The rule of the working triangle in the kitchen is all about the convenience and organization of space: Overview + Video

The rule of the working triangle in the kitchen is all about the convenience and organization of space: Overview + Video Working triangle in the kitchen : organization, features and in what cases it is not need

Kitchen is a shrine of the family hearth, and therefore a lot of time, effort and attention is devoted to its arrangement. With the proper organization of the working triangle in the kitchen, you will be able to create an excellent design for your home space and a place where it will be convenient to cook. Why is this needed? Housewives spend a lot of time preparing food and washing dishes. Appliances, headsets, dining table should be conveniently located, so the functionality of the working area and its ergonomics are in the first place.

If you are at the stage of designing a kitchen, then it's time to get acquainted with the first rule of placing appliances and furniture in the kitchen.

The rule of the triangle for the kitchen

Working in the kitchen is already something akin to a sport, because walking for short distances is replaced by stops, bends in different directions and other body movements. They began to think about the optimization of movements in the last century. The triangle technology was invented back in 1920 in Germany. To keep the home life orderly, German scientists decided to conduct an independent study. For some time, they watched the movement of women in the kitchen while cooking.

The distance traveled from one object to another was taken into account, as well as the time that was spent moving. Through the study, scientists were able to produce a formula for the arrangement of the main zones in the kitchen - food storage, cooking. And so the very triangle appeared, the rule of which is still used today. This helps to optimize cooking movements.

The rule of the working triangle in the kitchen is all about the convenience and organization of space: Overview + Video Interestingly, that German scientists were not the first to ponder about it.

American-born architect Frank Wright noted that the kitchen arrangement should be done taking into account the height and proportions of the human figure.

The top of the figure are the sink, refrigerator and stove. These are the three main elements of work surfaces. The logic is simple - you took the food out of the refrigerator, turned to the sink, washed it, and then sent it to the frying pan.

Let's take a closer look consider the main areas of the kitchen space:

  1. Refrigerator - I is the largest appliance.

    It is highly undesirable to place it outside the kitchen area, because this can lead to tearing of the working surface into parts, and this is extremely inconvenient. It is important to consider the placement of the refrigerator. The door should open without problems, not block all the free space. Take a closer look at models that are equipped with removable doors. Such a device will fit exactly into any type of kitchen.

  2. Sink - is the centerpiece. It takes a lot of time to wash food and dishes, and therefore it is also called the center of activity.
  3. The hob (hob) - is the most dangerous appliance. Place the stove away from potholders, curtains and towels. Experts advise to install the equipment near the eating area.

    In this case, it is worthwhile to provide for a free passage.

Topic details

Optimum distances

Yes certain norms by which kitchens are created. Firstly, there must be a work surface between the main zones. Secondly, it is important what is the distance between the vertices of the triangle, and the size of the kitchen room itself will also be of no small importance.

Note, that the ideal model is an isosceles triangle with the same sides.

But, as a rule, it is quite difficult to carry out a kitchen layout with such a working

triangle. Modern kitchens are rarely less than 10 m 2 . It has also become a common tendency to connect the living room and kitchen, which leads to an increase in floor space.

Designers strongly recommend maximizing the length of the work surface between the stove and sink, because they are used most often. The maximum distance between zones is 2 human steps.

If in numbers, then it is a minimum of 1.2 meters and a maximum of 2. 7 meters. About 60% of the total time spent in the kitchen of the hostess is engaged in washing dishes, so this peak should be placed in the most convenient place.

Next, we list the main values ​​that are important to adhere to when placing functional areas:

  • From 1 to 2 meters - the distance between the sink and the refrigerator.

  • From 1.3 to 1.8 meters - between the sink and the stove.
  • From 3 to 4 meters - between the tops of the far corners.
  • The area of ​​the working triangle should be from 5 to 7 square meters.

Next, it is worth considering what types of layouts exist.

Types of kitchen layouts

How to determine the working triangle, as well as how to correctly place the tops and maintain the required distance if the space has a rather complex layout?

Experts were able to identify several options for planning solutions for the kitchen:

  1. The rule of the working triangle in the kitchen is all about the convenience and organization of space: Overview + Video Linear. The type of layout when the kitchen unit is located in a row. The working triangle is turned around here, and you can move along one line. The stove, refrigerator and sinks will be located one after the other.

    From an ergonomic point of view, it is best to place the sink in the center, between the refrigerator and the stove. This will simplify access to all products. Most often, a single-row layout option can be found in narrow or small kitchens.

  2. Corner. This type of layout, when the kitchen is divided into two zones at once - dining and working.

    One side will be located along the wall, and the other will go perpendicular to it. The result is a truly "triangular" kitchen.To place the vertices of the triangle correctly, you will need to follow a few rules. The place for the sink should be in the corner, on the left and right sides it is best to place small pieces of the countertop. A stove will be located along one wall from the sink, and the refrigerator will be at the second.

