TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos

TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos In this article, we will take a closer look at how to choose a lawn mower. Especially for you, we have compiled several tables comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different models, created a test by which you will determine what type of device you need, and at the end of the article we posted a rating of the best devices that will help you choose the perfect equipment for your summer cottage.

TOP-15 lawn mowers from the best manufacturers

TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos

Summer is coming, and many summer residents begin to think about fertilizers, seeds for cucumbers and lawn mowers. And it is not in vain that they worry about the latter - putting the lawn in order to give it a proper look - this is very important.

The best solution to this problem would be to purchase a quality device.

But making a choice in favor of a really good lawn mower is difficult, since the choice is great. In our article, we will talk about how to choose a lawn mower according to your needs, and also compile TOP models in three different categories, which will help you make the right choice!

Varieties of lawn mowers

TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos Which lawn mower to choose? First, you need to figure out the differences in the functionality of lawn mowers from two similar devices - a trimmer and a motto scythe.

Usually, the owners of country houses do not see the difference in this equipment, which leads to unjustified expectations and disappointment.

  1. Lawnmower - The garden equipment, which can be moved on wheels, has an average size and power, which is enough for mowing grass in the landscape without a single hole.
  2. Trimmer - low power carrying equipment consisting of a bar, cutter and motor.

    The trimmer is used for its intended purpose when you need to cut grass on uneven surfaces, near plantings and in hard-to-reach places. Such a device is suitable for processing small areas, or as a docking cut in those places where the lawn mower "did not take".

  3. The motto braid is a powerful and more reliable analog of the trimmer. It is used for mowing tall grass in uneven areas. It can also be used as a basic tool if there is no lawn mower, but manual mowing will result in uneven results, which is not suitable for lawn care.

Now we have realized that the lawnmower is ideal for flat terrain and simple geometry. Now you need to choose the type of lawn mower, but this is not the end of the road.To make it easier for you to perceive the classification of species and their disadvantages and advantages, we have created for you a special table "How lawn mowers work"

Technical characteristics Advantages Disadvantages
Motor type, power source:

Electric motor without battery

Electric lawn mowers

Safe from an environmental point of view, no need to purchase fuels and lubricants, the noise level is low (max. 80 dB). Power connection required, extension cord, cable may be damaged, danger of operation due to dew and rain, power limitation.

Electric motor with battery
Robotic lawnmowers and with battery
All the above advantages, as well as increased mobility. When robotic lawn mowers work, there is no need for direct human participation in the process. All of the above disadvantages, as well as high weight, battery life up to 30 minutes, you need a long charge of the device.

Gasoline internal combustion engine

Gasoline lawn mowers
I have a high level of maneuverability, designed for heavy load, reliable. Large weight, high noise level (from 95 dB), regular maintenance and purchase of fuel and lubricants is required.

Drive type:
On the front wheels Front-wheel drive self-propelled models
High maneuverability, ease of control. Can only be used on perfectly level lawns.
On rear wheels

All-wheel drive

RWD self-propelled models
If the wheel building has a large diameter, you can work on bumps and slopes. It is inconvenient to deploy, sometimes you even need to stop and rearrange the equipment manually.
All-wheel drive self-propelled models
They have high productivity, are universal for any landscape, can be easily raised and lowered.

Dear ones, weigh more than 50 kg.


Non-self-propelled lawn mowers
Weigh about 15 kg and are economical in resource consumption. Low power, push in front of you.
Functional principle:

Drum (cylindrical) mechanism ("combine" with sharp blades, which are twisted in a spiral around a rotating drum)

Models with a cutting drum unit
This includes any hand-operated two-wheeled device, as well as some electrically powered models that show all the advantages of technology. This makes mowing much better.

Shallow, low permeability (not suitable for overgrown areas).
Rotor mechanism ("propeller", has a cutting disc on a rotating shaft or a pair of sharp blades (spindle knives)) Models with a cutting rotor unit
They are versatile in use, you can adjust the height of the knives, which will allow you to work on a hill and uneven ground. This includes all petrol and electric models with four wheels. Disadvantages lie in the type of motor, knives, drive and the material from which the body is made.
Airbag Models without wheels
Have good maneuverability , easy to operate, specially designed to work on uneven surfaces.

Rarely on sale, the range is small, it is difficult to direct only straight.
Power rating:
Electric - up to 1600 W

ICE - up to 2.6 l / s

Models with low power
Small size, weight, economy - ideal for small lawns in the country with flower beds. Small mowing strip (40 cm wide), the time consumption is enormous and requires a lot of effort, the ability to cut only short grass, small functionality.
Electric - from 1600 to 2000 W

ICE - 2.

6-6.1 l / s

Medium Power Models
Ideal for many areas that have slight slopes and unevenness, able to cut thick weeds to speed up the process ... They are of high cost, weight and size.

