TOP 11 home interior ideas in a modern style that will cost you cheap + Video

TOP 11 home interior ideas in a modern style that will cost you cheap + Video TOP-11 color solutions for the interior of the house in a modern style. If you are hungry for novelty, we advise you to start with the changes in the apartment. The best option would be to paint wooden furniture, frames, doors and walls and similar surfaces. Using simple shades (colors), you can emphasize the advantages of a particular subject.

In order to determine the choice of color, we have compiled for you a TOP of eleven colors, all these colors are given attention to fashion trends.

At the moment, ultraviolet is considered the main color of the year, but pearl shades and good old metallic are at the top.

Lavender color

Is more emotional and sensual color.

If you want to create a so-called fashionable interior, then this color was created just for you. Also, this shade goes very well with golden brown and white.

Niagara color

TOP 11 home interior ideas in a modern style that will cost you cheap + Video Calm shade.

Mainly applied in children's room as well as in the bedroom. Combines with blue, silver, white and navy blue.

Colors mint and turquoise

Light shade, clean and airy. Able to relieve fatigue and cheer up.

If you paint the nursery in this shade with the addition of, for example, the same yellow, orange or light green color, then the room will become very bright and comfortable for the child.

Both turquoise and mint go well with white. But together they are able to create a somewhat cold combination.

Shade of thrush eggs

TOP 11 home interior ideas in a modern style that will cost you cheap + Video Natural and natural shade. For giving, this color is the most suitable.

You can repaint your veranda or porch.

When combined with coral, beige, carrot and pale brown, this color is the most beautiful.


Very intense and vibrant on its own. Able to create a so-called festive atmosphere and energize. It goes well with blue, green, pink, beige.

There is also an explosive combination, this is crimson with bright blue.

However, there is a special ratio of this combination, namely sixty percent crimson, thirty percent bright blue, and ten percent other.

Cream shade

Creamy color is the most pleasing to the eye. With the presence of this shade, a light atmosphere is observed, a small room becomes larger and warmer. When combined with yellowish, gray and chocolate, the creamy shade becomes even more pleasant. This is the most successful color for changing the interior of a house in a modern style.

Green (saturated) color

Green color is also called saturated or natural natural color of nature. This shade breathes with peace. He is also able to influence the human psyche. When combined with white shades, it looks very impressive.

The best ratio of green and white is 50/50.

There is also an option to combine green with red-brown - this design move will soften the contrast. You can also combine green with a pink tint, this combination is currently in trend.

Jet black

Considered the most mysterious shade. With careful and competent use in the interior of the house, it can work wonders. Your home will be, oddly enough, very comfortable in this color.

When combined with gold objects and woods, black can emphasize the beauty of the room and the whole house as a whole.

When combined with gray-beige colors, you will find peace. Together, these shades are able to build a protective barrier with comfort inside. Silence, peace from such a shade is guaranteed.


Universal color.

Able to enlarge any room (visually, of course). Adds light and due to this you will competently enlarge the room. On a white background, the texture of wood is excellently viewed, which adds up to a cozy atmosphere. However, white is called universal because of its ability to combine with absolutely any shade.

Dusty pink color

TOP 11 home interior ideas in a modern style that will cost you cheap + Video If If you want to repaint your living room and make the interior design of your home in a more delicate color, then we advise you to choose a dusty pink, because it is very light and comfortable.

Midnight blue

Comfort, depth and nobility in this color are in perfect harmony. Also, the shade goes well with ocher, orange, white and blue. Feel free to experiment with the choice of the second shade.