    With this arrangement, the kitchen utensils will be most conveniently stored in the wall cabinets above the sink.

  3. U-shape. This is a layout with three headset rows. It will be convenient to place the sink in the middle row, along with the work surface. The rest of the functional areas should be located on parallel sides, and storage space can be made there.

    Lighting will be an important point. There should be plenty of natural light and options with a sink by the window are often seen. The layout is perfect for a spacious room, and the central part of the headset should be installed against a wall from 2 to 4 meters in length.

  4. Parallel - is a layout in which there are two rows of furniture. In such a kitchen, it will be convenient to divide the triangle on both sides.

    The refrigerator and sink can be put on one side, and the stove on the opposite. The layout is perfect for walk-through and wide kitchens, and if the room is spacious enough, then storage systems for small household appliances can be made on one side. The downside of such a kitchen is the difficulty in choosing a place for the dining area.

  5. Island. The layout of the working triangle in the kitchen with an island implies the presence of an additional block in the center of the room.

    This is the dream of many housewives, because it is convenient to cook in such a kitchen. The island can become one of the full-fledged vertices of the triangle. You can take out a sink, stove or just a work surface on it. The rest of the zones should be located in the headset. The curbstone will make it possible to make everything ergonomic, and keep in mind that the kitchen area should be at least 20 m 2 , because the island will greatly visually reduce the space.

  6. Semicircular. This is the layout where an island with an unusual shape is installed. The same principle will work here as in the island kitchen - one zone on the island, and the other two on the headset. The only difference is in one part of the headset, because it will be placed in an arc. The layout option fits perfectly into a long and very spacious room.

It is imperative to take into account the recommendations given when setting up the kitchen. The ergonomics of the space will directly depend on how the elements of the kitchen set are located.

How to combine aesthetics and functionality

Sometimes you can't follow this rule. This is explained by the inconvenient location of communications, the impossibility of transferring them. It also happens that redevelopment is required.

For the sake of convenience, apartment owners often move the kitchen or even separate areas. Remember that such actions must be coordinated with housing services. The main thing is that everything is convenient for you.This is an active zone, and there should be comfortable movement on it, and the hostess herself should not feel like a marathoner when cooking.

Note, that the transition lines from the vertices to each other must be free.

You should not place chairs, trash cans, bar counters, etc. in the triangle area. Such attributes will create obstacles and make it difficult to access all functional areas.

Competent design will imply the presence of a triangle. Especially if you cook often.

A beautiful interior will first of all mean functionality, and only after the beauty of design. You can combine convenience and aesthetics with the help of a design technique and imagination. It also turns out that the layout of the kitchen does not give the desired result, and this is often observed in large areas. In this case, give preference to a stylish design, especially if you have two kitchens - for cooking and eating.

In which case a working triangle is not needed

Although the concept of a working triangle is based on a very simple logic - we take food out of the refrigerator, wash it and cook it on the stove.

If you have a Khrushchev or just a small apartment, then you can forget about this rule. The fact is that in small kitchen rooms there is so little space that even if you want to follow all the rules of the triangle, you simply will not succeed. "It is for this reason that it is impossible to maintain a distance of 1.3 meters or more between the three vertices. Therefore, you should rely on a sense of logic, their ideas about convenience and take into account the peculiarities of the room.

Small kitchens are a constant compromise - the developers and scientists of this very triangle agreed on the opinion that comfortable work requires at least 5 m 2 , and this does not include the concept of a dining area, although we also eat in the kitchen.

For this reason, we suggest thinking about the process:

  1. Decide where to put the refrigerator. Yes, it may not always fit into your "baby" successfully, and you may have to move it to the hallway, or combine the kitchen and living room.
  2. Leave at least 0.3 meters between the hob (hob) and the sink, so there is room for cutting food uktov.

  3. Pay attention to 2 in 1 appliances: oven and microwave, oven and dishwasher. Yes, such solutions will be many times more expensive, but they will help to save space.
  4. Consider miniatures or replacing one device with another. For example, select 2-burner devices instead of a 4-burner hob. You can also opt out of an oven in favor of a convection microwave.

  5. Only use extendable / folding tables.

These simple rules will help you decide on the arrangement of furniture and household appliances in the baby kitchen.


With the correct design and visual combination of the main zones in the kitchen - sinks, stove and refrigerator, you will be able to save time and energy. It is worth considering the distance between objects. In the kitchen, it is important that all space is used wisely.

The working triangle is a different interpretation of functionality. Appliances and pieces of furniture are the main helpers for the kitchen, so you should take care of the comfortable placement of all attributes. Moving from place to place will not solve anything, so try to set aside time and make the cooking process more enjoyable.