The easiest way to remove a disc from a grinder that is jammed

The easiest way to remove a disc from a grinder that is jammed How to remove a jammed disc from a grinder + what to do to avoid jamming

When working with any mechanisms, one should always expect emergency situations that cannot be solved every time according to all the recommendations from the manufacturing companies. An angle grinder, or rather a grinder, is also not an exemption.

During work, you may encounter a strong clamping on the cut-off wheel. This problem especially often appears with large and very powerful models, which have a power greater than 2000 V. What to do and how to remove the jammed disc from the grinder if the nut does not unscrew?

We offer deal with this issue further.

What causes the problem

During idling rotation, it is almost impossible to encounter such or a similar problem, especially when working with lightweight disks and tools that have a smooth start function. But after the number of revolutions increases and contact with the cut surface, the following will occur:

  1. When material resistance appears, the wheel will sharply decrease the angular speed of rotation, and it will slow down.
  2. The electric motor continues to run at normal speed by inertia for a moment, which is why it carries the spindle and gearbox with it.
  3. The nut for inertia fixing must be tightened even more over the threaded connection of the spindle head, and this will help to press the cutting wheel.

And when the process of tightening the flange for fixing is completed, we have an extraordinary situation.

Its appearance will be influenced by the following factors:

  • Huge disk size.
  • Power tool is very powerful.
  • Rotor dimensions.
  • Sudden increase in cutting depth, i.e.

    increased resistance.

In this case, you should remove the disc from the grinder, but it can be very difficult to do. This will require additional measures.

How to replace a disc in normal mode

When working regularly with an angle grinder, you should constantly replace the wheels, which are the most common consumables. If the tool is already inconvenient to work, then the worn out wheel with an abrasive coating should be replaced.

Please note that it is imperative to check the disconnection from the mains in order to avoid injury.

Step-by-step instructions for actions

So, the circle should be fixed on the spindle head using a lock nut, which has a thread M14. As standard, there is an open-end wrench with special hook lugs with flange holes for fixing. In order to unscrew the nut, fix the spindle. This will require a special clamp, which is located on the back of the grinder.

When you press the button, you can fix the gearbox with a cotter pin and exclude the possibility of its rotation.

Now insert the key into the hole. With one hand, you will hold the lock, and with the other, turn the wrench counterclockwise and move the nut. The direction of movement of the circle is usually clockwise, however, it is worth mentioning that there are models that can have everything differently. In any case, unscrewing is performed in the opposite direction of rotation.

When the nut is slid, it can be unscrewed by hand without much effort. It remains to remove the retainer and the old circle, remove the bottom flange. After intensive work with a tool such as an angle grinder, you may find a build-up of burnt scale and abrasive inside the housing. Use a steel brush to clean and remove residue.

After the bottom flange has been cleaned, reinstall it and align the spindle grooves with the flange slots.

Place a special gasket on top. If your model of the device does not have additional spacers, then such useful washers can be made yourself from plastic or even thick cardboard. Next, you should correctly put the disc on the grinder and close it with a similar gasket.

Please note, that the installed spacers make it possible to easily unscrew the nut, even if you have a jammed disk or it is broken.

Turn the upper retainer counterclockwise (counter-rotating) by hand and support the cutting blade.

In this case, it is imperative to tighten the spindle lock and tighten the flange until you feel resistance. Using an open-end wrench, you should tighten the nut with a little effort, but you should not overtighten the fastener, otherwise you can overtighten the circle and it will begin to warp. After that, you can safely work. But from time to time, problems still begin to appear and unscrewing the disc on the grinder just won't work. How to remove a disc from a grinder with a key and more, we will consider further.

The nut is stuck on the disc - how to unscrew it?

Remove the disc from the angle grinder, if it is bitten for some reason so easy, especially so as not to damage the cutting element or directly the electric tool. In addition, we propose to consider several ways to solve the problem.

Replacing the disc using the opposite movement

This method has several advantages - you can carry out all work without using a key and even with a broken spindle lock ...

When working with an angle grinder, beginners very often mistakenly believe that if the stopper breaks, then it will be almost impossible to unscrew the nut. But that's actually not the case, and you don't even need a key. The bottom line is that the abrasive wheel needs to be rotated in different directions. Also put on heavy gloves, and hit the cutting edge of the wheel several times.This is how you can provide variable movement in different directions.

