Tips for choosing kitchen countertops: Instructions + Video

Tips for choosing kitchen countertops: Instructions + Video It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the kitchen in the apartment. The family gathers here in the morning, and breakfast often sets the mood for the whole day. In this regard, the environment is important: colors, lighting and kitchen furniture, functional and modern. Nowadays, the material of facades and countertops is represented by the widest palette, from the simplest to the rare and exquisite.

To find out which countertop is the most practical, let's analyze each type from the standpoint of the main characteristics, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages.

Worktop from laminated chipboard

Worktops from laminated chipboard are chosen today by about 70% of buyers.

Let's consider their advantages:

  • Tips for choosing kitchen countertops: Instructions + Video - affordable price in combined with a huge selection of colors;
  • - good resistance to chemicals such as chlorine, alkali, weak acids, alcohol;
  • - easy to clean, can be rubbed with a brush;
  • - the ability to easily install yourself.

Now about the disadvantages:

  • - poor heat resistance, withstands only short contact with hot dishes
  • - swells under the influence of moisture ;
  • - not resistant to many food colors (coffee, wine, juice of vegetables and fruits);
  • - short service life - about 5 years;
  • - presence in the composition formaldehyde.

Several recommendations for those who opt for this type of countertop:

  • - Pay attention to the cut - the thicker the plastic layer, the stronger countertop;
  • - check with the consultant what type of plastic was used in the production of chipboard (choose HPL, not CPL);
  • - be sure to check the emission class - must be E0, in extreme cases E1 ( indicates the content of formaldehyde).

MDF worktop

Externally, the MDF worktop looks the same as the chipboard worktop.

Its difference is the underlying plate. It is stronger and more environmentally friendly. This is a plus to the advantages described for laminated chipboard. To the positive characteristics, you can also add resistance to fungus and various microorganisms. Of the negative ones, low heat resistance and impact resistance remain, plastic quickly absorbs food dyes, the joints are afraid of water.

Overall a decent countertop at an affordable price if used carefully and ready for replacement after about 5 years.

Acrylic countertop

Acrylic stone is created from mineral chips and color pigments bonded with acrylic resin. This material allows you to make tabletops of any shape without joints and seams. The interior looks very dignified. Acrylic countertops are often chosen for the bathroom.

Also, the advantages of acrylic countertops include:

  • - hygiene and environmental friendliness;
  • - acrylic surface does not absorb water and odors, on it does not form mold;
  • Tips for choosing kitchen countertops: Instructions + Video - the ability to repair the damaged part, polish to a "like new" condition;
  • - high impact resistance.

Disadvantages of acrylic countertops:

  • - easily scratched;
  • - low heat resistance;
  • - poor resistance to chemistry;
  • - installation can only be carried out by a professional;
  • - the price for them is much higher than for countertops made of chipboard and MDF.


Choose light colors of acrylic stone, scratches are more visible on dark surfaces.

Quartz countertops (artificial stone)

This countertop is more than 90% made of solid components: marble, quartz or granite chips bonded with hard epoxy resins. Looks very decent, perfect for a premium kitchen.

Advantages of quartz countertops:

  • Tips for choosing kitchen countertops: Instructions + Video - excellent resistance to any mechanical and chemical influences;
  • - high heat resistance - you can even put a hot pan on it without fear;
  • - it is impossible to scratch it. The knife is more likely to dull than to damage the surface;
  • - maximum environmental friendliness and hygiene;
  • - the color does not fade or fade;
  • - serves "for centuries"

There are also disadvantages:

  • - high price (can reach the cost of a kitchen set);
  • - heavy weight (you may have to strengthen headset frame).


Be sure to check with the seller for the total weight of the countertop and inform the designers of the kitchen set.

Countertops made of natural granite

Granite is a very dense, fine-grained natural material with a wide range of colors. Granite countertops are not affordable for everyone.

Advantages of natural granite countertops:

  • Tips for choosing kitchen countertops: Instructions + Video - excellent heat resistance;
  • - Environmental friendliness and hygiene;
  • - stable color, does not fade from the sun;
  • - durability

Of the minuses in addition to the high price, it should be noted:

  • - very heavy;
  • - beyond repair;
  • - the surface absorbs some dyes;
  • - there is a high background radiation.


Be sure to ask the seller about the place of origin of the stone, study the quality certificate, it must indicate the class of granite according to the specific activity of natural radionuclides.

Marble countertop

Perhaps the most luxurious of all. Also, like the previous one, it is made of natural natural stone, but aesthetics is its only advantage.

The marble countertop is very capricious:

  • - not heat-resistant, cracks can form from temperature drops;
  • - quickly absorbs any dyes, moisture and grease:
  • - chips may form, cannot be repaired;
  • - low impact resistance.


If you really want to have a marble countertop, but are confused by its impracticality, consider the palette of quartz agglomerate, for sure there is a sample closely resembling marble.

Solid wood countertops

Made of high-strength oak, ash, walnut wood. It looks very solid, pleasant to the touch and creates additional comfort in the kitchen.

Advantages :

  • - the most environmentally friendly;
  • - resistant to moisture (with proper varnishing);
  • - easily renewable by grinding.

Disadvantages :

  • - not resistant to mechanical and chemical influences;
  • - poor heat resistance and fire resistance;
  • - readily absorbs dyes;
  • - may dry out when the humidity level changes.

  • - frequent wetting may cause fungus.


To prolong the life of your wooden countertop, use special bio-impregnations made from beeswax and natural oils.

Steel countertops

Steel countertops are not very popular, but the most wear-resistant, suitable for loft or high-tech interiors ...

It has the following advantages:

  • - impact resistance and heat resistance;
  • - safety and environmental friendliness;
  • - absolutely stable to any dyes;
  • - does not absorb dirt, grease, odors;
  • - durability.

Of the minuses, it can be noted:

  • - there are few manufacturers, therefore the price is high;
  • - streaks are visible, it is necessary to constantly wipe;
  • - not resistant to scratches, frequent grinding is required;
  • - due to high humidity, rusty specks may appear on it.


To avoid fingerprints on the countertop, you can polish it with stainless steel polishes.

Ceramic tile worktop

In our country, such worktops are practically not found, but they look quite interesting and unusual, enliven the interior in country style. Ceramic tiles or mosaics are usually laid on a chipboard or MDF board.

The advantages of such a tabletop:

  • - resistance to mechanical and chemical influences;
  • - not afraid of moisture;
  • - heat resistance;
  • - affordability.

Cons :

  • - difficult to repair;
  • - accumulation of dirt in the seams.


So what is the most practical countertop? As you can see from the article, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose based on your specific needs.If you do not make repairs once and for life, choose a worktop made of high-quality MDF.

With proper care, it will serve you for a long time, and if it gets bored or deteriorates, you can easily and quickly replace it.

If you love everything of quality and are ready to shell out a tidy sum, choose a quartz agglomerate.

If you like everything new and unusual - take a closer look at the steel table top.