The most common mistakes everyone makes + Videos

The most common mistakes everyone makes + Videos As a rule, a bathroom is a small room in which a bath, a sink, a washing machine, and sometimes a toilet are placed. In many apartments, the bathrooms are so small that it is impossible to fit two people. And so it turns out that it becomes like a pantry.

We will try to figure out how clutter appears in the bathroom - 7 most common mistakes.

Seven Common Bathroom Storage Mistakes

1) Don't clean up.

At least once every few months, the shelves need to be revised.

2) Store items by type. For example, all hair products on one shelf, dental supplies on another, etc. So you will know where you have and what is.

The most common mistakes everyone makes + Videos 3) Household chemicals do not have to be in the bathroom, which is already very crowded.

It is quite possible to place it in a storage room.

4) It is better to place those things that you use often in the main place so that they are always at hand (toothbrush, makeup remover, cotton swabs, sponges). And what you rarely use, take it away.

5) Use the space correctly and to the maximum. For example, in a large box, you should not use shallow organizers, it would be better to arrange modular storage systems here.

Note: It is also possible to place storage systems on doors and walls - hinged shelves, door hinged organizers.

6) The order in the bathroom, first of all, depends on the quality and frequency of cleaning in it. Obviously, the less often you wash your sink, the faster it builds up dirty and limescale deposits. And this immediately spoils the overall picture.

On the other hand, even if cleaning is carried out regularly, you are not insured against smudges that form imperceptibly during any water procedure.

7) An overabundance of shelves and organizers will also create chaos. A pile of different tubes, jars, cosmetics - all this clutters up the space and your bathroom takes on a sloppy look. There should be a measure in everything.

Tip: One large shelf is better than many small ones around the room.


The most common mistakes everyone makes + Videos First, the bathroom should look aesthetically pleasing, and you don't need to ignore the details here.

Designer boxes, bubbles, containers in one theme will look very beautiful.

Hanging towels around the perimeter of the room does not really decorate the situation. It is better, after complete drying, to roll them up into rolls and put them on a shelf or basket.

An open trash can will not add beauty to the environment. Choose buckets with a lid.

Multiple personal care products in store-bought vials will also wreak havoc on the shelves. It's better for them to get their own dispenser in the same style. This will save you from clutter and add its own zest to the interior.In addition, there will be its own benefits, detergents in soft packaging have a lower price compared to goods in hard packaging.

The most basic and most often polarized items in the bathroom are the soap dispenser and the toilet brush.

Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that they are always clean. Limescale and water stains form the fastest on the dispenser, and dirt and dust on the brush.

Bubbles placed on the sink create a mess of their own accord. To avoid this, you can put them on a tray and you will immediately see the transformation and the feeling of a decorative composition.

Cleaning the bathroom

The main thing that needs to be emphasized when cleaning the bathroom and toilet is washing the bathtub, washbasin and toilet bowl.

Smears and limescale, as well as microbes, form very quickly on their surfaces. And the less often you do this, the further it will be more difficult to get rid of them. It's best to take a few minutes a couple of times a week and wipe down surfaces with a cleaner and your bathroom will be tidy.

Never use one rag for all surfaces. There must be one for the toilet.

This is primarily a matter of health.

Surface cleaning is also not enough here. After all, reality accumulates everywhere, and in tandem with humidity turns into an unpleasant sight. Do not forget about wiping the tiles, because at first glance, the smudges may not be visible, and in the future it will be quite difficult to cope with the emerging mold.

Everyone wants a cozy and aesthetic bathroom.

That can be tainted by the mess With the right storage system, regular cleaning of the bathroom and the elimination of unnecessary things, this is quite possible to do.