The Secret to Perfect Cleanliness: Review + Video

The Secret to Perfect Cleanliness: Review + Video Secrets of cleanliness and order in the house. Every woman in the world dreams of putting things in order in family housing in such a way that it will be preserved as long as possible, and at the same time it would be possible to maintain cleanliness without difficulty without spending a lot of time on it. How to cope with the endless mess, things scattered everywhere and all everyday cataclysms, which are growing every hour like a snowball? This article on the site discusses all the secrets, as well as the main methods in order to maintain cleanliness in your home for a long time.

We invite you to consider several secrets of perfect purity.

Useful tips of the universal plan

Clean up in parts

If you don't have enough time to clean up or to carry out general cleaning in the whole room at once, it is better to do it gradually.

We split the action into several parts. For example, you should choose a day in order to remove and wash the curtains from the entire apartment / house. The next day, you can clean the windows, and then start tidying up the inside of the closet and so on.

Get rid of all things and objects that you do not need

On dressers and shelves, things that could not most often lie and begin to lie and accumulate fit into a closet, and there is simply no room for them in the apartment. To prevent this from happening, you should free all the chests of drawers and cabinets from the collected debris that you no longer use for a long time.

Start by throwing away all old and broken pieces of furniture, torn and unusable clothing. What is still in good condition, but for some reason does not suit you, can be distributed to friends who need it or put up for sale through popular message boards on the Internet. It turns out that the apartment will free up a lot of space for those things that you constantly use, and they will not be scattered throughout the apartment.

Put things back in place

A separate place should be allocated for each item in the house. In the future, this will save you from constant searching and wasting precious time, and will also help you to easily maintain order.

This will largely depend on how cluttered the common space is.

Clean up the dump in the apartment

The Secret to Perfect Cleanliness: Review + Video Most people in the apartment have these places where a dump of things appears from time to time. These places should be found. After that, in order to eliminate them, it is worth thinking about where you can put all those things that accumulate on their own. For example, there are always a lot of T-shirts and jeans on the ironing board, or all sweaters and home clothes are comfortably settled on the back of a chair.

Set aside a separate place on the hanger in the closet or shelf so that it is convenient to put all these things away and you can quickly get them out.

The difference between "clean" and "neat"

Your home may shine clean, without layers of dust on any of the surfaces, but you simply cannot replace it if all the toys are scattered on the floor, the dishes, although clean, are out of tune, and the clothes are hanging on the sofa. The opposite will also be true - when all things are in place, neatly folded, then the feeling of disorder will not bother you, even if there is very little dust somewhere.

The Daily Habit of Tidiness

You don't have to wait for the house to look like a hippie home after a grand concert. You just need to have daily habits, like making the bed right away in the morning, removing all the linen from the dryer in the dresser, spreading pillows on the sofa, or as soon as you go home, immediately hang your clothes in the closet.

Don't use a lot of small items and open shelves

Think about what you spend the most time on when cleaning an apartment? this is probably wiping dust from countless shelves, as well as rearranging objects from place to place where they are placed. Dust on open surfaces sets extremely quickly, so it needs to be wiped off almost every day. For this reason, if you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning, it is best not to put a huge amount of figurines or picture frames on the shelves. And in general, during the selection of furniture and its purchase for installation in an apartment, it is better to give preference to cabinets of a light shade, closed type, where there are no many glass and mirrored shelves. This is how you will be able to save as much as possible precious time for chafing the shelves and cleaning in general.

Don't forget about cleaning equipment and modern tools

We suggest you go shopping and find convenient and really useful tools for you to clean up. At the moment, there are a huge number of different-colored brushes, rags and mops made of special materials on sale, with the help of which cleaning will become a real pleasure, and not hard labor. And all this will be possible because you will be able to quickly and easily clean the apartment.

For example, to keep hard-to-reach areas clean, a mop is ideal, which has a brush and a long 360-degree handle. Also, most of the dust usually accumulates on tall cabinets and air conditioners.

With the help of modern devices, you will be able to easily and very quickly clean any kind of surface, and even a suspended ceiling and dirty wall panels, which are impossible to reach with your hands.

Order in the children's room

Let's look at the secret of perfect cleanliness for a children's room. In order not to accumulate garbage, and the apartment is always clean, you just need not to litter the room, and also put things in order in time. But this is not always possible if you have small children.Most experienced young mothers have long thoughtfully and thoroughly treated this issue.

The fact is that cleaning up scattered things or toys after children is equal to trying to calculate blockages from snow during a heavy snowfall.

In order for the children to be able to clean up the apartment on their own and at the first request of their parents, you must have a storage system that is very convenient for children.

