

By the way, lately glossy and glass surfaces are in fashion. Ordering a ready-made glass apron turns out to be quite expensive in the end, but you can do everything yourself. To do this, you will need tempered glass and a photo with beautiful images as decor. A self-made design will be much cheaper than a factory one, but in appearance it will be in no way inferior to expensive glass panels.

For example, you can make a colorful triplex tempered glass apron for a white kitchen.

Budget decor items

If there are cheap kitchens in Leroy Merlin, then in other stores you can pick up no less budgetary decor. It can be memorable photos, souvenirs from the trip, beautiful and dear trinkets - everything that is really dear to the heart and will lead you to pleasant memories and thoughts.

We offer a list of items that can be saved on:

  1. The cheapest kitchen in Leroy Merlin Additional decoration of facades in the form of carving or gilding will greatly increase the cost of the headset. Moreover, unnecessary jewelry is a distraction.

    It is best to buy a set with facades in a factory color - this will not only make it possible to save a lot on decor, but also in the future will serve as a good service - if you need to buy missing elements or need to replace damaged ones, you can always find them.

  2. Instead of an expensive and bulky dining table, we suggest installing a miniature bar counter in the kitchen. Its cost will largely depend on how complex your design, accessories and materials are. A more economical option is a window sill as a table, and this is extremely convenient if you make it wide. You can decorate the kitchen with the help of kitchen decor, indoor flowers and do-it-yourself utensils.

  3. If the factory color of the facade seems boring to you, then there is an inexpensive and simple way to get out of the situation - self-adhesive film. You can choose any color and pattern, or print any image on it that you find on the Internet / photo, etc. So you can not only significantly save on the design of facades, but also change the color and pattern at any time.

A bright apron can bring a light mood to the interior of a laconic kitchen.

Helpful Hints

Economy kitchens are not synonymous with poor quality and fragility.

When ordering a headset, you should take into account not only the quality of fittings and decor, because there are several more nuances that are important to pay attention to when choosing, so that there is no damage to quality.

We offer you a number of useful tips that will definitely help you save money:

  • Corner headsets, as already mentioned, are much more expensive than linear ones, but they are no problem. By the way, if you really want a corner kitchen, then you can make it one by installing it in the corner of the refrigerator.
  • Furniture design - buy simpler models, and it will be much cheaper to buy missing elements for a style solution as decor items.

  • Do not use built-in furniture in a budget kitchen - this will greatly increase the final cost of the headset.

  • The cost will also be influenced by the number of drawers, and therefore it is worth making a choice in favor of models with a minimum amount of "filling".
  • Separately, you can buy not only decorative elements, but also handles for furniture. It may seem that these are all little things, but believe me, it is these little things that eat up most of the amount when buying a ready-made headset.
  • If you find models that have minor flaws, but you are sure that you can fix them yourself, then there is a great option for buying a headset with a markdown. Small chips, barely noticeable small damages on the walls of furniture, ugly fittings that can be easily replaced and so on are subject to correction.

  • It will be cheaper to buy a disassembled headset, and it will not take you so much time to assemble it yourself. If you still have not decided on the manufacturer, then you should choose local small forms, they are definitely in every big city. The cost of their services is much lower than that of popular firms, but the quality and assortment are very good.
  • Choose furniture supply companies based on word of mouth. It is better to trust the recommendations of friends or acquaintances who were satisfied with the purchase.

Good advice! You can save a lot when shopping if you take your time with the purchase and follow the discounts in the furniture showroom. Past collections are often sold at big discounts, and exhibition options are also not so expensive during discounts.

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Kitchens from Leroy Merlin

Now let's talk about one of the best home improvement stores.

If we talk about where the kitchen is cheaper - in Leroy or IKEA, then the answer is obvious - of course, in Leroy Merlin. This is a great store with low prices and good service policy ( by the way, if you have a service card that everyone can get for free, then an unsuitable product can be returned in unchanged packaging within 1 year, without a receipt). We offer you a look at the cheapest kitchens available in Leroy. For example, there is a kitchen "Bianka", which costs only 5,000 rubles by 1.8 meters, and this is a gorgeous price tag! Ideal for those who are generally broke.

Anastasia, g.Moscow: " Parents this year wanted to make a guest house, but due to the fact that there is little space, it was decided to do everything in white. Naturally, the budget for furniture is small, and we found our ideal, "Bianku", which also comes with a table top. "

There is also another nice version with light facades in "milk oak" color. The cost of a complete set is 9,800 rubles, which is very, very inexpensive, especially when compared with the fact that other people buy a kitchen set for 100,000-200,000 rubles.

This option is perfect as a temporary one, or for a grandmother (so that the apartment is clean), in an apartment that will be rented out or for a summer residence.

Another beautiful version of "Rondo" is distinguished by its facades. Pay attention to them, because they are not exactly straight, like in all other modular kitchens, but slightly rounded, like in expensive options, because here the facades are made of MDF (which is much better than if they were made of chipboard).


Economy-class kitchens are an excellent choice in the conditions of small-sized apartments and limited funds. Use the recommendations and tips that are presented in the article, and you can definitely choose a high-quality kitchen set, as well as save money.

A budget interior design with the right approach and choice of materials is beautiful and functional, the main thing is that you do not save on really very important details.

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