ICE - more than 6.1 l / s High power models
Performance is great, reliable, but only gasoline, and can be for semi- and professional use. High price for purchase and further service.

When asked "How to choose a lawn mower?" give preference to those models that have already stood the test of time, no matter if they are on gas or electricity. All devices still have their advantages and disadvantages.

Important: Usually manufacturers limit the volume of the fuel tank in gasoline models in order to prevent the equipment from overheating and burning. The lawnmower should be cooled down for 15 to 35 minutes.

How to choose a lawnmower?

TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos to correlate technical and functional characteristics with the features of the landscape on which the mowing will be carried out. To do this, we want to suggest making a table, in one of the columns of which there will be a list of criteria (preferences and characteristics of the site), and in the other - the technical side of lawn mowers, and "1" is yes, and "0" is not.In the third, the weight is indicated, which will show the significance to you.

Significant factors will have the highest weighting, i.e. the multiplied score ratio.

You can use this test chart to make it easier for you to choose a lawn mower. To calculate the points, add them up and compare the resulting figure with the nominal value (which will be at the end of the table).

Site specifics and client preferences Number of points
1. Plot size
Up to 500 sq. M. 1
From 500 to 1000 sq. M.

From 1000 sq. M. and more. 15


Distance from electricity for charging makes it possible to use the equipment:
Without using an extension cord (less than 25 m) 1
Using an extension cord (more than 25m) 2
Cannot recharge.

3. Relief data:
100% flat 1
There are slopes, but less than 20% 2
There are slopes, more than 20% 3
4. Type of cultivated grass:
Small crops 1
Ungrassy, ​​rough vegetation 3


Frequency of mowing:
Regularly, often enough 1
Not so often, but regularly 2
How it works 3


Ability to mow when the lawn is moistened and after (when watering the lawn, frost, rain, dew)
Needed 1
Not needed 3


The time you can afford to mow a lawn with a total area of ​​1 km. sq.
More than 2 hours 1
Exactly 1.5 hours 2
Half an hour 3

Noise sensitivity (yours and neighbors)

High (less than 75dB) 1
Relative (75 to 95dB) 2
Low (more than 90dB) 3


Your attitude to ecology in general:
reverent 1
moderate 2
indifferent 3
10. Alleged presence of strangers on the lawn (risk of cable damage or electric shock):
Pets 1
Elderly parents 2
Children under 8 years old 3
11. Who will be the main user (to take into account the weight and dimensions of the equipment):
Teenager, woman, elderly 1
Middle-aged man 2
The results obtained, which will help you make a decision:
From 11 to 22 points - a lawn mower with a manual or electric drive.
From 23 to 28 points - you can choose between a gasoline and an electric lawn mower.
Above 29 points - only a lawnmower with an internal combustion engine.

From the results obtained, we conclude that park and garden equipment that works on internal combustion engine, is versatile, unpretentious and reliable, and also has the largest continuous operation resource in comparison with other models.

As you may have noticed, it's not for nothing that professional models are made only on the basis of internal combustion engines. But at the same time, if we are talking about small areas, these qualities may not be needed. Whether the functionality of the technology is another matter, since this characteristic is directly related to power. So, in order to choose the right lawn mower for the country, let's look at the last table in this article.

Functionality parameter: Its features:
Width of cut hair:
  • Small (~ 35 cm) - for a lawn with an area of ​​500 sq. M. maximum.
  • Medium (~ 45 cm) - for a lawn up to 1000 sq. M.


  • Large (~ 55 cm) - for a lawn up to 2000 sq. maximum.
  • ХХЛ (~ 120 cm) - for a lawn with an area of ​​2000 sq.
The mowing strip, or rather its width, directly depends on how powerful the engine is and determines the performance - the larger this indicator, the faster you can cope with the haircut, while processing a large area in one unit of time.

But if you have a wide cutting unit, you will not always be able to get into narrow places, mow the grass around the flower bed.

Bevel height and adjustment:
  • Minimum (0 to 1.1 cm)
  • Maximum (from 0.07 to 1.5 cm)
For a tennis court, the minimum cutting height is 5 mm, but 20 mm is chosen for football fields where professionals play, as well as for lawns with a certain type of grass.

Usually for adjustment there are from two to 57 levels of fixing the height, but usually 10 is enough for the head. As you can see, the number of levels depends on the value of the wheel diameter. We do not recommend buying a manual height lawnmower, as it is inconvenient. This is an important factor in bumpy terrain.

Type of collection and discharge of grass:
  • Rear / side
  • Into the grass catcher
  • Mulching
Statistically, two out of three lawn mowers are reset herbs, which is determined by the design features of the mechanism.

