Turnkey construction of a house from a bar - price, features, advantages

Turnkey construction of a house from a bar - price, features, advantages Prices for building a house from a bar. Most compatriots sooner or later think about what are the prices for building a house from timber? This is not surprising, since timber houses are quite popular not only in our country, but all over the world, because they are environmentally friendly and beautiful.

What will the cost of the house depend on and how profitable is it? First you need to figure out what a timber is. This is a term that was able to summarize a wide range of sawn timber with excellent technical and operational characteristics. It is they who will influence the cost of materials.

And although, again, it would seem that it is unlikely that externally similar beams with a quadrangular section shape can be made using completely different technologies. And it is natural that the profiled timber will cost more than the analogue, since the labor intensity of its manufacture is several times higher.

General information

So, what is the price for building a turnkey log house? Before starting construction work, you should draw up an estimate according to which you will get an idea of ​​how much building materials you need and how much they will cost you. According to the project, you can calculate how many beams you need in accordance with their size, section and other data.

Please note, that lumber is sold not by the piece, but in cubic meters.

To count the beams in a cube, 1 should be divided by the number that will be obtained by multiplying the length of the beam by its height and cross-sectional width.

Prices for construction

Still, no less important than the purchase of materials will be the cost of work, since you yourself can hardly do everything, but the help of workers is not free. It should immediately be noted that a team of 6 to 8 people will be enough to carry out all stages of construction, and at least one employee of all must have extensive experience in this area. If the wood is dry, then the beams will not weigh much. As a result, it is possible to build a house from this material quickly and at the same time not even involve special equipment.

Refusal of equipment (crane, loaders, excavator) will be a big savings for you, since rent is expensive. The cost of work during the construction of a log house can also be determined by the duration of the project. It turns out that the faster you manage to move in and settle down in the house, the more expensive it will cost.

What is it worth paying for?

It doesn't matter what you consider the final cost of building a luxurious house or an ordinary bath from a bar, you will have to spend money on such work :

  • Turnkey construction of a house from a bar - price, features, advantages Drawing up documentation, project.
  • Preparatory work on the building site.

  • Laying the foundation.
  • Assembling walls from a bar.
  • Arrangement of casing for doors and windows.
  • Production of flooring.
  • Installation of slab for ceilings.

  • Installation of the roofing system.
  • Wood treatment with fire retardants and antifungal agents.

Each of the above steps should be performed in the described sequence and not violate it, and the price for each of them will differ significantly.

What can you save on

Regardless of what you decide to build a house from a bar, the prices for it will be less than for brick, stone or reinforced concrete the buildings. But still, despite this, construction objects that are made of lumber are reliable, strong and durable.

You will be able to save money during construction for the following reasons:

  1. Turnkey construction of a house from a bar - price, features, advantages Low cost of beams compared to standard building materials.
  2. Light weight of lumber, which simplifies handling and loading.
  3. Simplicity of wood processing, for this you do not need to resort to the use of special equipment.
  4. Convenience of transportation.
  5. You can carry out construction work and not use special equipment, and this is already an advantage if there is a limited number of access roads on the site.

  6. Low level of material moisture (no more than 20%), which helps to reduce shrinkage times.
  7. No external wall treatment required.

The cost of a turnkey log house

A separate type of service is turnkey construction. When ordering this service, it should be understood that the proposed price will be slightly higher than if you yourself were in charge of construction work and organizing. But in this case, you can save your time and count on an excellent result in advance.

Believe me, this comfort justifies its price, and if you have the opportunity, it is better to take advantage of it. Speaking about the cost of building a house from a turnkey bar, we note that on average it is $ 10,000 for a one and a half-story house from a bar 150 to 150. But a premium cottage will cost from 50,000 to 100,000 dollars. Is it a lot or a little? For comparison, houses of similar size, made of concrete or bricks, will cost 2 or even 3 times more.

Important! If you agree to build a brick house, you will be able to move into it only 12-18 months after the end of construction.

For comparison, we note that you can enter a wooden house almost immediately after the construction is over.

Benefits for a reasonable price

Despite the fact that timber buildings are significantly cheaper than traditional counterparts, they have a number of advantages, including we highlight:

  • Safety and environmental friendliness (wood is completely safe for human health and only in a positive way affects health).
  • Beautiful appearance at a reasonable cost (timber walls look spectacular than bored brickwork).
  • Biological and fire safety (wood should be treated with fire retardants and antiseptics, which means that the timber will ignite slowly and practically will not rot).
  • Pleasant indoor climate (wooden walls "breathe", due to which there will never be condensation on the windows and there will be no dampness in the corners).

  • The house is energy efficient (walls made of lumber have a low level of thermal conductivity, which means that they will retain heat well).

Recommendations of specialists

Now that you already know the prices for building a house from a bar, we suggest reading some useful tips from leading experts:

  • If possible, try to choose a timber that is made of winter forest - just such timber will last longer and will not suffer from moisture.
  • Care should be taken when developing sewerage projects and choosing a septic tank installation site. As practice shows, a properly located good septic tank will help take care of disposal without additional worries.

You shouldn't chase expensive components that are advertised everywhere.

The fact is that plumbing from Europe does not always show itself only from the best side, especially when it comes to the harsh climatic conditions of Russia, and sometimes it is better to opt for a cheaper and more durable analogue designed for our weather conditions. You can spend the saved money on the additional arrangement of the boiler room, which will heat your house for the entire heating season.

  • It is best to use wooden dowels when building, as they will help create really durable walls, while with a small number and size of gaps. You can use regular nails as well, but only for buildings for summer use.
  • If you want to add a garage to the house in the future, please note that its area must be at least 12 m 2 .

    Ideally, it should be even slightly larger, since in this case you will be able to use the room as a storage room or cellar.


We are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of houses built from a bar. There are many negative reviews, and it is strange that most "experts" have a rather limited idea of ​​what they are arguing about. In fact, a house from a bar is a rational and expedient investment of money in the purchase of real estate, because it will not be a secret for anyone that such houses have been used in Western European countries for more than 50 years and can last as long. Therefore, a log cottage built for you will be an excellent choice for many decades.