As a rule, a few sharp blows are usually enough to easily unscrew the stuck nut.

Using a socket and open-end wrench

In this case, it will be necessary to slightly modify the standard tools that are available - open-end wrench by 1.7 and a socket, which has a size of 2.4 centimeters. The thickness of the wrench will grind down to 0.

4 cm. There are four projections on the head that fit into the holes in the lock nut. After preparatory work, the key should be placed in the free space under the cutting wheel, and the head should be put on the flange of the angle grinder and turned in the opposite direction from the direction. Then you can easily remove it and put a new one.


The easiest way to remove a disc from a grinder that is jammed This is one of the easiest ways to remove a disc from a grinder without using a wrench.

The nut that locks in will be heated with an industrial hair dryer or even a gas burner. After that, the flange can be unscrewed and it will be much easier to do this. But still, there is a risk of damage to a plastic part in a gearbox or an angle grinder.

Using a nail

For this, the best way is to use a nail with a length of 10 cm.It should be bent into a U-shaped figure in this way so that the ends fit freely into the holes in the clamping flange.

Remove the cap and tip, and then insert a nail into the holes and unscrew the retainer. If the efforts of the hands are not enough, then a screwdriver or a nail should be added as a lever.

Using the gas wrench

The use of this tool is justified by the increase in the applied torque due to the increased shoulder. It will be much easier to unscrew the jammed connection with a gas wrench, but when eliminating biting, remember that applying excessive force, there is a huge risk of damaging the spindle lock or even the clamping nut.

Using a punch / drill with an impact function

You can unscrew the disc on an angle grinder without using a key using a punch or even a drill, but first, you should put it in the jackhammer mode.

In the role of a working nozzle, a suitable size drill should be used, usually 0.6 cm. The drill should be resting against the edge of the clamp nut hole, fix the movement of the spindle and with a short shutdown move everything from its place. This method will make it possible to turn off even very difficult snacks.

Tapping the nut

This method is very similar to the one described above, but here you can use a suitable metal rod or even a chisel.

With the spindle head locked, tap the edges of the clamp hole in the direction of the wheel travel. Move the latch slightly off the dead center, and then you can unscrew it by hand.But this method is not the most harmless for an electric tool, because the mounting holes for a standard key will be damaged.

Destruction of the cutting disc

The jammed nut can be unscrewed by completely destroying the cutting wheel. If it already has damage, then you can break it manually, but more often than not this does not work.

The safest option would be to take a metal blade or a hacksaw and cut everything. This leaves you with a center ring and hard-to-reach pieces. When you find a suitable plate, then clamp it in a vice, grind off the rest of the grains (abrasive) on it so that only a metal ring remains. After that, it will be easily unscrewed with the simplest key.

There is also a more radical way of unscrewing a jammed clamping nut, namely sawing it.

You can resort to it in the most extreme cases, and naturally, you can find a new part, but here you will need to spend your time, as well as money. Very often, spare parts for clamping are included in the delivery of an angle grinder.

Measures to prevent jamming

So, now you know how to remove the clamped disc from the grinder, but you need to take care of safe use in advance angle grinder to save yourself the trouble of taking corrective action.

Such activities include the following:

  • The easiest way to remove a disc from a grinder that is jammed Place cardboard or plastic washers between flange, disc and spindle head. They will prevent the tool from jamming, and in the event of a spinning disc, you can remove or melt it and unscrew the disc with ease.

  • Install the abrasive wheel correctly. To do this, put the front side on the support flange (that is, with the picture to the gearbox). It must never come into contact with the clamping nut. In this case, a standard metal ring in the center will act as a washer that will protect against jamming.
  • The simplest nut should be welded onto the clamping flange, which will make it possible to press the installed cutting wheel using a conventional wrench.

  • Check the tightening torque. Do not use excessive force to tighten the cutting element, as otherwise it will start to jam under heavy load.

It remains to learn about the security rules.

Safety rules

When carrying out any work with an angle grinder, remember that such a tool has an increased level of safety. Accordingly, in no case should you lose your vigilance, even if you disconnect the instrument from the mains.

Use materials and tools to replace the disc, and treat them carefully. Locksmith tools are also capable of causing tangible injuries.

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