Dumping from the side is convenient when mowing on the side. Many models have a grass catcher, and the best ones have mulching - freeing the grass in any way, for which they received the unspoken marking "3 in 1".

Grass catcher type:
  • hard
  • soft
The grass basket can be a mesh bag (synthetic fiber) or a plastic container. The two options have their pros and cons: with a cloth bag, you can control the filling, and the container will not give you an estimate of the fullness. The bag is light, but its pores are heavily forgotten by small particles, which causes sticking.

A plastic container is more convenient in this regard - it is enough to rinse it.

Mulching (chopping grass) The mulch function is not available on all models. Here it is important not to immediately rejoice in the presence of a function in your device, since there is a sense of this when mowing dry but soft grass. If you do not comply with these requirements, it will be clumps of grass that will not evenly cover the lawn and can even clog the roots of the grass, and therefore interfere with growth. Because of this, you will have to comb the entire area.

If the grass on the lawn is tall, do not start trimming it straight away.

TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos There is an important recommendation - it is safe to mow only 1/3 of the height so that there is no disturbance in the growth of the grass, and you simply haven't ruined the lawn. The grass has a stem and a few leaves that it needs to breathe, so if for some reason the lawn is started, trim it in several stages.

So, we have finally identified all the main characteristics, as well as the disadvantages and advantages of certain types of lawn mowers. But it won't be superfluous to take a look at the rating of different models in order to understand which devices are most often bought.

Which brand of lawn mower to choose - TOP of the best models

There are many manufacturers of this technique, which means that the market of devices is very large. Such brands are popular as Makita, AlKO, Bosch, Campion, MTD.

Unfortunately, lawn mowers in Russia are not yet assembled and popular Russian brands supply goods from China.

The best gasoline devices

  • TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos Makita PLM4618 - is a self-propelled mower from a Japanese manufacturer, equipped with a rear-wheel drive, four-stroke engine, has a capacity of 2.7 l / s, mulching function, equipped with a soft grass catcher and you can adjust the cutting height .


The build quality is excellent, the body is made of steel, weighs 32 kg. The lawnmower is easy to drive, start and maneuver thanks to its large rear wheels.

Minus - no motor protection, therefore safety is paramount when using this model.

It costs from 26,000 rubles.

  • TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos Husqvarna LC 356 AWD - is a self-propelled petrol mower from a Swedish manufacturer. It has a four-wheel drive that improves traction on wet, uneven and slippery surfaces. The body is made of steel, it is fashionable to adjust the mowing height, there is a side discharge of grass and a mulching function.

It has a soft grass catcher, a volume of 69 liters, which is why the weight of the device is impressive - almost 40 kg.

This model is highly productive and is suitable for mowing large slopes with unevenness.

Costs from 74,000 rubles.

  • TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos Hyundai L 4300 - the lightest of the best gasoline models, and it also costs less than the previous ones - about 24,000 rubles.

The device is not self-propelled, produced by Koreans, but has a soft grass catcher and rear discharge.

No mulching, but there is an adjustment of the cutting height.

Power 4 l / s, body made of steel.

The best electrical devices

  • TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos Bosch Rotak 43 - is a non-self-propelled electric lawnmower from a world famous German brand, weighing 12.5 kg.

The grass collector is plastic, has a volume of 50 liters, and a power of 1850 W, mulching is not available, but there is a central adjustment of the cutting height.

The device is easy to operate, and it perfectly mows the grass in hard-to-reach places - near fences, walls, on uneven areas, bypassing obstacles well.

Average market value - 21,000 rubles.

  • TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos Makita ELM 4110 - ideal ratio "price quality". This non-self-propelled mower has a powerful 1650 W motor, steel body and a spacious combi collector.

There is a central bevel height adjustment. You can attach a mulching attachment.

This model is used for mowing in areas no more than 550 square meters. The mower has a high quality finish, but before use, you should clear the area of ​​small stones so that the mechanism of the mower is not damaged. The model weighs 23 kg, and costs from 20,000 rubles.

The best mechanical devices

  • TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos Al- koSoftTouch 38 - is a mechanical two-wheel lawnmower weighing only 8 kg.

The drum is very high quality, has 5 legs, which provide a good cut.

The area recommended for processing is 270 sq. M.

A distinctive feature of the model is its maneuverability, durable and lightweight body, as well as a reasonable price - only 6,000 rubles.

  • TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos Husqvarna 54 - mechanical two-wheel mower that is suitable for short grass areas ..


Weighs only 8.7 kg and has a mowing width of 45 cm. This mower is easy to operate and highly durable.

The grass catcher can be installed.

Price - 9 500 rubles.

TOP 15 Best Lawn Mowers - Which Brand to Choose? Top Producers + Photos & Videos