Three dishes in the oven at the same time - how to cook with pleasure?

Three dishes in the oven at the same time - how to cook with pleasure? Cooking several dishes in the oven at the same time: rating of the best multifunctional ovens + secret cooking method

The oven, or as it is even more simply called, the oven is an integral part of the kitchen, like a refrigerator or a sink. Baking chicken or making a pie is impossible without a good oven. Sometimes it may seem that the designs of the ovens have been brought to perfection and it is impossible to create something fundamentally new. In fact, there is no limit to perfection and new, unusual approaches to the development of such a kitchen appliance and ways to give unusual results. Is it possible to cook several dishes in the oven at the same time?

If a couple of years ago it was safe to say no, now things are a little different.

So, we propose to consider the line of built-in wardrobes with fundamentally new designs.

Twin Convolution (Samsung)

The main feature of multifunctional ovens from Samsung is the presence of two convection fans, which are located in the cavity above each other. They help to evenly distribute the flow of hot air, which makes it possible to bake large meals evenly and quickly. But in fact, a revolutionary other application of the double convection function is the ability to cook two dishes at the same time in different modes. With the help of internal heat-insulating partitions, you can divide the working volume of the oven into two separate sections and create reliable insulation not only of the thermal regimes of dishes, but also of the aromas that appear during the cooking process.

The new ovens have an AAA energy class, which means that class A is assigned to each working space of the chamber - top, single and bottom. The control panel was thoroughly thought out, since there is a liquid crystal display with a Russian-language menu, which displays detailed information about the operating modes of the oven or separately for each section. All the little things are also taken into account, for example, the oven door is lightweight, and there is also a hinge system that ensures smooth and soft opening and closing.

It's no secret that one of the healthiest cooking methods is steam cooking. An adherent of such cuisine and food will be a great gift, because the new oven, which will be discussed later, has the ability to cook food without compromising a healthy diet, and in addition to the standard baking and frying functions, you can steam food.

Oven B 9820-4 (AEG-Elastrolux)

With this method of cooking, all minerals and vitamins will almost always be preserved in the products, and the dishes get a richer taste. Such an oven is perfect for cooking dietary people from rice, vegetables and fish, but in general, a lot will depend on the hostess's imagination.The new oven cooks food even faster - for example, the cooking time for meat is reduced by 10% compared to a standard oven. In addition, the device has indisputable advantages even for heating food, because now you can heat several dishes at the same time on serving plates.

This model with an electronic control system has 12 operating modes, and three of them have steam processing of products:

  1. Vitа l - perfect setting for cooking vegetables, fish and rice.

  2. Intеrvа l - mode with interval steam, which consists in the fact that steam is supplied alternately (10 seconds) and hot air circulates (30 seconds). Due to this type of exposure, the roast will turn out to be juicy, and the confectionery with a perfectly crispy crust.
  3. Со mbi - this alternates between the oven heating mode and the steam mode, which allows you to simultaneously cook both the set and the main dish.

Three dishes in the oven at the same time - how to cook with pleasure? Among the other advantages, in addition to cooking 2 dishes in the oven at the same time, we note text display with 22 languages, as well as automatic programs for preparing dishes for a given weight of products, as well as automatic programs for a thermal probe, a program with memory, the ability to store your own recipes, as well as a child lock function.

The safety system eliminates the possibility of getting burns from touching the door of a working oven, and slide-out guides make it convenient to remove the pan with the finished dish from the cavity.

Steam oven Ariston SO 100 Experience

This oven for cooking steam has a working volume of 23 liters, as well as touch control, graphic display and double glazing.

This way you can not only prepare delicious dietary meals, but also defrost food. Everyone is accustomed to opening the oven doors "towards themselves", but who said that you can do it this way and nothing else? The company has developed an independent oven with a door that opens to the side, which will add new possibilities for organizing the kitchen space. You will have maximum comfort in terms of access to the inner cupboard, and the ability to outweigh the doors will allow you to build the oven anywhere in the kitchen, even in the corner.

The secret method of cooking 3 dishes in the oven at a time

Such an opportunity appeared in the housewives relatively recently, after a master class of the company Bosch (Bosch).

At this event there was a presentation of technology, and at the same time not only in words, as is often the case, but also in deeds.

Three dishes in the oven at the same time - how to cook with pleasure? When talking about the advantages of the oven and hobs from Bosch, they cooked 3 dishes at once - potatoes in a village style, stuffed peppers and pork with a delicious sauce.Each dish itself turns out to be very fragrant, and at the same time different spices are used (garlic and greens for pepper, lime and black pepper for meat, and Italian herbs and paprika for potatoes). Details on the spices used are given in order to make it clear that dishes with different flavors can be cooked all together. It turns out that instead of pepper, you could make a biscuit charlotte, or put wings with barbecue sauce instead of pork.

Believe me, what would have turned out perfect, although in reality it is difficult to imagine how aromas do not mix with each other? After all, hot steam cannot be made to stand still and not rise up. In fact, everything is simpler than it might seem - set the baking temperature from 160 to 180 degrees, because it is at this temperature that the pores of the products close and the flavors will not mix. This is the "cleanest" baking mode. In addition, at this temperature, the fat will not boil, much less splatter.

In addition, the aromas of the food do not mix and the oven remains clean.

But already at a temperature of 200 degrees, the oven will be splashed with fat.

In addition, it is important to take into account one more nuance - not every oven has the ability to keep the same temperature at three levels. In inexpensive models, the middle level does not warm up as needed and the dishes will not have time to bake on it. By the way, the 3D mode, in which it is possible to cook 3 dishes at the same time, is available for every model of Bosch ovens, even the cheapest ones, although earlier it was exclusively a premium function.