The technology of installing plastic windows in a brick house

The technology of installing plastic windows in a brick house Competent installation of plastic windows in a brick house

Installation of plastic windows in a brick house is increasingly common, because these window frames have many advantages over wood products. In addition, they differ in a fairly reasonable price, but before proceeding with the installation, you need to carefully prepare for the work. To do the process yourself, you need to know about all the features of the operations.

All plastic products are equipped with special parts for installation, and therefore, with proper preparation, the window can be installed without anyone's interference. All actions should be carried out extremely carefully so that the structure is not damaged.

In order to secure the windows inside the opening more accurately, work should be done with an assistant. In certain cases, it is required to reinforce the opening before carrying out work.

Materials required to perform the work

Before starting installation work, it is required to prepare the following materials:

  • Wedges that are inserted for the correct installation of windows.
  • Sealant.
  • Polyurethane foam.

  • Waterproofing material required for butt protection against moisture.
  • Anchor bolts.

By the way, wedges are used in the installation process for more accurate installation of plastic profiles. Without such materials, this is much more difficult. Construction foam is an insulating material that will fill the space between the frame and the wall.

When choosing foam, it is required to take into account that it must necessarily correspond to the temperature level, and work will be carried out with it. If you buy a material that is intended for summer use, its use may result in a poor quality insulation layer. Even during the work, the use of a self-expanding sealing tape is required. Such material is glued along the window perimeter from the outside, and after that its expansion begins. The sealant is used to fill the space between the window sill and the slopes.


How to determine the correct position of plastic windows

Before starting installation work, it is important to correctly determine the location of the frame relative to the wall thickness. The plastic window must be approximately 30% inside from the street side. This is not 100% necessary correctly, but if you move the window in any direction relative to the indicated distance, you should take into account the fact that the length of the ebb and sills must necessarily correspond to the project. It is required to take into account the dimensions of the heating radiator and its position, and the window sill should in no way overlap it by more than 50% of its width. If the heating radiator is completely shut off, this negatively affects the room temperature in the winter period, as well as the window condition.

With an illiterate installation, plastic windows begin to fog up. The length of the window sill should be slightly longer than the window opening (by 15 cm). Due to this, it is possible to process the edges of the window sill when finishing the slopes. In the complete set with the window sill there will be side plugs that need to be fixed after the window is installed.

Methods of fixing plastic windows

The selection of a certain method of fixing will depend on such parameters as the dimensions of the window opening and wall material.

This must also be taken into account when selecting fasteners for a plastic structure. Fixation of plastic windows can be done in several ways:

  • By means of anchor bolts or dowels. They are fixed in pre-drilled holes in the wall.
  • Serrated plates that will be located outside the window profile. They are installed on a spacer and fixed with self-tapping screws.

The first described method is considered the most reliable. It is for this reason that by means of dowels, plastic structures, which have enormous dimensions, will be fixed. The mount that goes through the window unit is more reliable and able to withstand impacts. If you decide to install a plastic window in a brick house, and it is small, they can be fixed using anchor-type plates. Such fasteners can be hidden with slopes and finishing materials.

But before carrying out the work, it is required to prepare a small recess for them. This will make it possible to avoid problems with the plane alignment process.

It should be noted that when installing plastic windows, specialists combine the indicated methods. In this case, anchor bolts are used in order to fix the profile base and its vertical parts. The upper part will be secured with plates.

General rules for installation

To install windows correctly, certain rules must be observed:

  1. The technology of installing plastic windows in a brick house Installation of double-glazed windows with a plastic frame must be carried out using polyurethane foam. Such material makes it possible to give the structure an additional degree of rigidity. It will also act as a retainer and thermal insulator.
  2. In order to protect the space between the wall and the window, it is necessary to fix the waterproofing material on the outside and a steam insulator inside.
  3. Windows can be installed at any time of the year, and most professionals recommend that all work be carried out in the winter, as this makes it possible to immediately notice if any mistakes were made.

  4. Before buying polyurethane foam, you must carefully study the features of the chemical composition. These materials differ in certain parameters. One of these can be solidification temperatures. The instructions on the spray can indicate the most pleasant conditions for applying the foam.If you ignore them, then the material can begin to collapse during the operation of the building.

  5. When foaming the gaps between walls and plastic windows, fill in small portions. This makes it possible to consume much less foam.
  6. If the window opening begins to crumble, it is required to clean the surface of the old material and strengthen it.

Subject to the described rules, you can install windows with your own hands, without making mistakes that people who do not have experience of such work make. The technology for installing windows with a plastic frame in a brick house is very simple, but you need to carefully follow all the steps so that there is no error.

How the process of preparing the opening will take place

Before carrying out installation work, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the opening from dust and dirt. All paint and varnish residues and building material must be removed. Before installation, it is also required to compare the dimensions of the opening and the plastic frame. If the gap is larger than 4 cm, it is required to use more than foam. This is due to the fact that its application does not work to create a high-quality and even seam.

Moreover, a lot of foam will go away. Before installation, it is necessary to remove the sashes from the frame. To do this, it is enough to pull the pin out of the hinges, and if you need to get the glass unit out of the frame, you also need to remove the glazing beads that hold the glass.

Be very careful when doing this to avoid scratching the glass.

After the sash and glass units are removed, it is required to put them on a soft mat and lean against the wall surface so that they are in a stable position.

Double-glazed windows do not fit flat, because this can lead to scratches on the glass surface. After that, you will remove the protective film and mark the places where the fasteners will be located. The distance between them should be approximately 0.4 meters, and it is important to take into account that the indents from the corners should be greater than 0.15 meters.

Installation process

The technology of installing plastic windows in a brick house Video of installation of plastic windows in a brick house will help you in the further process. After completing the above steps, you need to insert spacers into the window opening of the brick wall to make the required gap. The alignment of the frame must be done using a building level. You also need to control the side clearances. In house openings made of bricks, it is required to mark the installation sites of the anchor.

After that, holes are created in the surface of the walls. If the fastening is done by means of anchor plates, it is required to bend them so that they fit well on the wall.

The next step is to install the frame. It is imperative to check the horizontal and structural verticality before it is fully finally fixed.After that, the bolts are finally tightened until the cap protrudes above the surface by no more than 0.

1 cm. After all the work described above, the glass units and sashes will be installed, and the functionality of the structure as a whole will be checked. If you put the products with your own hands for the first time, you need to carefully inspect the opening and make sure that there were no mistakes during the work.

Installation of slopes

Before installation work on the outer slopes, it is necessary to measure the length and width of the opening. Cutting the plastic slopes will be done with a circular saw.

It is only required to fix the slopes on a leveled and clean surface. At the first stage, the horizontal upper part is fixed. It needs to be drowned inward to the maximum, and the space must be filled to the fullest with polyurethane foam. It should be remembered that it cannot be produced very much, because during curing, the material can change the shape of plastic products. After that, the installation of vertical slopes will be carried out, and during such work it is required to check the verticality of the elements.

The installation of the lower slope is carried out in a similar way, and it is required to ensure that all elements are docked correctly, and there are no gaps between them. The corners between the plastic slopes are closed with a special detail.

Installation of internal slopes is required only after careful preparation of the surface. If the opening begins to crumble, then it is better to clean everything up to the main wall and only after that do future work. After that, align the opening and fill it with insulation.

If necessary, the window opening will be reinforced. After that, wooden slats are installed on the perimeter of the window, on which the slopes will be fixed. Installed plastic windows can become part of the interior in almost any apartment.