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Tips + Photo Projects & Videos What gazebos with a fireplace are there? Gazebos with a fireplace are a great option for arranging a recreation area for the whole family at any time of the year.

It is important to think over all the nuances and develop a competent project, and then, even if you are not a professional in the construction business, creating such an island of relaxation for you in the country will bring a lot of pleasure.

Before you start designing the gazebo of your dreams


you need to find out what types they are. They can be conditionally divided into:

  1. open - these are gazebos in which there are no walls, the roof is supported by several pillars, while the fireplace can be located both under the roof and stand apart.
  2. Partially open - there are at least two walls, more suitable for places where it is often rainy and windy.
  3. Capital, or winter gazebos - completely closed. They are equally comfortable to bask in the winter near the fireplace and hide from the sun in summer.

You should not choose the type of gazebo based on criteria other than the weather conditions in your region.

If you have 10 months of the year in the summer, choose an open gazebo. Warm, but rainy and windy? Then the partially closed type is best. If you live closer to the northern latitudes, definitely build a warm gazebo with a fireplace, you will not go wrong.

How to choose the size of the gazebo

It all depends on how many people you plan to accommodate.

We can definitely say that making the gazebo too small is not worth it, because in fact you will get a table that is too close to the fire, stuffiness and lack of space for a person who will cook dishes by the fireplace or barbecue. The optimal size of the gazebo for 10-15 people is 4x4 or 3x5, that is, 15-16 sq. meters.

Varieties of fireplaces

After you have chosen the type and size of the gazebo, you should think about which fireplace to choose. Depending on the location, fireplaces are:

  1. Tips + Photo Projects & Videos Those that are located against the wall or built into it (best suited for all types of gazebos).

  2. Corner fireplaces, those that are located in one of the corners of the gazebo (they are the most compact in size, suitable for small rooms).
  3. Island or central fireplaces - can be placed anywhere in the structure, usually in the center (not the most practical, they are often chosen for aesthetics).

In addition, fireplaces can carry different functions. It can be a fireplace, like for a house, that serves as a stove, or, in addition to a heating function, it can be a means for cooking. An ideal option in all respects is a fireplace, complemented by a hob, barbecue, barbecue or smokehouse.

How to build a gazebo with your own hands

The first step is to start by choosing a place.It should be conveniently located in the yard (not too far from the house, and not on the very border of the site) and comply with all fire safety rules: there should be no flammable objects, dry trees or bushes nearby.

Tips + Photo Projects & Videos It is also worth considering that the smoke that will come from the chimney does not interfere with the neighbors - this will help avoid problems in the future ...

Next, select the wall material. It can be brick, stone, timber, metal, plastic. If this is your first experience of construction, we do not recommend using bricks, since this is a rather painstaking work. It is best to use wood in this case. Pergolas made of brick or wood also create a special atmosphere of comfort.

Next, start pouring the foundation. For a brick gazebo with a wall fireplace, it must be concrete. For open-type gazebos, it is enough to simply concrete the base of the bearing pillars; it is not necessary to make a continuous concrete pour.

! Remember that the foundation must be completely dry before starting to build walls and lay out the fireplace. Let the concrete settle for at least 7 days, later it will save you from cracks in the fireplace or distortion of the gazebo!

When the foundation is ready, you can start building walls and a roof.

We have already decided on the material of the walls, and as for the roof, wood, slate, metal or corrugated board will do.

! Remember, if you use wood in the construction of a gazebo with a fireplace, it is very important to process it with high-quality refractory impregnation!

Then you can start laying out the fireplace itself. We strongly recommend that if you are new to construction business, seek professional help. (in the modern world it is not at all difficult to find them, it is enough to carefully study the reviews). The most common mistake when installing a fireplace is an incorrectly assembled so-called tooth angle, which is fraught with constant smoke from the room in which the fireplace is located.

! Remember, when the fireplace is ready, wait 12 to 15 days and start heating it with wood chips. On average, 2-3 days, 3-4 times a day, no longer than 15 minutes!

You can be congratulated at this stage! Now it remains to decorate the resting place from the inside and, if desired, decorate it. For the floor in the gazebo, you can use paving stones or tiles. A terrace board will look quite simple and beautiful in such an interior. It is very durable (guaranteed service life is at least 25 years) and is easy to install, the principle of installation is the same as for laminate.

The decor will help create a special atmosphere. Don't forget the lighting. Usually, three points of light will be enough; in addition, you can draw a light path from the house to the gazebo.

! When you conduct electricity to the gazebo, choose the right wiring, it must be of high quality and with good waterproofing!


Choose a beautiful and practical furniture at the same time, think about having enough room for everyone at the table. If possible, equip a small, but separate corner for dishes and cutlery right in the gazebo.

Pillows and blankets will help make your vacation spot truly relaxing and comfortable.

Tip! Even if you and your family carefully follow all fire safety measures, it will not be superfluous to put a fire extinguisher somewhere in the corner. Better it will never be useful to you than at the right time it will not be at hand.

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