Trimmer attachments: types, features- Overview + Video

Trimmer attachments: types, features- Overview + Video Varieties of attachments for the gasoline trimmer

The gasoline trimmer is extremely useful for home and vegetable garden thing, as it can be used for a variety of tasks. Let's take a look at what trimmer heads you can buy (interestingly, petrol and electric scythe heads are the same).

Details are in our article.

Types of attachments

  1. Trimmer attachments: types, features- Overview + Video Drill attachment, suitable for petrol trimmer (works without using electrical energy).
  2. The Lopper, works in the same way as the hacksaw.

  3. Travel wheels attachment, makes brushing easier and easier.
  4. Garden Shear Attachment which is used to cut hedges and bushes.
  5. The Cultivator Attachment, you will need to loosen the beds and flower beds.
  6. The "Aerator" attachment, will help destroy the crust that has formed on the surface of the lawn at the summer cottage.
  7. The "Reducer" attachment is suitable for many cases, for example, it can be used as a motor for a bicycle.

  8. Pole-cutter attachment, perfect for cutting branches up to 450 cm above ground level.
  9. The Brush & Roller Attachment is a great companion for sweeping paths and lawns.
  10. The Water Pump Attachment helps you with the supply of water from a lake or well.
  11. The Damp Wheel Attachment is ideal for making trimming easier with other attachments.
  12. The Snow Sweeper will be a helper in winter to clear snow from paths and areas.

  13. Attachment "Motor for a boat" - words are superfluous here, those who like to fish in the middle of the lake in a cozy boat will appreciate the attachment at its true worth.
  14. The Blower will blow fallen leaves off the garden paths.
  15. The Edging attachment is suitable for trimming and enhancing the edges of your lawn and flower beds.

And all this, in addition to the fact that there are trimmer heads in order to care for the garden plot, beds, as well as various plastic and metal knives in order to mow weeds, natural and sown grasses, as well as disc for cutting and cutting young bushes, trees and branches.

Overview of each accessory

Trimmer attachments

Trimmer attachments (as well as those that used for a gasoline scythe) can be attached to the trimmer using one of three methods:

  • Instead of a gearbox, down from the trimmer bar.

  • Instead of a boom, next to the trimmer motor.
  • By separating the boom in the middle.

The electric motor can work in any convenient position, as well as have a high power density (meaning power relative to weight), in addition, it is reliable and has compact dimensions, which makes it possible to use it with any attachments that are described and presented in the photo below. Let's take a closer look at the trimmer attachments, while remembering that for a gasoline braid, the attachments are 100% similar.


This attachment is used for a petrol-type trimmer, which means that in order for such a drill to work, electricity is not needed.

Moreover, such a gasoline drill is very powerful, durable and reliable (when compared to electric drills). Incredibly high torque on the drill will be achieved thanks to the reduction gear with a ratio of 17 to 1. In addition, three different chuck sizes can be used.

You should familiarize yourself with the Esho trimmer if only because it is the best among analogs and has the following technical characteristics:

  • Trimmer attachments: types, features- Overview + Video The engine displacement is 25.4 cm 3 .

  • The power of the device is 680 W or 0.92 liters. from.
  • Weight is 4.7 kg.

Interesting, that, if desired and a well-functioning "pot", you can make a gasoline drill based on a trimmer yourself. This requires a trimmer motor. The output power is two and sometimes three times that of an electric drill, and most importantly, the device is capable of drilling wood, metal and even concrete walls.

Travel wheels

This type of attachment is used in tandem with a blower or other attachments as needed. It will be especially convenient to use the running wheels for the trimmer together with a sweeping brush (or roller) - to do this, raise the working body, and this will help reduce friction on the surface (it will be easier to work, wear will be less, you will get a much better result and overall only pleasure from the performance of work).

Please note that if you do not have the opportunity to buy this attachment or you just want to add wheels to the trimmer, but with your own hands, you can try another method. To do this, use an old children's bike on three wheels. The design is very easy to use.


