Tools at Leroy Merlin - the best options that will come in handy for everyone - Review

Tools at Leroy Merlin - the best options that will come in handy for everyone - Review TOP-10 instruments in Leroy Merlin - the best options that will be useful to everyone

Women are buying the 15th pan in their adored kitchen, and men are not lagging behind - they are trying to update the base of tools for home repairs and more. You can buy devices everywhere, but it is better to do it in official stores, where there will be a guarantee. One of the most popular construction markets is the famous Leroy Merlin, where you can find absolutely everything.

And if a set of tools in Leroy Merlin is expensive, it will be very profitable to buy good instruments separately. Here are 10 of the best tools that will make great repair assistants.

Electric drill

The choice of tools in the store is impressive, but we suggest that you consider a power drill and screwdriver in combination, having the name P rac l 280 W - an indoor tool, lightweight, really indispensable in everyday life, which is used for working with fasteners (screwing in and out), and also for that to drill shallow holes in surfaces of all kinds of materials.

The advantages of this electric drill are as follows:

  • There is a reverse (that is, reverse) stroke function, as well as a depth limiter for drilling, which will eliminate the possibility of the drill getting stuck in surface you are processing.
  • The rubber grip helps reduce vibration and will also prevent hands from slipping when working.
  • It differs in that it has high productivity and speed, the tool is designed for long and continuous work.

The cost of the goods is 1425 rubles.

There is no shock function, the device is guaranteed for 2 years, drills up to 2 cm in diameter in wood, and up to 1 cm in metal. The torque is 11.8 N * m. It is enough for homework. The cable is long, 2 meters, well insulated, and the device itself weighs only 1 1/4 kg.

Mark, Moscow: "I bought a tool for home use, but I used it for a long time at work. I didn't think that the drill would live that long, but it works properly, already more than a year".

Yulia, Novorossiysk: "My husband and I bought for the house, not bad on the whole. I am glad that it fits comfortably in the hand, but it seemed to me that the power was not enough ".

Construction household hair dryer

Such a tool as a construction hair dryer is extremely useful for the master.

Believe me, it will not be possible to replace it with an ordinary hairdressing salon, but how much can be done with its help! The technical tool with the name Нitac hi RH600T (power 2 kW ) is a multifunctional device that works by controlling the pressure force, as well as the temperature of the air that is injected. This helps to carry out various actions during repair and construction work.The device allows you to quickly clean surfaces from paint, dry or defrost materials, make soldering and unsoldering of a part that has been deformed.

The advantages of a building household hair dryer are as follows:

  • There are two modes of air flow, as well as 2 temperature modes - this is required in order for the work to be accurate, efficient for various materials.
  • Ventilation system, which is built into the device (helps to cool the electric motor and prevents it from overheating).

  • The handle has a soft pad for maximum comfort when working.

Cost of goods - 2860 rubles. The device comes with a 3-year warranty, which is a decent amount of time. The maximum heating temperature for materials is +600 degrees. The cable is long, convenient - 2 meters.

The set includes accessories, for example, a flat and round nozzle, curved and in the form of a glass projector, as well as a plastic case for easy storage and transportation, a scraper (with a grip). The tool weighs relatively little - 1. 9 kg.

Vladimir, Ussuriysk: "The hair dryer is excellent! The case is medium in size, lightweight, so it does not cause discomfort during prolonged operation. The heating element is made of ceramic, heats up quickly, lasts a long time I am glad that the hair dryer has a high heat output, heats up quickly to the set temperature, and of course an additional plus is this cooling.

I did not find any shortcomings for myself.

Nikita, Tver: "Loved the hair dryer, works well. Heats up quickly, there is no smell or smoke. It works great even for a long time, and cooling makes it possible to quickly cool the heating element. The case has become a pleasant addition for me.

The only thing that upset was that the attachments from my old hair dryer did not fit. "


In addition to the standard and familiar tools, you will find in Leroy Merlin construction mixer, which will definitely come in handy.We offer to consider a model of a drill-mixer of the middle price category, which has won the love of buyers - Ma kita M6600X, which is a practical, powerful and simple tool for mixing viscous compositions . The built-in speed controller on electrons will be an excellent protection against product overload, and will also prevent breakages and early wear

From the advantages of the mixer, we highlight the fact that it has an ergonomic body, as well as a reduced vibration level. for drilling, as well as for installing and removing hardware.

M14 and M12 threads are suitable for most popular nozzles.Includes a chuck with a diameter of 1.3 cm, stirrer, additional handle for side control and the key.

The cost of the product is 7415 rubles. Since the country of origin is China, the warranty is only given for 1 year, but be sure that the tool will serve you much more.

The maximum torque is 1 Nm (700 rpm), but this is enough for mixing. There is only one speed, the cable length is comfortable for work - 2 meters. The device weighs 3.4 kg. In addition, there is a reverse.

