Things you can't save on when renovating a kitchen: Review + Video

Things you can't save on when renovating a kitchen: Review + Video What cannot be saved on when renovating the kitchen - recommendations from specialists. Surely, everyone knows that a miser pays twice, and this is not a fiction, and not a trick of sales assistants in stores of household appliances and building materials. It is imperative to remember such a catch phrase even before the start of the repair work. Mistakes in the design of a kitchen space are sometimes so costly that it can take even more money, effort and time to fix it. A modern kitchen must be not only beautiful, but also functional, safe, ergonomic, and resistant to wear and tear, in the end.

Even if your budget is very small, it is worth remembering that there are things you cannot save on.

What you can’t save on at all

Below is a list of services and repairs in which it is better to invest than overpay after a short time.

Designer services

Begin to independently design the interior of the kitchen under the motto "we ourselves with a mustache", "our own master" in is fundamentally wrong. It's not even a matter of whether you have taste. The fact is that a designer is required in order to provide for all the technical and functional nuances of the interior.

Only professionals in their field are able to draw you all the electrical wiring diagrams, the layout of water pipes, draw the laying of tiles and the arrangement of furniture. And only when you have all the graphic images in your hands, you can definitely be sure that you have been able to correctly explain the task to the construction team.

Furniture set

Naturally, buying a ready-made kitchen will be much cheaper than making it to order. But only a headset that has been designed taking into account all the characteristics of the room and your individual needs will be truly functional and ergonomic. There is no optimal height of cabinets and countertops, you should do everything for yourself, and especially the height of the work surface, angular compact placement, a sufficient number of storage boxes - all the necessary amenities will be guaranteed only by the kitchen that is made according to individual measurements.

Storage boxes

Things you can't save on when renovating a kitchen: Review + Video When ordering a kitchen set, there is often a desire to save on materials, which often leads to the rejection of additional storage space. It turns out that the lockers are lower, and there are fewer boxes in them, which means that the total cost of fittings and facades will be lower. But nothing will spoil the interior of the kitchen and the mood of its owners like an insufficient amount of storage space for a lot of such utensils. For this reason, do not forget that the most expensive consumable for repairs is nerve cells that cannot be restored, and bring in the kitchen project as many drawers of different sizes as possible - not only small, but also large.The only acceptable way that helps to save a little and at the same time ensure the perfect organizational order in the kitchen is the use of special dividers for pull-out shelves (i.

e. organizer). Such a device makes it possible to create a convenient box-in-box system.

Furniture fittings

What you can't save on is furniture fittings. It's just a road to nowhere.

It is important here not only to choose high-quality fittings that will not break, seize and rust, but also convenient (correct) mechanisms. Retractable types of systems are much more expensive than hinges, but you must admit that drawers are much more convenient, and even more practical, than assembled with a conventional opening door. Moreover, it is important to take care of the closers. Smoothly closing cabinet doors and a drawer will help save your nerves, as well as rather fragile dishes.

Electrical wiring

Already on what, and on safety it is definitely better not to save.

If you are not sure about the quality of the wiring (after all, it is difficult to be sure of something that you have never seen before), it is best to consult with a competent electrician and replace it along with all other elements (now we are talking about junction boxes, bags, and so on). Even if you will not install additional household appliances, it is better to look to the future. Sooner or later, new electrical appliances will appear in your kitchen, and it is better to immediately sell reliable and durable electrical wiring than to re-hammer the walls after a very long time.


It's worth making sure your renovated kitchen has enough outlets. It would be better if they were even with a margin (because it is impossible to foresee everything in advance).

A few extra outlets certainly won't ruin you amid a major renovation, but you will make your kitchen comfortable for years to come.


Different color scenarios in the kitchen are required not only for beauty, but also for safety and convenience. In addition to the main luminaire, you should also install directional light sources above the surface of each work unit. The lighting inside the cabinets and drawers will not be superfluous either.

Kitchen apron

If you think you can save money on installing a kitchen apron, it is better to immediately start saving money at the same time.

new cosmetic repairs in the kitchen. The fact is that no matter how our grandmothers say it, it will not be possible to keep the walls that are adjacent to the work surface clean if they are not protected with ceramic tiles, metal or glass. No paint, let alone wallpaper canvases, can withstand constant attacks of water vapor and splashes of fat from a frying pan. For this reason, if you are planning to cook and do not want to admire grease stains, it is best to install a good apron.


Things you can't save on when renovating a kitchen: Review + Video Yes, yes, even here it is better not to skimp and pay more.

Naturally, in the construction market, you can find seemingly decent and not the most expensive options that are made of chipboard. But such a table top will delight you to the maximum until the first hot kettle, which will be placed past the stand. And if it is necessary to replace, carelessly performed dismantling work can lead to the fact that the contacting surfaces and furniture can be damaged. Therefore, the overpayment of material, for example, for a stone of artificial origin, can be considered as a good insurance against unplanned repair work.


