Their Types and Benefits + Video

Their Types and Benefits + Video This article will be of interest to those people who are going to erect a house or other necessary structure on their own plot.

After all, a foundation is needed for any structure.

But the choice of the foundation is not an easy task, not to mention the construction. We will not load you with technical information, but simply tell you all the points of choosing the foundations .

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Foundation for the house.

Which one to choose?

So which type of base should you choose? Now we'll tell you everything, and the choice will only be yours.

Before choosing a foundation, it is necessary to answer some questions.

  1. Their Types and Benefits + Video What type of soil is on your site?
  2. What is the level of groundwater ?
  3. Approximate weight will the building have?
  4. What are the features of the relief?
  5. What type of building will be?
  6. What is the depth of soil freezing ?
  7. What kind of finishing wall material is expected?

This means that before choosing a foundation, it is necessary to have geodetic surveys of the soil and engineering calculations.

Without these data, it is impossible to start construction, and no professional will agree to start the construction of a building.

Types of foundations

Strip foundation

Their Types and Benefits + Video The first kind of foundation to use that comes to mind is strip .

At the time of the Soviets, it was the most demanded type of foundation, it was used where it was appropriate and not.

The advantages of this foundation are:

  1. Very durable.
  2. A cardinal solution to heaving the soil.
  3. Possibility of equipping a basement.

The disadvantages of such foundations are:

  1. High cost.

  2. Labor intensity and duration of construction.
  3. Large side surfaces (also affected by soil heaving).

Stop the selection on the strip foundation if:

  • there is deep groundwater on the site,
  • the amount of soil freezing is small,
  • your structure will be heavy.

If your building is light (frame or wooden house), and the depth of soil freezing is more than one and a half meters, then the heaving of the soil can push the foundation.

Their Types and Benefits + Video

Tape shallow foundation

Of course, when choosing a foundation for your home, you also think about the price.

The price of this base differs from the previous version.

Shallow strip foundation is suitable for the construction of frame or wooden houses with a small number of floors. But in this case, the relief of the area plays an important role.

This type of foundation is not applicable on slopes.

Tape shallow foundation is not suitable for building houses with a basement or building a structure on soils with a weak top layer.

A shallow strip foundation can be considered a profitable choice, but as we already understood, it is not suitable for all types of terrain.

Slab foundation

Their Types and Benefits + Video If the choice depends on the type of soil, it is better to use a monolithic slab foundation .

At the price, such a foundation is not considered budgetary. It is suitable for many types of soil.

Slab foundation is a very expensive type of foundation and requires precise engineering calculations.

If the center of gravity is incorrectly determined even slightly, then cracks in the walls cannot be avoided.

This type of foundation is the last to be paid attention to and is used only if other options are not suitable at all.

Their Types and Benefits + Video

Screw piles

Their Types and Benefits + Video The foundation on screw piles cannot be called quite popular, but talk about it is quite common. The price for the pile foundation is quite attractive.

This is a very quick-build version of the foundation and is not whimsical to the soil.

But do not flatter yourself, this foundation also has a minus, it lies in the material from which you choose the piles. If you choose metal piles, they can corrode.

When choosing piles, make sure of their quality, as among pile products you often come across defects. Indeed, the durability of the future structure depends on the quality of the foundation. That is, the foundation on screw piles turns out to be quite expensive and rationally use it only in rare cases.

It is better to use such a foundation when it is necessary to prepare it in a short time or when it is necessary to erect a foundation on difficult terrain.

Their Types and Benefits + Video

In other cases, a strip foundation is erected or bored piles are installed.

Bored piles

Such a foundation is often forgotten and in vain!

The foundation on bored piles is reliable, it is used as in private construction and in multi-storey buildings. These types of piles are applicable on all types of soils and under various reliefs. The only difficulty is to drill a well, the cost of the work will depend on it.

Bored piles are generally more expensive than screw piles. If you are faced with a choice between bored piles and screw piles, and the price does not matter to you, then it is better to opt for bored piles.

Column foundation

Columnar foundation is suitable for timber houses or frame houses.

Their Types and Benefits + Video Perhaps this is the cheapest option for the foundation, but it is very difficult to find a place where it can be applied.

Column foundation are brick or block columns that are installed on the ground surface.

Now you are aware of the types of foundations and hope that you are ready to make a choice in favor of one of the presented bases.

We wish you good luck in your endeavors!