Toning varnish and its technology of use

Toning varnish and its technology of use Tinted varnish - colors and composition characteristics

Thanks to the tinted parquet surface, you can easily change the shade wood, make the color very beautiful, and also completely change the interior design.

Today, toning is a fairly simple and affordable procedure that will make it possible to emphasize the great taste of the owner, show his individuality, and also create a stylish, original and even exclusive floor material.

To make the floor surface beautiful and irresistible, a tinted varnish is used, which makes it possible to transform rooms extremely effectively and in a short time.

The main advantages of tinted varnishes

Some people prefer to use stain or oils for processing wood products, but tinted varnishes have much more advantages. compared with such products.

For example, tinting compositions can be applied extremely easily and quickly, and after a while you can apply a solution of a different shade, thereby changing the color of the wood.

In order for the coloring of floor coverings or other wooden products to become much more intense, it is enough just to apply not one, but several layers of paintwork material at once for tinting. The more coatings are applied, the more intense the surface shade will be. In addition to its visual appeal, the tint varnish composition for wood extends the life of the material on which it will be applied. Thanks to such a varnish composition, it will be possible to simply and quickly restore old and worn out wood.

Detailed review

Acrylic tinted products

Tinted varnish compositions that are made on the basis of acrylic are very common nowadays for the processing of materials of floor type. This paint and varnish product consists of an aqueous acrylic dispersion, tinted additives, and also driers. The tinting acrylic varnish for wood is best suited for the treatment of flooring, on which the solution will create a beautiful and presentable protective layer. Acrylics can be antiseptic, providing protection against fungal colonies and mildew.

Compositions based on acrylic dry out very quickly, and they are used for the following purposes:

Properties and characteristics of the tinted type varnish based on acrylic:

  • Packing from 1 to 10 liters.
  • A shade of glossy, colorless, or oak, pine, oregon and others.

  • Consumption of varnish composition - 1 liter will be enough for processing from 8 to 14 square meters of parquet or other wooden surface.
  • The drying time is from 40 to 60 minutes, but the tinting varnish will completely dry out after about 2 days.

Let's consider several types of tinted varnish.


Varnish for tinting varnish is produced in various modifications, and is used as a decorative and protective finish of wood material, which is located indoors. They make a tinted varnish lacquer composition, which has antiseptic characteristics, can be used to cover skirting boards, wall and ceiling panels, doors and other products.

Such a varnish mixture helps to decorate and make woody surfaces more beautiful, emphasizes and emphasizes the real texture, woody pattern and allows you to tint products for certain types of wood. They make a varnish varnish composition from environmentally friendly and clean substances for humans. The composition can be applied in different ways - with a brush, spray gun or even a roller.

Boron tinting varnish

Boron tinted furniture varnish is made from an alkyd mixture with the addition of special solvents, pigments, driers and other components. Such a product is intended for decorative and protective finishing of all types of products, from some type of wood.

The surface treated with varnish can be used both indoors and outdoors. The tinted varnish is resistant to negative weather conditions.

This compound can be used to protect wood, stairs, wooden cones, any piece of furniture, fences, baseboards, garden pavilions, all wooden buildings and home facades. Boron has antiseptic properties, deeply impregnates wood and protects it from rot, blue stains, fungal colonies and mold, and also prevents the colonization of insects that attack wood. Such a lacquer-type material significantly increases the life of the tree.

It is produced both as a transparent and colored composition for tinting under valuable wood species. When the layer dries, a shiny elastic coating is formed that is resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture and atmospheric precipitation.

Application Technology

Stir thoroughly before applying the tinted varnish composition. The varnish composition can be applied by means of a spray gun, roller or brush, but it will be necessary to prepare the base in advance. All contaminants should be removed from the substrates, including dirt, dust, old paintwork materials, grease stains, etc.

You should end up with a dry and clean surface. after cleaning, the floor material should be looped or even sanded.If a tinted type of varnish composition will be applied to a material of a mineral type, then it is imperative to first prime such surfaces with a varnish composition that is diluted with water, one to one. The product should be applied in 2-3 layers. Allow the previous coat to dry before applying each new coat.

When working, the varnish can thicken, and it can be diluted according to the instructions, and mixed regularly, once every 1/2 hour.

Please note that the tinted composition should be applied at an air temperature of +13 degrees. Immediately after completion of work, all used tools should be rinsed with running water.

Selecting a shade

The style of the room, its design and originality will depend on the selection of a shade. Most people prefer a simple oak color with a tan tint.

This color is very tired, and therefore such shades as smoky and bog oak are now quite popular. For modernity and originality of the interior, you can use a bleached or oak shade. In any case, choosing the colors of the flooring is required based on what shades will prevail in the room so that the interior is harmonious. By toning the floor covering, the texture of the wood will be preserved, and the old floor will become solid and presentable.

The recommendations for choosing a shade can be followed:

  • Toning varnish and its technology of use A dark saturated color helps make floor coverings expensive and elegant.

    Dark colors go well with warm tones, and they are mainly used in the interior of the room in the Art Nouveau style. Popular types of flowers (dark) such as bog oak, chocolate, dark chestnut and others.

  • White and light colors are very popular today, and they allow you to highlight the personality and great taste of the owner of the house. White parquet does not require careful maintenance, because dust is practically invisible on it, and this cannot be said about dark colors. Light or snow-white parquet will make the room weightless, lighter and more elegant.

  • Brown tint is a symbol of comfort and reliability. It is versatile because it goes well with almost all types of interior design, as well as with all shades of furniture, including yellow and extremely dark tones.
  • Gray tones help create an elegant environment. The gray color goes well with the white and black tones that prevail in interior design. Also, the gray finish looks great with cool and autumn shades.

  • Dark red and cherry tinted varnish helps to make the room cozy and warm. But for such shades it is harder to choose the rest of the design elements in the interior. The red color of the floor harmonizes with the yellow, brown and green shades, but cannot be combined with the cold shades.

So, varnishes for tinting make it possible to make floor coverings or other wood surfaces stylish, original and beautiful. In addition to the external beauty, the material will become protected from the external environment, very resistant to wear and tear and durable.