The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos

The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos Many mistakes made during the construction of houses are typical and are repeated from time to time, even if a professional team is building. What comes out of this? Often the house is ugly ... How to avoid this, read this article!


Having planned the construction, study all the cycles of work.

Decide what you can do yourself, and at what stages you need to invite professionals. In the process, many additional questions may arise. If possible, consult with someone with experience in the matter. Otherwise, in the future, you will expect the costs of error correction, repairs or major restructuring.

It is more correct to learn from the mistakes of others, so we will consider the main mistakes made during construction.

Errors during the preparation phase

It is better to start construction in the summer season. In winter it will be more expensive. All preparatory work must be carried out in advance (ordering a project, approval of the estimate) and, with the onset of heat, dig a foundation pit.

The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos The main mistakes in building a house:

  • Not done topographic and geological analysis. Based on the results of these works, the structure is tied, and the foundation is selected.

  • Quick selection of a typical project. The future home will not live up to expectations, and it will be difficult to rebuild it.
  • There is no engineering project (connection of communications).
  • Appeal to unscrupulous builders, lack of control and interaction in the process. Problems are not solved over the phone, you have to meet, discuss estimates.

  • Incorrect estimates. The estimate is calculated so that there is enough finance to complete each stage of construction.
  • Project inconsistency. For example, engineering communications are not in the specified place.
  • Haste when building.

    Each technology takes a certain amount of time. The foundation, for example, needs 6 to 18 months of sediment.

  • Inconsistency of the documentation for the construction of the foundation. Observe the dimensions indicated in the drawings.

Let's take a closer look at these and some other typical errors.

Country road

Moving out of town, you need to provide for all the little things. A country road is often off-road, ruts and potholes. Get ready for this and then you can avoid disappointment.

Underestimating the forces of nature

If trees grow on your site, their roots can get under the foundation. The radius of the root system will be 1 m larger than the projection of the tree crown.

Do not carry out construction work within these limits.

The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos

In any case, it is better to protect the foundation. The protective material must be smooth and hard. A polymeric waterproofing profiled membrane placed on the outer surface of the foundation is suitable for this.

You can lower the foundation level or use the Larsen sheet pile.

The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos
"Larsen's tongue" Metal fencing

Poor quality work of a surveyor

When drawing up a topographic plan, the actual situation on the site is compared with the archive taken as a basis. Everything that has appeared since the last shoot should be recorded.

The slightest inaccuracy, for example, trees not marked on the topographic survey, can lead to additional costs. If in their place will be provided for laying an electric cable, you will have to correct the error.

Errors when changing the project on the advice of performers

Foundation material

The characteristics of the foundation depend on many things, and are selected specifically for each case.

Therefore, do not "deviate" from the project on the advice of the performer.

The best foundation material is concrete, but for a frame house we recommend using a pile foundation. And, if the team advises to build it from solid brick, first calculate how much it will cost you. The foundation can be built from this material, but it must be a very expensive brick not lower than the M100 grade.

The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos

Incorrect reinforcement

Reinforcement in reinforced concrete fits in places where tensile forces occur.

In most beams and floor slabs, this occurs at the bottom.

In cantilevered balcony slabs and cantilevered floor beams, tension occurs at the top.

There is a situation when a load on an element leads to stretching of all sides. In addition to working reinforcement, structural reinforcement is made in reinforced concrete elements. Working reinforcement is located on the other side of the structural reinforcement.

This is fundamental.

Laying reinforcement in the middle is a dangerous mistake leading to structural destruction! If the reinforcement is laid in the middle of the beam, this will halve its bearing capacity.

Concrete in a trench instead of a foundation cushion

Do not agree with performers who dream of simplifying their work at your expense. You may be asked to move away from the project when laying the foundation and, instead of a foundation cushion, pour concrete into the pit to ground level.

Not only will this method significantly increase the cost of building a foundation, it can just ruin it.

The wet concrete mix goes into the soil. The more free-flowing it is, the more mixture will flow out. This mistake will reduce the strength of the concrete. It is almost unrealistic to provide an airtight installation of waterproofing cushions embedded in the ground.

With this method, the laying of engineering networks through the foundation must be done before concreting or under the pillow.

And saving on time and work, does not compensate for the cost of materials and the difficulties encountered.

The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos
Fill with our own hands

Errors in the construction of houses from bricks

Is it reasonable to thicken the walls

The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos

Don't try to improve the insulation of your home by simply making the walls a little thicker. Better to invest in and improve attic insulation and ventilation.