An attachment named "Lopper" is required for those who occasionally cut branches and twigs, with a permissible height is up to 450 cm. Agree, in the country there are often situations when you need to cut tree branches, but they are high, there are no stairs and what starts in this case? That's right, dancing with a tambourine! The purpose of the nozzle is the same as that of the high-cutter, but if the second one works on the principle of a gasoline saw, then the lopper will work on the principle of the hacksaw familiar to everyone.

The attachment looks like a small chain saw.

Technical characteristics of the nozzle are as follows:

  • Speed ​​- 2000 revolutions per minute.
  • The blade length is 0. 1 meter.
  • Weight is 2.

    1 kg.

By the way, the price of the issue is small, it can't afford it.

Garden scissors

The attachment in the form of scissors for garden work is designed to cut hedges, as well as to create curly bushes (the attachment for the gasoline scythe is similar). It comes in two versions with different bar lengths for all kinds of situations.

Specifications are as follows:

  • The maximum possible diameter of branches is 2 cm.

  • The length of the knife is 0.55 meters, and its weight is 2 kg.
  • The head can be used even at a 130 degree angle and can also be used as a brush cutter.

Ideal for gardeners!


The next trimmer attachment, which is a must for everyone who is engaged in agriculture , or although worried about his small garden in the suburbs - an aerator. It is designed specifically for aeration, that is, in order to saturate the topsoil with air by piercing (this is extremely important if the lawn is more than 5 years old and it has a thickened root system), and also in order to destroy the crust on the surface of the lawn soil after rain, watering or treading to restore the air permeability of the soil.

The processing width of the nozzle is 0.2 meters.


This attachment is designed to loosen the soil in a flower garden, greenhouse, flower beds or small beds, around favorite bushes and fruit trees.

Specifications are as follows:

  • Trimmer attachments: types, features- Overview + Video The cutter diameter is 0 . 2 meters.

  • The milling cutter can do up to 180 revolutions in 1 minute.
  • Tilling widths range from 0. 12 to 0. 24 meters (this will largely depend on the power of the trimmer motor).
  • Weight is 5 kg.

Now it is worth mentioning what the disadvantages are. The disadvantage of the cultivator in the form of an attachment for a gasoline scythe is, oddly enough, low weight, because good processing will only be on the top layer, especially the freshly dug one, but on hard ground it will scratch on top, and will not get into the soil itself. The trimmer attachment in the form of a cultivator does not make it possible to press the cutters to the ground, because the bar springs, and this, in turn, causes severe wear of the drive shaft guide of the plastic bushing, and due to strong pressure there is a possibility of creating a bend in the bar and breaking either braid, or a nozzle.


This type of attachment is designed to cut tree branches, as well as bushes with a thickness of up to 0.15 meters and thin out crowns trees up to 450 cm above ground level.

The device is a gearbox enclosed in a housing with an oil tank and connecting holes for the device (trimmer) and a bar with a chain. The bus length is 0.21 meters. When choosing a Pole-cutter trimmer attachment, be sure to check whether the size of the trimmer and the attachment itself match, as well as the shape of the teeth on the spline of the drive shaft.


Such an attachment as a gearbox can be used for a moped, bicycle, go-kart, ATV and even a snowmobile, as well as for many other devices.

The reducer helps to reduce the number of revolutions by 5 times. You can change the drive sprocket, and put it with any number of teeth, which will help you experimentally select the required gear number. Petrol braid attachments are identical.

Water pump

This nozzle is presented in the form of a water pump, which makes it possible to supply water from a lake, river, well, any container and other things in order to water the beds , wash your favorite car, provide domestic water supply, pump water into a summer shower tank, fill an inflatable pool with liquid in minutes or pump out water from a cellar and much more.

Specifications are as follows:

  • The water rise is 8 meters high.

  • The pumping range can be up to 30 meters.

As you can see, such a nozzle will be useful for owners of a private house.

Brush and roller

There is a similar nozzle for a gasoline scythe, namely a rotating rubber brush with a high performance to sweep debris without damaging the surface. These attachments for a device such as a trimmer are designed to sweep garden paths and large areas from fallen leaves, remove cut grass from the lawn, remove moss. This will be especially effective with the trimmer travel wheels mentioned earlier.

Also, the nozzle can be made in the form of a brush (as in the presented photo), or in the form of a rubber roller. The capture width is excellent - 0.6 meters.

