The most unusual houses in the world - Top-10. A photo

The most unusual houses in the world - Top-10. A photo We live among monotonous and typical forms, for example, when we talk about a house we always imagine that this is a rectangular or square structure forms with a roof. And the appearance of something not typical is always fascinating. In this article you will find out which buildings are included in the top 10 most unusual houses in the world.

First I would like to tell you about our compatriot Nikolai Sutyagin and his unusual wooden skyscraper. After all, the resources of our country are inexhaustible both in terms of unusual constructions and talented people.

Wooden skyscraper

This unusual house is located in the Arkhangelsk region and is the tallest wooden structure in the world. It was created using old Russian technology without a single nail. The building is located on the shores of the White Sea and was thirty stories high.

Yes, it was. Since the house in two thousand and eight was declared an illegal building and a decision was made to dismantle it. As a result, only four remained of the skyscraper, and in two thousand and twelve it burned down, leaving behind only the remains of the foundation.

Perfect Castle

The most unusual houses in the world - Top-10. A photo Another amazing home is the creation of the postman from France Ferdinand Cheval called "Ideal Castle". The incredible thing here is that a person without any special education has brought to life such an incredible structure. This palace is located in the small town of Autrive.

In 1879, the first stone of this palace was laid. Cheval collected a variety of unusual stones for his structure for twenty years, almost until retirement.

According to his neighbors, he was a strange man. He has been building his dream for thirty-three years. He glued the stones with a mixture of lime and cement.

It is difficult to attribute this castle to any style, it is a real flight of fantasy. Plots of Biblical and Hindu myths were placed inside the postman.

The faces of Christ and Buddha are depicted on the walls. There is a mosque and a temple of the Virgin Mary inside. The castle has many entrances. The facade of the palace is decorated with sculptural compositions.

Only half a century after the death of the author, his palace began to be recognized, including well-known personalities, among whom was the famous painter Picasso.

And in one thousand nine hundred and sixty-ninth year he was awarded the title of a historical monument.

The Crooked House

The third on the list is the Crooked House, located in the Polish town of Sopot. There is not a single right angle in this unusual house. The house was built in two thousand and four by two architects Zelevsky and Shotinsky. These architects were inspired by children's drawings from books by Pierre Dahlberg and Jan Schanzer.

Such an unusual structure was inscribed in the historical part of the city and just harmoniously merged there. This slightly quirky home is the city's main attraction and is highly versatile. The first floor is occupied by various shops and cafes, and the second is occupied by the offices of local radio stations.

Bubble House

Palais Bulles or Bubble House is located on the Cote d'Azur in the French city of Theoule, located just ten kilometers from Cannes. This masterpiece of modern architecture was built by the architect Antti Lovag back in the seventies of the twentieth century by order of a wealthy industrialist who died without waiting for the completion of the building.

In 1989 this house was bought by the famous fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

The total area of ​​the house is one thousand two hundred square meters. It has twenty-eight rooms with round beds. A panoramic living room in the general style of the house with ball-shaped sofas and armchairs. There is also a ballroom for three hundred and fifty people.

The walls and floors are decorated with soft carpets.

There are oval lights on the roof. The bubble building also has its own amphitheater for 500 guests. As well as several waterfalls, pools and a garden.

Attack House

The fifth installation on our list is the "Attack House" installation on the roof of a museum in the Austrian city of Vienna.

It was created by the renowned contemporary Austrian sculptor. And expresses the author's opinion on the similar designs of standard family houses. The size of this art object is sixty square meters.


Another unusual building is the house-shoe, located in the US state of Pennsylvania. This unusual home was built by the seventy-three year old shoemaker Melon Heinos to advertise his work.

He lived in this house with his family. He was the owner of a chain of shoe stores and tried so hard to attract many buyers. Even the dog booth in the yard was also made in the form of a boot. Later the house was bought by new owners. It currently houses a cafe.


The most unusual houses in the world - Top-10. A photo We give the seventh place of honor a shell house built exclusively from natural materials, including the shells and corals themselves. The walls of this unusual house are curved and have no corners. It is located on one of the beaches of the southern islands.

The project of this building belongs to the architect Octavio Ocampo. In it, he tried to combine functionality with art. The building has many decorative elements such as roof spikes. On the second floor there is a practical and functional deck, which is quite moveable. The latest technologies were used to create the interior.

Mushroom house

In eighth place is the mushroom house with a fabulous view. It is located in the town of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. This unusual building was built by the architect Terry Brown. According to the author, he tried to add the movement of music to the architectural environment.

The architect was a teacher at the University, having bought an ordinary house, he decided to redo everything in it.

Thirty-six of his students helped him build this house. They built it for almost ten years.

The main building materials were wood, stained glass, stained glass, handmade tiles and broken ceramics. The house has a metal frame. We decorate the facade with many small round windows like in the cabins of a ship.

After the death of the architect, it was resold. His works have been exhibited at the National Building Museum and published in architectural publications around the world.

Iron House

The most unusual houses in the world - Top-10. A photo On the ninth line, Robert Bruno and his "Iron House".

The house is located in Lubbock, Texas. He stands on four supports on the mountain. An elevator was planned inside to descend to the water, but was not built.

This futuristic space object has been under construction for thirty years since 1974 using more than one hundred tons of steel. The building is decorated with stained-glass windows; inside there are several combined rooms - two rooms, a guest room, a kitchen, a bathroom and several restrooms.

The total area of ​​the sculpture is about 2700 sq. feet. After the death of the architect, it turned into a museum and is considered the main attraction of the state.

Crazy House

Finally, completing our top amazing Crazy House hotel located in the central highlands of Vietnam in Da Lat city. A building with an original design cannot but attract travelers.

The building has no right angles. All houses are represented by fairy-tale caves with intertwined giant trees, plants and mushrooms, as well as various animals and fairy-tale characters. The hotel has four houses with ten rooms with all amenities.