  1. Plastic containers for toys or boxes should be at floor level so that the child can easily reach them and throw the object.
  2. Sign all boxes for their purpose - "constructor", "cars", "soft toys", "balls" and so on. For children who are too young and cannot read, pictures should be pasted that will depict different types of toys.

  3. Some large emergency baskets are a very good option for a nursery. They will come in handy if guests are to come any minute, so an urgent need to put things in order, or there is absolutely no energy in the evenings for the children to put everything in its place. In this case, you can quickly throw all the scattered toys into the basket and the room will be clean again.

This is how you can save yourself from constantly putting things in order in the children's room, and the children will quickly get used to independence.

Order in the kitchen

As a rule, it is in the kitchen that a lot of fat deposits quickly accumulate on all surfaces.

To make it easier to keep clean on a daily basis, use special dishwashing sponges and special care products that can quickly eat away fat. But as you know, chemicals are extremely toxic and harmful to the human body.

The Secret to Perfect Cleanliness: Review + Video For this reason, if you or someone in the family is prone to allergic reactions, it is better to prefer less aggressive cleaning products. In addition, so that you can completely abandon their use, there have long been small melamine sponges on sale that, without the use of additional agents, can clean surfaces from grease in a matter of minutes and will erase dirt like an eraser. They are ideal for cleaning gas stoves, furniture and even glass from heavy contamination.

And in order to quickly clean the greasy microwave oven or the inner doors of the oven from the grease that has eaten into them, use ordinary table vinegar, which is in every home. Contaminated surfaces should be treated with a washcloth dipped in it, and then let stand for 15 minutes and wash off the fatty deposits.

How to maintain order in the bathroom

If we talk about the secrets of cleanliness and order in the house, then this in particular applies to the bathroom. The owners of not very large apartments, and of course, of small bathrooms, know firsthand how difficult it is to fit the most necessary accessories in it.This question rises squarely, especially when the family is large and each family member needs to fit all bathing items in one room.

Towels, shampoos, bath toys, washcloths, bath foam, accessories such as razors and trimmers, hair dryers, and more.

Since it is unlikely that all this will fit on a small shelf, you can try to save the day by making or buying a small cabinet, which will fit most of all items.

  1. Place additional shelves on the bathtub itself, for washcloths and shampoos, and for some of them, drilling of the walls is not necessary, but simply attach them to the suction cups.
  2. If there is not enough space at all, then you can hang additional hooks that will be glued to the wall on the glue base. Hang plastic transparent bags or a regular cosmetic bag on them so that all the essentials are folded in it.

  3. Next, hang all the pockets on the inside of the door for various small things for taking a shower or bath. You can buy such pockets at any store or sew with your own hands. It will also be better to opt for a hanging pocket, which is made of mesh material or clear plastic.

Yes, it is imperative to keep your bathroom clean. To easily wash off rust and plaque from plumbing surfaces, you should wipe the taps and rust several times a week.

Otherwise, soapy and limescale will erode into the surface, and it will be quite problematic to wash it off. By the way, the most famous and natural remedy for rust fighting is citric acid. For this, lemon granules should be poured onto the contaminated surface, and then left for 10 minutes. Thanks to this treatment, rust and plaque will be well washed from tiles, bathtubs and sinks.

Order in the toilet

In fact, it is not so difficult to maintain order in the sanitary facility, because it usually takes up minimal area of ​​the entire living space, but nevertheless it should be cleaned often.

  1. To quickly wipe the toilet lid or rim, you should have a pack of wet wipes readily available. Next, make sure that family members do not throw used wet wipes into the toilet, as it can become clogged.
  2. Instead of using a regular air freshener, buy scent blocks from toilet gel and attach to the rim. They will help eliminate unpleasant odors and also create a foam that will cleanse the toilet of various types of dirt.
  3. If the option with different flavors is unacceptable for you because of a pungent smell or the presence of allergies, then you should make natural aromatic bombs with your own hands.

    To do this, you need to take a few drops of your favorite essential oil, 1/2 glass of baking soda (food grade), 3 tbsp. l.citric acid and dilute everything with water so that a uniform consistency is obtained. Next, put the resulting mixture in a mold (you can use those for ice) and leave to dry for 6 hours. Such flavors, made from natural ingredients, will not only help eliminate unpleasant odors, but also cleanse the toilet bowl from dirt and microbes.

You know that cleanliness in the house is the key to health. It is also especially important if you have children in your apartment. That is why keeping it clean and regularly removing accumulated dirt and dust is very important for everyone. And of course, you yourself will always be pleased if you don't need to spend a lot of time to put things in order. We hope that the prepared cleaning recommendations will help you to cope with this matter easily and simply!

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