Surely you have heard from your friends about how great they live without a hood and are generally glad that they did not spend money on it .

.. But until recently, everyone did just fine without hot water, washing machines, mobile phones and vacuum cleaners (and, oh Gods, now there are even robotic vacuum cleaners!). But please remember that now the 21st century is in the yard and we will finally learn to use all the fruits of technological progress available to us. But only if you do not want the hood to perform exclusively decorative instead of a practical function.

Here, too, you will have to fork out, because high-quality models that really purify the air and do not make much noise will be quite expensive.

What can you regret after the completion of the repair - we learn from other people's mistakes

Now you know what you cannot save on, and now, in addition to the article, we decided to collect take you to a list of the most common kitchen renovation mistakes. Especially for you, we took part in discussions on the form and highlighted the 20 most popular mistakes, which became the answer to the question: "What do you want after you have finished making repairs?"

  1. Incorrect arrangement of pieces of furniture in a rectangular kitchen - along the wall, because the angle would be much more convenient.
  2. The electrical wiring was done before the kitchen was designed. After that, many open-type shelves appeared in the room, but closed boxes would be much more convenient, and there are sorely lack of sockets, and you have to constantly use an extension cord.

  3. Luminaires should be chosen that can adjust the angle of inclination so that the light can be directed onto the work surfaces. They also forgot to photograph the location of the new wiring (and therefore even damaged it during further repairs, which is why they spent money on alteration and restoration).
  4. Didn't make a separate backlight for the countertop.
  5. Chose a very rough tile for finishing the floor surface. The fact is that it is difficult to wash it, and the light grout on the tiled apron quickly got dirty.

  6. We didn’t spend money on a designer, we thought we could do it ourselves, but as a result we got a lot of shortcomings, and a competent designer would have cost much less than the total amount for all the alterations now.
  7. We decided to save on the sliding mechanism of the drawers, but now we are sorry.
  8. I put the hood cheaper, in the end there is no use from it, I stopped using it altogether, it just hangs for beauty and gets dirty all the time.
  9. We chose porcelain stoneware in a light shade for the sink and countertop, but it gets dirty quickly, it would be better to take a dark one.
  10. A mosaic apron was installed, and grease began to accumulate between them, which is very difficult to wash.

  11. We did not adjust the height of the countertops for our height, but now we are stooping with the whole tall family.
  12. We chose a worktop that is made of stainless steel, and now we constantly have to wipe away stains and fingerprints.
  13. We did not make a warm floor under the tiles.
  14. Forgot to make a box for the corrugation from the hood.
  15. We didn’t close the lower part of the kitchen with legs, but now there is a constant accumulation of dirt.

  16. We left a lot of free space between the cabinets, and now a lot of dust accumulates there.

You may have got the impression that you cannot save on anything when renovating an apartment, but in reality this is not entirely true.

What can you save on

You probably know deep down that there are two main ways to save:

  1. Installation of beautiful and expensive facades with a minimum number of headsets.
  2. Purchase of inexpensive facades with excellent "stuffing" (pull-out system, high-quality fittings).

The choice will depend on what kind of kitchen you want - practical or beautiful? Believe me, what may seem essential at first glance may not be useful at all during operation.

But the minor nuances are ways to play a major role and make your stay in the kitchen much more convenient and comfortable. So, how can you "profit" in price?

You can save a lot if you don't buy expensive facades. Metal elements, natural wood and glass greatly increase the cost of the headset. It is better to give preference to facades made of MDF and chipboard. The most budgetary option would be to cover the chipboard with a film material.

If you cover such facades with laminated plastic, then their cost will greatly increase, and will not be an economy class at all. MDF - the material is more durable, more expensive and more aesthetically pleasing. The final cost will depend on the coating material - PVC film, plastic or paints and varnishes. To choose the best option, focus not only on the cost, but also on the practicality of the material when using.

One more thing.

When you visit a furniture store, you will see that facades of the same material may differ in price due to color. Each manufacturer has its own "rich" colors, which are also called copyright.This is pure marketing ploy, and nothing more. Typically, the most affordable options are white, beige, gray, green, sand, and blue.

A little about style - we are talking about the decorative features of the facade, which are inherent in different pieces of furniture in one style or another.

Gilding, patina, carvings, relief textures make the designs more expensive. Give up unnecessary things - stained glass windows, aluminum frames, glass inserts and more. It is better not to stint and order a kitchen design, so that afterwards you do not rack your brains over finding a combination of the color of the facade of the headset, the surface of the walls and decor items. Minimalism will be in vogue for a long time, so use and make monochrome facades without additional "bells and whistles" in the form of gilding and the rest - this option will be both practical and affordable.

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