Tips for preventing their appearance + Photos and Videos

Tips for preventing their appearance + Photos and Videos Why is it necessary to fight rats in the house? Rats often live in our homes and feel comfortable. They can find the amount of food they need without much effort, not like in nature. They look cute and fluffy and we sometimes feel sorry to chase them away. But we must remember that rats are carriers of diseases dangerous to humans: typhoid, plague, hepatitis E and much more.

Some of the diseases carried by rats can be fatal!

Do you want to risk the health of your own and your family? You need to immediately think about how to get rid of the rats in the house.

Until they multiplied and wreaked havoc on your home. After all, rats gnaw everything that comes their way: furniture, food, gnaw holes in the ceiling and walls.

Having started the fight against rats, over time they will become the owners of the house.

What can rats start from?

The reasons for the appearance of rats in your house can be different, let's highlight the main ones:

  • - if conditions that are far from hygiene standards are divorced in your house or nearby in a building: garbage is scattered around, you can find remnants of food or bread crumbs in the corners, cleaning is rarely done.
  • - you have an impressive supply of sugar, flour or various cereals.

  • - catering places are located near your house.
  • - the house has holes in the roof, walls or floor.

Ways of dealing with rats at home

You can carry out pest control without even contacting specialized firms, but do everything on your own. For this, there are various methods of getting rid of rats.

Five folk remedies to help fight rats

If a rat is in the house, but you don't want to resort to chemicals, then you can turn to folk remedies to fight rats.

They have been proven over the years and are widely used.

Important !

If you have pets, for example, cats, dogs, then the question arises before you - how to drive rats out of the house without harming your pets. Here folk methods are used.

  • Ash - you need to scatter ash on the floor in the basement, storage room, attic. This simple remedy includes alkali, which eats away the paws of rats, and then irritates the walls of the stomach.

  • Plants and flowers that scare off rats - coriander, calendula, chamomile, peppermint, tomato tops, wormwood, tansy, black root, pyrethrum. The smell of all these plants and flowers rats do not tolerate, it scares them away.

IMPORTANT! The smell of tansy is not tolerated not only by rats, but also by cats. It is necessary to work with blackroot with gloves, it is poisonous. Wormwood should be laid out in small quantities, its smell can lead to headaches.

  • Broken glass - used mixed with soap, which has a strong aroma, the rat will eat it and damage its stomach.
  • Gypsum and flour - these two products are mixed 50 to 50, placed in the place where the rats were found and at the same time put a container with water. When the rat eats this "delicacy", it will definitely wash it down with water. The mixture will go into the stomach and harden, turning to stone.
  • Putty and semolina - mix these ingredients in a 1: 1 ratio, place next to the rat shelter, pour water.

    The putty in the rat's stomach will swell.

Biological way to eliminate rats

An effective way to get rid of rats forever is to get yourself a pet, a cat. You should be careful when choosing a cat. Why choose a cat? It is the females that eliminate everything that can harm their children, the maternal instinct plays a role.

The main signs of a cat-rat catcher:

  • - the muzzle of such cats should have the shape of a triangle, be extended to the nose.

  • - long ears, possibly tassels at the ends of the ears.

IMPORTANT! The breeds that are most suitable for catching rats are Siamese, Abyssinian, Singapore, Siberian, Oriental. But not only purebred cats have the skill of a rat-catcher, also an ordinary tricolor cat from the yard will be no worse to fulfill this duty.

If you do not want to get a cat permanently, you can go to the forum where you can find people who will lend you their pet or take a cat that needs overexposure while looking her permanent residence.

Chemical method of baiting rats

Tips for preventing their appearance + Photos and Videos Many poisons are sold in stores with rats.

Chemistry is an effective way, but you need to be careful with it. Place poisons in hard-to-reach places, especially if there are children in the house. Chemicals from rats come in different forms: powder, aerosol, granules.

IMPORTANT! It is better to use different means each time, since the rats gradually develop immunity, and the poison may not work in any way.

Mechanical methods of pest control

There are still ways to control rats to avoid poisoning.

The most popular tool is a rat trap. It is worth placing food in it in the form of bait and wait until the rat gets into it. There is also an option, like a trap with glue. Apply adhesive to the surface of a piece of plywood or cardboard. The rat will get into it, just running past, but the disadvantage of this method is that you have to independently further get rid of the rat.

IMPORTANT! When fighting rats, all of the above methods can be combined to achieve good results faster.

How to avoid the appearance of rats?

Fighting rats in the house is not a pleasant activity. In order not to run into it, you should not neglect the prevention of the appearance of these pests.What is this prevention?

  • - to do so that the garbage does not sit for a long time;
  • - to clean the house in a timely manner, especially in all corners, so that nothing is piled up anywhere.
  • - all holes that you see must be carefully repaired: on the walls, in the roof, in the floor.

    Rats from everywhere can get into your house.

  • - you can sometimes turn on ultrasonic scarers. They can be placed in different places: on the roof, under the floor (if there is a loophole), in the pantry.

So, by sticking to the usual prevention in the house, you can protect yourself from the appearance of these harmful animals. If they did come to your house, then only a timely effective fight will help you get rid of them.