TOP programs for calculating PVC windows

TOP programs for calculating PVC windows Free software for calculating PVC windows

House projects, as well as building plans, have most of the individual areas and directions. In this area, the process of designing window structures will play an important role. For simple and efficient control of them, a program for calculating PVC windows is used. It will perform a whole series of extremely important functions, and most importantly, it makes it possible to save a lot of time, which will be spent on simple operations of the same type.

Such programs on the PC for calculating wooden and reinforced-plastic windows are extremely important in their production process, and they are designed to help the manufacturer to the maximum to reduce the time and simplify the work in general.

The best software for calculating plastic windows

In general, all programs of this type will perform the same functions. On the client's side, this will become an opportunity for visual window design and calculating their cost, and on the client's side - analyzing the required building materials, calculating work stages, accounting for finances and all the necessary documentation.

Among the incredible variety of software components in this area, 5 most popular can be distinguished:

  1. Optima Win is one of the first programs on the Russian market of developments. It was created back in 1998 and is regularly updated, as well as adapted to the latest technologies and requirements. This software package is chosen by those who adore ease and simplicity in production management.

  2. TOP programs for calculating PVC windows Windows Plus is a pretty good and well-thought-out product designer, and its functionality makes it possible not to limit yourself in any than with window design. The software is ideal for exclusive occasions as well as for non-standard orders. Moreover, there is a huge range of documentation and accounting journals, price availability, and everything is clear and simple in the interface.
  3. Klaes - German quality in its most intelligent concept. This is versatility and incredible convenience, additions and variations for all construction types, a flexible system for customization that is suitable for all types of production from small companies to large manufacturing companies, and all aspects and nuances are taken into account.

    Naturally, you have to pay for quality - the price for such software is high, but it justifies itself 100%.

  4. Win Plast is a specialized program for the creation and design of PVC windows. There is nothing unnecessary in it, everything is pretty clear. Its functionality is limited - for example, the program can calculate only windows with the correct shape, in the form of a rectangle. Rather, it is suitable for large-scale production of typical window structures, rather than for drawing up individual and personal projects for country houses.

  5. Oknograph is a fairly easy-to-use program, functional and simple.Provides the ability to create rendered projects of various designs, including unusual options. In the field of software management, it is quite good, and the settings will take into account all the nuances of the technical plan, as well as the financial component. In real time it will help to track at what stage a certain order is.

In fact, not all currently available programs of this type.

Most of them are created on the same basis, and still practically do not differ from each other.

WH-Windows program

There is a fairly simple and convenient program that allows you to perform window design, taking into account the dimensions and material of manufacture used to create frames. The developers have provided for the presence of instructions with a step-by-step plan, which is attached to this program, and makes it possible to master the working principle in a short time. In addition to windows, such a program also makes it possible to design doorways.

At the same time, the developers have built in a function for structural design with different shapes.

Main aspects when working with WH-Windows program

TOP programs for calculating PVC windows What program to download for calculating PVC windows? WH-Windows is worthy of attention. This program has functions that allow you to simulate the shape of the desired double-glazed windows. It also makes it possible to correctly take into account the profiles and combine the window models available in the database, produced by a large number of manufacturers of such products in the construction market. By means of the capabilities (that is, functions) included in the program, it is possible, given the profile of the window block, to calculate its price, taking into account the cost of the materials used to build the box. In addition, this software makes it possible to assemble the information available from the manufacturer into accompanying documents.

You can draw up reports on the work done and price lists to provide them to the customer.

Specialized software for calculating plastic windows

Basically, the programs are aimed at working with PVC-type structures. It is more popular and in demand on the market at the moment. Manufacturing companies even more often prefer to apply programs strictly in order to calculate the cost of plastic windows, rather than universal ones.

They are more convenient and easy to control, and also not oversaturated with unnecessary functionality.

The main functions of such software:

  • For the customer - visual design solutions, a complete calculation of the price of finished products.
  • For the manufacturer - calculation of each of the elements and dimensions of fittings, profiles and cuts, a list of components and the final cost of goods.

In the presented video there is an example of calculating plastic windows in the kitchen in the IT program Okna Constructor.

What is better for calculating timber windows

Certain types of software for calculating timber windows are rarely used, and manufacturing companies prefer complex options. Optima Win will still be one of the best, both in terms of functionality and cost.

When calculating wood window structures, the properties and characteristics of wood of various species are taken into account (which will affect the weight in general, fastening methods and everything else), as well as additional processing of materials. In general, the working principle of the programs is completely identical. The window design software is one of those examples when high technology combined with professionalism will give incredible results.


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