The power of the device is 800 W.

Dmitry, p. Zhukovsky: "I bought a mixer for my guys (brigade), it is in use every day, and for six months they did not find a single flaw. Not glue the device does not heat up , a little only when working with concrete, but this is normal - at least for 15 k to buy a mixer, the same thing will be. The device is light, convenient, I recommend for finishing work.


Electric plane

If you want to buy an electric plane, Leroy Merlin offers an excellent choice. We offer a budget model " Spets" BRU-600, which can be used for leveling wooden surfaces by planing. The device is connected with a cable to a household electrical network, has a motor with a power of 650 watts. The drum rotation speed reaches up to 16,000 revolutions in 1 minute (taking into account the fact that it is idling).

Advantages of the electric plane:

  • The depth of planing can be adjusted by turning the support knob and reaches 0.

    2 cm.

  • The width of the building is 8.2 cm.
  • The sawdust is selected in both directions.
  • The tool has a groove that helps to fix chamfers with a depth of 1.

    2 cm.

  • There is a built-in overload protection, which increases the life of the engine and all mechanisms.
  • The design is ergonomic, the weight of the device is 2.4 kg, and it is convenient for work.

Cost - 2450 rubles.

The warranty is issued for 1 year, it is possible to sample a quarter. Of the additional advantages, we single out the presence of a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner, which will make work comfortable, and the sole of the device is made of aluminum. The cable length is acceptable, 1. 8 meters.

Ilya, Arkhangelsk: "I took it for slaughter, I had to do rough processing of birch round timber.

The plane looks" oak ", but surprised by how tenacious. Of course, you will have to change knives often under such loads, but it doesn't matter. "

Alexander, Yekaterinburg: "I liked the plane, it is comfortable in my hand. It planes everything evenly, does not leave stripes. I am glad that the knives are standard, so there are problems with a replacement will not occur.



The compressor hasn't interfered with anyone in the house. It will be quite inexpensive to buy such a device. We offer a piston automobile compressor "Spets KPA-35", which is a lightweight and compact device for inflating tires, but it can be freely used for small household needs. It can even be plugged into a car cigarette lighter. Also included is a storage bag, a set of attachments and a handy hose.

It takes up very little space in the trunk of a car. The mechanism is reliably protected from damage.The principle of operation is to reciprocate the piston and compress the gas inside the cylinder. The design is safe and has a fairly simple device. A pressure gauge is also installed in the compressor.

Advantages of this compressor model:

  • Tools at Leroy Merlin - the best options that will come in handy for everyone - Review Main material of manufacture - steel.
  • The maximum possible pressure is 8 bar.
  • Productivity 35 l in 1 minute.

Cost - 1210 rubles. Country of origin China, but the warranty is 1.

5 years. The power cable is excellent - 3.5 meters in length, the length of the hose is 0.8 meters. The engine of the device is cylindrical.

The device weighs a little - only 1.5 kg.

Georgy, Izhevsk: "It stands like a cool foot pump, but does everything on its own. It pumps quickly, the battery charge is consumed moderately, there is a bag-case and a lot of adapters for every miscellaneous. Useful little thing.


Spray gun with top tank

Spray guns in Leroy Merlin are quite a popular tool. We propose to consider the tool of the model Dexte r Po r , which is designed to quickly and evenly apply varnish, paints, enamels and even liquid putty to the surface. The tool is ideal for outdoor interior work. Due to its low weight and compactness in size, the work will not be difficult, and due to the simplicity of the design, the service life is longer than that of similar models. There is a screw on the front of the housing to adjust the volume of the supplied liquid.

A paint hopper with measuring graduations is convenient for controlling material consumption. The advantage of the spray gun is that it makes the paint consumption less than if you were working with a roller or brush.

Advantages of the device:

  • Lightness, compactness.
  • Security.
  • Saving paints and varnishes.

Cost - 2515 rubles. The power of the device is 400 W, and at low pressure the maximum flow rate is 0.7 liters per minute. The container in the device has a volume of 0. 9 liters.

It is possible to adjust the flow rate. The spray gun weighs only 1.75 kg. One year warranty for the device.

Elena, Voronezh: "I took the tool to the dacha to treat the lining with an antiseptic.

Everything turned out very conveniently and quickly, not at all like a brush. The only thing I had to buy an extension cord, because the cord is not very long, but that's nothing. "

Svyatoslav, Krasnoyarsk: "I liked everything. At the dacha I covered the lining with impregnation. The spray gun did an excellent job with the task.

By the way, so as not to clog the filter, I closed it with special tear-off rags, which I bought in Leroy. For convenience, it is better to fix them with masking tape, because the adhesive tape will leave traces of glue. The device suits me for 5 out of 5 ".

Alexey, g.Saransk: "With the help of this spray gun I painted the house, however, I only filled my hand at the very end.

I was satisfied with the paint consumption, it's still better than waving a brush."

