TOP chandeliers with aliexpress

TOP chandeliers with aliexpress The best chandeliers from Aliexpress. Lighting devices are extremely important for interior design, and also make a person's life more comfortable - even at night, you can do household chores. Speaking separately about chandeliers, they also carry a decorative function, help to emphasize the beauty of the room.

Let's talk about which chandelier to buy on Aliexpress.

VVS chandelier

Option # 1

TOP chandeliers with aliexpress Beautiful lighting fixture for spacious halls from store VVS Official Store is just one of the unusual models that are on sale.

Interestingly, the seller promises 3 years of warranty service - given the fact that manufacturers usually barely agree to a 1 year warranty, this is an indicator - which means that a person is confident in quality. The light from the chandelier scatters downward. The product has a European certificate of conformity. Suitable for networks with voltage from 90 to 260 V. In addition, it is possible to dim the lamp.

By type, the product is classified as chandeliers with candelabra, but by the type of installation, the lamp differs by recessed mounting. The color can be ordered either white or rose gold.

By the type of construction, it is clear that it is mostly suitable for installation in the hall - in the kitchen, such a structure will be overly pompous and may interfere. The distinguishing feature is that the chandelier has a remote control. Only LED lamps are used as a light source, the light is scattered by a built-in crystal.

The metal used to make the chandelier is polished.

All reviews for the product have a rating of 5. 0 is a rare result that cannot but please. The cost varies depending on the light emitted and the configuration of the device - from 4916 to 34000 rubles. To get a discount, use special coupons that will help you save money.

Option # 2

This is the second model of the VVS chandelier from the manufacturer's official store. The product warranty is also 3 years. In many ways, the second model is similar to the first, but there are still differences. The chandelier style is modern. According to the configuration, it is ideal for interior decoration in loft, modern, minimalism or even Scandinavian style.

The light from the device is scattered downward. The device has a voltage from 110 to 240 V, and has a European certificate of conformity. You can dim the lamp. By type, the installation is characterized as an attachment close to the ceiling surface. Brown color.

Please note that there are bulbs included. By switching type, the chandelier is switchable by remote control. The light diffuser is made of polished metal. The body is iron.

Reviews for the product are perfect - manufacturers clearly try to take into account all wishes and send only high-quality goods, since the average rating is 5.

0, and according to statistics, several buyers put the four, in percentage terms this is 1% against the background of the other fives. A few reviews:

"The spider lamps were bought for the parents and they liked everything. The lighting is soft, not dazzling, it is convenient to adjust the color of the lighting. The style is simple, but at the same time even noble."

"The chandeliers are perfect, perfectly packed.

Everything was safe and sound. The cost of the device is actually even higher, and the quality is excellent ".

Cost from 5035 to 32000 rubles. Don't forget to use seller coupons to save on your purchase!

IRALAN Chandelier

TOP chandeliers with aliexpress An unusual chandelier with a remote control on Aliexpress is presented from brand IRALAN, whose devices are cheaper than VVS. The chandelier is perfect for a bedroom, living room or study.

It is interesting that this device has a wedge-shaped base type, a modern style - suitable for a modernist style, a loft. Light scattering occurs strictly downward. Certification is from RоHS. It is possible to dim the light. Body material = iron, and the warranty is also for 3 years - as you can see, ordering a lighting device from the Middle Kingdom is more profitable not only financially, but also under warranty.

Device voltage from 90 to 260 V. Finish - brushed nickel. Control is possible using a special remote control, or by installing an application that will allow you to adjust the color and light intensity via Bluetooth.

Also, the set includes bulbs, in the future you will buy them as needed (LED). There is also a PRC certification and a European Certificate of Conformity.

The diffuser does not have a lampshade, it is powered from the mains (AC). By the type of installation, the device is attached closer to the ceiling. In appearance, the chandeliers have the shape of beautiful flowers with different numbers of "petals". Interestingly, delivery can be ordered from the Russian Federation, Spain and China.

Please note, that if you live in Russia, it is best to order the device from the Russian Federation, as it is cheaper and delivery is faster.

The most expensive delivery will be from China.

Colors available to order - warm / cool white (but no remote control), or dimmable lamp with remote control. The average product rating is 4. 9. A few reviews:

"The chandelier is gorgeous, came in 42 days, looks amazing.

Thank you very much."

"Very cool chandelier, I bought it for the kitchen with 5 petals, it burns brightly (dimmable). Came safe and sound, perfectly packed. New Mail delivered the goods to Kharkov in 12 days, now I ordered for 18 petals for the hall. The device is definitely worth the money, I recommend it.


Cost from 3866 to 12183 rubles. There are special coupons here too.

Elegant crystal chandelier from MEEROSEE

An interesting lighting fixture is presented by the store Meeroseelighting Store. This device is perfect for decorating a hall in an apartment, or better in a private house, decorated in a classic style (the higher your ceilings, the better). The manufacturer promises a 2-year warranty, which is less than previous models, but not bad either.