Snow brush

Trimmer attachments: types, features- Overview + Video It is also possible to buy a snow plow, but it is important that it is correctly matched for performance. In all its parameters, it should ideally match your trimmer model.

If the performance of the attachment is high, and the trimmer is weak, then the motor will quickly overheat, and as a result, it can quickly fail.

Good advice! The most popular trimmer attachments have a capacity of about 160 kg per minute. The snow grasp width will be approximately 0.3 meters, and the height is 0.15 meters.

By the way, if you do not want to buy or it is not yet possible to purchase this attachment, you can make it yourself. There are many blueprints for a snow blower on the Internet, but you don't need to copy everything. The drawing will act as a basic schematic.You can change the dimensions, since the materials that you have in stock will not be able to meet all the required parameters. The snow blower circuit can be improved at your discretion.

Depending on the power of the device, you can increase or decrease the grip. The movement of the snow blower will be done on casters or skis, and you can use the trimmer bar for manual control, but you can make an additional and more comfortable handle.

Harness brush (conical)

Another interesting attachment for the gasoline trimmer is the harness conical brush. It is compatible with trimmers and petrol braids. Designed to remove small grass, bush shoots in a hard-to-reach place where plastic fishing line or metal knife cannot reach.

With this attachment, you can easily cut the grass even through the cracks in the sidewalk tiles, along the facade of the house or fence. In addition, it is possible to carry out a complete cleaning of tiles, curbs and other materials from dirty plaque.

The nozzle has a conical shape in the form of a plate, from which metal fluff comes out, twisted into bundles. The material for making the pile is steel. The diameter of the nozzle is 0.

2 meters.

Support wheel

If you install the support wheel on the trimmer, this will significantly facilitate the work with the trimmer when using other accessories. This attachment can be attached to the trimmer bar in a wide variety of positions, providing versatility as well as making the appliance adaptable. The support wheel makes it possible to maintain the same working depth and width while cutting on garden paths or flower beds. The nozzle is completed with two support wheels for working with a beveler nozzle or one swivel one.

This nozzle can also be used in tandem with a brush or blower.

Boat motor

An attachment in the form of a boat motor (rubber, wooden and even metal) has a transom height of up to 0.36 meters. Depending on the power of the trimmer used, whether there is a countercurrent or wind, the boat is able to develop under favorable conditions a speed of up to 20 km in 1 hour and economically consume fuel - about 1 liter per 1 hour of operation, taking into account the load. The petrol scythe attachment is sold as a separate leg (when assembled from rowing propeller drives, control handle, fastening mechanism, etc.

), which is connected to the trimmer motor via an adapter.

Note that the trimmer bar with wires and cables must be disconnected from the trimmer motor in advance. To such a motor, connect the drive leg to the propeller of the nozzle using its own throttle cable and engine shutdown wiring, i.e. wires to the mute button.

Most often, a similar motor for a boat is bought by fishing enthusiasts, hunters, as well as those who get to the desired place by water.

The disadvantages of the outboard motor (or rather the attachment) include a high noise level (after all, fishermen and lovers of silence will need to use weights), as well as the fact that the propeller blades are made of plastic. When choosing a trimmer attachment that will replace the outboard motor, you should pay close attention to the fact that the spline part of the attachment drive shaft is the same as for a gasoline scythe.

Snow blower

The attachment is designed to clean the garden paths and any other surfaces of freshly fallen snow. The productivity of the device is 150 kg in 1 minute, the working width ensures fast cleaning.

Installation of the attachment is possible only on those trimmers that have a split bar.


Trimmer attachments: types, features- Overview + Video This perfect addition to the trimmer is designed to blow off fallen leaves, grass cuttings and small debris from playgrounds, paths and lawns. The air speed is 230 km in 1 hour. Air intake is carried out in the upper plastic part of the case, and this excludes clogging. Blowing is done from the front surface, parallel to the ground.

This nozzle does not need maintenance, and a similar technical addition can be used for a gasoline scythe.


The trimmer is a work tool for trimming lawn edges, but it will level the edge. The nozzle is extremely handy for creating an even line of lawn that grows along the sidewalk or front garden. Also, the nozzle is suitable for processing the edges of flower beds.