Circular Saw

Another useful device is the circular saw. We recommend to purchase model "Spec" BTsP-1300, which is the best option in the store in terms of price and quality ratio. The power tool is hand held and can be used for sawing materials made of wood. Used in repair, construction or carpentry work.

The electric motor has a power of 1. 55 kW and provides rotation of the discs with a frequency of up to 5000 rpm in 1 minute for a smooth and clean cut. The maximum cutting height is 6.5 cm, which makes it possible to unfold or cut off the bars and floorboards.

Advantages of the device:

  • Tools at Leroy Merlin - the best options that will come in handy for everyone - Review Working element - discs, the size of which is 18.

    5 cm and the rim diameter is 2 cm.

  • The incline of the cut can be adjusted up to 45 degrees, and the maximum depth at an angle of 45 degrees is 4.2 cm.
  • There is a protective cover with spring latch for the nozzle to connect the vacuum cleaner.
  • The set includes a guide bar for parallel sawing, it can be easily fixed with a screw.

  • The weight of the tool is relatively small - 3. 7 kg, which makes it convenient to use for regular use even in non-stationary conditions.

Cost - 3790 rubles. The device is guaranteed for 1 year. There is a function of blocking the blade, working with a guide; the length of the wire is satisfactory - 1.

8 meters, a parallel guide is included with the saw, a key that will help to change discs, instructions.

Renat, Krasnodar: "The saw is inexpensive, very powerful for its size, it cuts everything quickly. I managed to survive the construction of several summer cottages, there is a margin of safety, unpretentious. The disc in the set quickly became dull, after 2 months, this is perhaps the only drawback, otherwise everything is fine. "

Egor, Shakhty: "I was engaged in upgrading the garage, bought everything I needed.

The task is to sheathe the walls with wood from the inside, make shelves and a rack. I sawed with a tool a lot of plywood, timber and planks. Worked at medium power, but with maximum cutting depth. The saw is excellent, pliable, quickly gaining momentum. The cut is clean.

No complaints. "


We recommend not to forget about simpler devices - for example, consider a sharpener from Leroy Merlin. The presented option is the cheapest of all, but was able to prove itself. This is a 120W sharpener. It can be used to keep knives and other tools that require sharpening in working order.

The product has two abrasive wheels for grinding and cleaning the surface and metal for future processing.There are also two protective screens so that during operation the device does not fly solid particles on all sides; there is a casing that is dustproof.

Cost - 1525 rubles. The motor is induction, the cable length is small - 1. 65 meters, the noise level is 76 dB, the frame is made of ABS plastic.

The wheels make 2950 revolutions in 1 minute. 6 months warranty.

Artem, Moscow: "The sharpener works from the box, does not heat up. I bought it, I doubted, now I checked everything and I am 100% sure that for that kind of money you are better off find (and not the fact that for a lot of money you will find such quality) ".

Ivan, St.

Petersburg: "A smart option, sharpens knives for one or two, in the summer I will sharpen all the garden stuff. Looks soundly!"

Gasoline generator

The penultimate gasoline generator in our TOP K RO NWE RK LK 950. This is an excellent and compact device that plays the role of an autonomous power station. Required for connecting electrical equipment, supplying electricity to small construction sites, summer cottages.

Advantages :

  • The device is capable of continuous operation on unleaded gasoline, the start is carried out using a manual drive.

  • The operating time without interruption with a full tank is 4 full hours.
  • The model has light weight and dimensions, low noise level.
  • Use of the generator does not require any special maintenance.

Cost - 4845 rubles, and this is the most budget device. West generator 17 kg, and it is relatively small compared to other models, output voltage 220 V, power 800 W.

The volume of the container is 4.2 liters. The noise level is 95 dB.

Dmitry, Anapa: "I fell in love with this generator! It is small, not weak, at the same time worked with it on a grinder and a drill + a searchlight, but it did not even stall Not once. Gasoline eats less than it is written - 5 liters were enough for two days.

The crash test was passed successfully, just 120% of 100% ".

Egor, Gelendzhik: "I bought a generator for lighting, TV set, heating pump, in case the electricity is cut off, as is often the case in our village. the first start I turned on the grinder, albeit idle, but 1. 8 kW and everything worked! On a full tank, he plowed for 8 hours. "

Construction vacuum cleaner

Leroy Merlin's tools are of high quality, even if they are cheap.

Рrac l 1. 25 kW for 15 liters very convenient for wet and dry cleaning. The device is capable of working even for water supply.

Cost - 2375 rubles. Agree, this is not much, considering the power (1.

25 kW), a garbage container for 2 kg of dust and 5 liters of water, a network cable for 5 meters, and a weight of just over 5 kg. The set includes two brushes - for wet cleaning and crevice treatment. All users were satisfied with the quality of the device.

You can find even more useful and inexpensive tools on the official website.