Savings in heating, when creating a wall from blocks 4 cm thicker than the standard one will be 3 - 4%. It is more logical to invest in high-quality insulation of the attic and install a recuperator that returns some of the heat that goes away with ventilation.

Thus, 20 - 30% of thermal energy can be saved.

Interior ceilings made of lightweight porous blocks

The walls between rooms must be soundproof. This is their main task. The problem with lightweight porous materials is increased audibility.

Thermal insulation of brick houses with polystyrene

In Soviet times, the foundation and walls were often insulated with foam, and this is a mistake.

For construction, you need to use materials that are equal in terms of service life. The foam gradually crumbles, and voids appear in the walls and foundation.

It is more competent to insulate walls with mineral wool or foam glass. Non-ecological mineral wool, sealed into the wall and high quality insulated, cannot harm you.

The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos

Lack of heat channels in brick walls

When building brick walls, you need to arrange channels that remove heat from the outer walls during the hot period.

In summer, under the sun's rays, the house can get very hot. Heat ducts help circulate hot air and expel it, relieving stress on walls and preventing them from cracking.

Typical mistakes in the construction of wooden and frame houses

Wood is an environmentally friendly, good building material. But the mistakes made when building a house from a bar greatly affect its life.

Purchase of poor quality material

  • Poorly dried material for building houses from a bar gives a strong shrinkage.

    Humidity should be 20%. Use an electrohydrometer to measure it.

  • Wood affected by fungus or insects is not suitable for construction. A shimmering blue wood indicates mold damage. There are also traces of insect activity.

  • Overdried wood has large cracks that increase with use.
  • Using bark planks without firing, even for subfloors or roofs. Insects can live in the bark, which in a few years will turn this material into dust. The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos

Non-compliance with the project during the construction of a wooden house

Be sure to control construction process. Unprofessional work leads to many defects.

  • Arbitrary change of the section of wooden elements, the pitch of floor beams, rafters.The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos
  • Foundation construction without taking into account the engineering project.
  • Unspecified connection elements specified in the project (bolts, nails, staples) weaken the supporting structure.
  • Poor waterproofing. Wood that is not protected from moisture, in contact with brick, concrete, reduces the service life of a house from a bar.

  • Lack of protection of elements of a wooden house from bio-damage and fire.
  • Security breach during wiring. It is done in special pipes. Places of contact between wood and heat pipes are insulated with non-combustible material.

Errors in the construction of the roof and roof

  • The cut in the rafter leg Mauerlat accumulates moisture, which leads to the appearance of fungus.

  • Wooden structures in contact with the insulation are not covered with a film during precipitation. When they are moistened, the arrangement of the roof is impossible until it dries.
  • Incorrect use of roofing materials. Roofing film is located on top of the counter batten.
  • Incorrect use of the film under the insulation for vapor barrier and micro-perforated film, which is located above the insulation.

    In case of confusion, the insulation is moistened and condensation appears.

  • Non-insulated overlap between the attic and living rooms leads to the freezing of moist air vapors to the roof in winter. In the spring, thawed condensate threatens a strong flood. The main mistakes that exist when building a private house? Tips and How to Avoid + Videos

Main mistakes in the construction of a frame house

  • Do not use poor quality timber.
  • Fastening the strapping bar without embedded parts will deform the box.

  • Do not work without a level.
  • Do not neglect the vapor and waterproofing of the walls.
  • The lack of clamps of the insulation, its free arrangement, in 5-7 years will lead to its subsidence, leading to the opening of the casing and repair.

Errors in flooring

Spring floor

Lay the floor layers carefully. Expanded polystyrene underneath the concrete layer can deform under load.

A person of average weight can cause slight deformation of the expanded polystyrene board. But if he starts jumping on it, then the deformation will already be noticeable.

Tie function - even load distribution. She will do it if she is thick enough and properly reinforced.

Concrete screed on wooden floors

Do not attempt to pour concrete screed on wooden floors or make them "warm".

During use, the tree swells, absorbing moisture and, shrinking, dries. A screed applied to a tree will lead to cracks or subsidence.

Error of waiting and accumulation

If you have a plot and part of the amount for building a house, you need to start building. Emergency expenses always appear on the way of accumulating funds, prices rise, and the professional situation changes. It turns out that time is working against you.

Real estate prices are unstable. Investing money in your home, even in small portions, is a more reliable financial solution than keeping it in a bank, because in the end you will get your own home.

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