TOP attachments and discs for grinder

TOP attachments and discs for grinder The best unusual discs and grinder attachments that few people know about

UGSH (angle grinder) has gained its distribution due to its own variety of functionality. This type of tool is versatile because it can be used to perform tasks such as grinding, cutting, and even deburring.

The functionality of such a tool can be extended, but for this you may need certain devices. These are such attachments for the grinder, which make it possible to make a groove cutter, a milling machine, a cutting machine and so on from the original tool.

What is required for making homemade products to improve the grinder

In order for you to be able to make some of the useful devices with your own hands, you first need to decide what kind of materials for manufacturing there are at your disposal, and based on them we will consider what you can do in the future.

You also need to decide what exactly needs to be done - a cutting or milling machine, a dust collector or a wall chaser for working indoors with electric tools that are very dusty.

In order to make such devices, usually you do not need to buy additional materials or even parts, because almost all possible simple devices will suit you, for example, a dust cover, and it will be enough to use a canister made of plastic, which was previously used to store oil or even brake fluid. By using a tin can, you will be able to construct a hand mill to make coarse flour.

Please note, that when you start performing work, you should definitely decide what exactly you want to get from the angle grinder as a result. The fact is that the resulting design should be really necessary for you, and also quite reliable.


Stand for the grinder

A similar device for an angle grinder, like a stand, do it yourself will not be difficult. Its manufacture will give you the opportunity to use the tool in order to carry out precise work on cutting various types of materials. When making a cut-off type of machine, the following tasks should be performed:

  1. Reliability of fastening of tools.
  2. Good fixation of the tool in the upper position.
  3. Ensuring minimal deviations from the cutting plane.

Threaded connections are perfect for secure fastening of the grinder. Additionally, you also need to worry about safety, and therefore an electric tool must be equipped with a casing, albeit a homemade one. For models of angle grinders, wheels of which are from 11.5 to 15 cm, it is possible to attach them to the rack with clamps.

Tools for a circle diameter above 15 cm must be securely attached not only to the travel console, but also to the bed and to the work table.

To reduce the vibration level, and also in order to increase the cutting accuracy, we recommend rigidly fixing the bed to a workbench or any other type of base. Below we present you another version of the rack with a fixed grinder.

Cutting pendulum machine with your own hands

Which discs for the grinder do not choose, but the cutting pendulum machine will be 100 times better. To make such a device from the simplest angle grinder, you first need to ensure that the moving console automatically returns to its reverse position.

This can be achieved by installing a special spring, counterweight or elastic band, which automatically returns the used electrical device to its original position.

The production technology of this type of machine is almost the same as that of the first model. The only difference will be that there is added an auto-return mechanism of the movable part, to which the grinder is attached. Thus, human labor will be significantly facilitated.

Milling cutter from the grinder

You may not even know, but the grinder can even be used as a milling cutter. It is worth considering the fact that the tool must be able to be removed from your homemade milling device.

To make a miniature machine, first, as a "skeleton", fix an angle grinder under the made table (or finished workbench), and then bring the tool shaft into the hole of the workbench using an adapter with a collet for the cutter. With the manufactured tool, you can carry out different work on wood, depending on which cutter you use.

Circular saw from a grinder

Believe it or not, but from the simplest grinder you can even make a circular saw for woodworking. To do this, you will need to make a solid base (or bed), where the tool will be attached.

Please note that discs for woodworking must be used and they must be of good quality.

Even if at least one tooth is missing, the use of such a disc for cutting wood is prohibited.

If during the manufacture of the cutting machine, the cutting tool (angle grinder) must be located under the work table, then during the design of the milling unit and circular saw it is quite the opposite. The grinder should definitely be placed under the tabletop, from which a certain part of the disc will come out through a special hole. In addition, a ruler can be screwed to the tabletop, with the help of bark you can make a more accurate cut of wood material.

DIY wall chaser

In addition, the grinder can be used to cut cuts in the wall.

They are definitely needed so that you can lay wiring, water supply pipes, sewers and other elements in them. When working with a stock grinder, it is quite difficult to control the immersion depth of the discs. To solve this problem, you can make a special wireframe.

TOP attachments and discs for grinder Attention! Such a device for a grinder will have an important advantage, because it makes it possible to adjust the depth of the groove to be performed.

Such a frame will be a sole, which has a stop, whereby it will be possible to move the electric tool along the wall and evenly deepen it, and thus you can get the strobe of the depth you need.

When making such a chasing cutter, be sure to pay attention to a protective cover, as well as a special special dust collector. As the latter, we suggest using a bag, but it will be much more convenient to connect a hose from an old vacuum cleaner. When using it, it will be possible to suck out dust, and then doing such work will be much more pleasant and without dust.

A little about a homemade dust collector

A dust collector, or as it is also called a casing for a grinder, can be made from an unnecessary aluminum pan, pieces of thin metal or even canisters made of plastic. From the pan, the casing will turn out many times more reliable, but keep in mind that the plastic construction will be much easier to make.

In order to design a nozzle for a grinder in the form of a dust collection casing, a sheet of galvanized metal is also suitable, which must be welded based on the dimensions of your tool. An important condition will be the reliability of fastening such a homemade device on an angle grinder. Moreover, the hole for collecting dust can be made with the most convenient angle of inclination, unlike commercial type dust collectors.

Protractor for a grinder

Such a device as a protractor for a grinder is also called a device for cutting along the guides. For the manufacture of such a device, a metal profile or even a channel is most often used.

To design a protractor, you will need to make a structure from the corners of the metal, as indicated in the photo below.

Then you just have to fix the tool to the resulting product, and as a result you get an excellent protractor with which you can adjust the cutting depth. In the end, it is worth noting the fact that the article presents the best types of devices, but in reality the angle grinder is such a universal unit that ideas for modernization are constantly updated. It is worth choosing from the proposed list the devices you need for you and translating them into reality.

Discs for the grinder

We suggest talking about discs that are no less useful than attachments (but the latter will also be discussed).

  1. Chain saw from a grinder. If it seems to you that a standard chain disc will not be enough, then in brotherly China, local manufacturers took care of this and designed an attachment that makes a small chain saw out of the simplest grinder. Now you can forget about dangerous saw blades for wood forever.
  2. TOP attachments and discs for grinder Milling disc. If you do not need to cut, but make a groove, this will not be a problem, because the special milling disc for the grinder helps to milling wood, and also leaves a groove with a width of 2.

    1 cm.

  3. Petal circles. If you need to grind not a straight board, but a product with a lot of bends, dimples and complex contours, then such a flap disc will be a great helper. Such a sanding disc is in great demand for repairing old pieces of furniture, when it is necessary to remove the finish and apply a new layer.
  4. Grinder.

    If you have other grinding tasks as well, the new Chinese-made accessory helps turn your angle grinder into a real grinder.

  5. Rough disc. What about such a hedgehog? Such discs can be of different grain sizes, they are very reliable and durable, but they can only be used on wood, because otherwise they will fly around (when used on metal).

As you can see, there are many useful disks as well. We hope this data is useful to you.

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