Switch type - knob for switch. It is fashionable to use conventional incandescent lamps. The product has a mandatory PRC certificate and a European certificate of conformity. The diffuser is not equipped with a lampshade, the lamp operates on 220 V. It will not be possible to dim the light.

By type, the product belongs to candelabra. By the type of installation, the lamp is characterized by the fact that it is attached close to the flow.

Material of manufacture - crystal and metal. Please note that the package does not include bulbs, so while the package is on the way, you should purchase them in advance. The base is wedge-shaped.

Although the instructions say that the chandelier will work for the Art Deco style, as mentioned above, it will work great for the classic rich style. The chandelier can be powered from an alternating current network.

When purchasing, you can choose the color of the lampshade - either black or chrome. Delivery is carried out from China and the United States, but from experience it is better for those ordering to Russia to receive from China, otherwise the seller may ask for an additional shipping fee. Although the description is one, there are several models of this ceiling chandelier from Aliexpress.

They differ from each other only in the size and number of lamps used. The chandelier looks like a beautiful lampshade in the form of a circle, to which beautiful crystals are attached at different levels (heights). The average product rating is 4 out of 5, which is also not bad. A few reviews:

"The package took 40 days, it was not sent for a long time. The packaging is not the best, but everything came safe and sound, the seller constantly replied to messages when ordering and tracking.


The cost of the goods varies from 13 175 to 52 640 rubles . There are no coupons.

Scandinavian chandelier from MAN TANG JIN brand

Another interesting chandelier option for a house or city apartment from the store MTJLighting Store. This is an excellent lighting fixture by the type defined as candelabra. All the necessary certification is present, namely the European Certificate of Conformity, RoHS and the mandatory certificate of the PRC.

The shades are made of glass. The chandelier is perfect for the art deco style. The product warranty is 3 years. The decoration is made of iron. Directions of light scattering both down and up.

The device will need to be recessed during installation.

Please note that there are no bulbs included. Lamp base type wedge-shaped, touch-sensitive switch. Unfortunately, there is no dimming option. Stained glass is used for diffusion.

The power source is an alternating current electrical network. By the way, you can choose the color of the lampshade - cognac, dark gray, graduated blue, regular blue, gray and transparent. A choice of the number of lamps is also available, it all depends on the needs. Several reviews:

"We doubted, and for a long time, but still decided and ordered! In St. Petersburg they ask for such a lamp from 20,000 to 30,000 rubles, much depends on the place of purchase.

Here we received the same, but much cheaper. They sent it very quickly, the track was tracked all the way. The glass was safe and sound, however, one base was broken, but the seller promised to send a new one. Everything is packed perfectly. Husband turned on the lamps for any request ( partial or complete).

The structure itself is heavy, the box weighed more than 4 kg. The metal "body" is "reliable".

"We decided to order for a long time, but still decided to take and ordered. We started to correspond with the seller, he answered quickly and helped. The parcel was sent on the second day, arrived in Moscow 3 weeks.

Everything is perfectly packed, but there is a crack on one lampshade (so that this Russian Post). The seller said that he would send an additional lampshade. By the way, it was prompt, installed, very beautiful. "

"As in the description, it came quickly. Thanks to the seller, who was sociable, sent a quality product, I like everything.


The cost of the goods ranges from 1220 to 19 220 rubles. The seller also gives a discount of 132 rubles for every 2,500 rubles spent, which makes the purchase of even the most expensive model profitable.

Chandelier from the AL brand. Haffar

Another beautiful crystal chandelier is presented from the store At Fa Lighting. , LTD .

The decoration of the lighting device is unusual, it refracts the light beautifully, and the bulbs in the form of beautiful lights. Such a device will take you to the era of balls, incredible dresses and simple human happiness. By type, the product belongs to candelabra. It also has a mandatory PRC certificate and a European certificate of conformity, a device warranty for 3 years! Incandescent lamps in the form of lights are used as light sources.

By the type of switching, this chandelier to Aliexpress with a remote control is touch-sensitive.

Unfortunately, dimmable is not available. The power source will be a network with alternating current, voltage 110V. There are no bulbs included. The case is made of high quality crystals. The style is modern, but the chandelier is suitable for different styles, except for the loft.

Polished chrome is used for finishing. The scattering of light goes both down and up. According to the type of installation, it is characterized as a device with a recessed installation. Several reviews:

"I was worried about how the delivery would take place, whether everything would come whole, but everything turned out fine.The chandelier has not yet been assembled, but it looks good, it is packed perfectly, so I can safely recommend the seller! "

" I am glad that the seller packed the chandelier perfectly, nothing broke, although the delivery was 2 months .

.. The seller even agreed to send us the bulbs, although they are not included in the kit, this is good news, thank you. "

" A beautiful product of excellent quality, everything came in good shape.

The cost of the device varies from 8778 to 19 770 rubles, but you can make it less using special coupons.


As you can see, even Aliexpress sells very high-quality goods.In addition, it is several times cheaper than buying in stores in your city, where the margin is 50 and 200%.