Types and Design Features - Working Principle + Video

Types and Design Features - Working Principle + Video Recently, gardeners and gardeners are increasingly faced with the question of how to create a tool for digging the ground - how to replace the shovel, so that it is easier to work with it and after that your back and arms do not hurt. There is such a device, and many have already tried it on their own experience.

Now almost every summer resident has such a tool, thanks to which, during work, minimal physical effort is required, and digging the earth is performed three times faster.


In addition to digging, this tool loosens and breaks up clods. The design is represented by one or two connecting metal strips with pins.

Backgauge models available. Such a device is nothing like a shovel. It most closely resembles a twin forks designed for digging heavy soil. The handle of this shovel is much longer. There are models that have a crossbar for two hands at the top.

Miracle shovel performs the following functions:

  • Types and Design Features - Working Principle + Video Loosening;
  • Breaking up large clods;
  • Pulling out of forest vegetation;
  • Easy digging up of roots.

The principle of operation of such devices is as follows: When pressure is applied to the handle, using the forks on the back stop, the soil is loosened. At this moment, the second forks of the castle, which are located opposite, break up large clods. As a result, the soil is well loosened and dug up.

Note: The front stop of the device ensures good stability of the entire mechanism.

The work of such a shovel is similar to scissors, cutting and crushing blocks of earth. After them, you do not have to level the soil and use a rake.

It is especially good if you need to dig a large area. This process is much faster with this shovel. With its correct exploitation, you can handle more than twenty earth nipples with your own hands.

Varieties of miracle shovels

Types and Design Features - Working Principle + Video Excavator. This ripper is a device with two shank forks and one ripping element with a special foot rest. The two cuttings in the upper part are connected, which makes it possible to adjust them to the desired height. Thanks to this double handle design, the ground is lifted and dropped by lightly pulling the handle to its side, without any effort on the back.

Mole, Mole-B, Plowman.

Here, too, the basis is the principle of two pitchforks, when one moves through the other. With their help, non-turnover loosening of the soil is carried out.

Replacement shovels Light-digger and Digger. These devices are designed for loose soil. Equipped with a wider fork-shaped working part with 60 cm grip, which is located on the cutting part.

In the upper part of the bayonet there is a crossbar designed for two-handed operation. By foot pressure on the lower bar, some forks move towards others, which break large clods.

These devices are heavier than a shovel, but in the process of digging they do not need to be lifted from the ground, you just need to rearrange it to another place and press your foot into the ground. In addition to digging, they can also harvest root crops.


This shovel is represented by a metal rod, at the top of which there is a movable handle. The pins with curved teeth are located below. The device is installed vertically to the ground and by turning the handle, a reverse movement is made, in which the teeth are driven into the soil. When working, only the hands are involved, the back remains in a straight state, the efforts are minimal.

Also, a substitute for a shovel can be such inventions as rotating miracle pitchforks, Fokin's plane cutter, and a hand cultivator.

Advantages and disadvantages of the miracle shovel

Digging a garden, especially for an elderly person, who are mainly summer residents, who are engaged in gardening most of their time, is hard manual labor. When working with a conventional shovel, the load is distributed unevenly on the body parts. After all, the digging process takes place like this: by pressing the foot on the shovel, a tilt is made forward, the handle is pressed with the hands, by applying force we turn the lump of soil, raise and discard it. To minimize these actions, and therefore the load on the back and other parts of the body, various types of pitchforks have been invented.

Important: All design improvements are made in order to reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

Working with a swivel forks does not involve bending or squatting, therefore there is no load on the back, which greatly simplifies the process. This allows even elderly summer residents to dig the garden.

Also, by reducing the number of actions, the digging speed also increases.

Considering all the above, the advantages of such devices stand out:

  • Types and Design Features - Working Principle + Video Reduced physical activity when working in the garden;
  • Thanks to the wide range of the forks, the processing process is accelerated;
  • Ease of work;
  • Possibility of processing heavy soil types;
  • Reliability and long service life.

However, such instruments also have disadvantages.

So, in order to work with this device, the weight of the employee must be at least eighty kilograms.

If such a shovel breaks, then minor problems may arise with the repair. She can not dig holes and make a curly digging. However, this device for the garden can be used on the bottom of all types of soil, used for digging and loosening for planting vegetables. And also some models, digging to a depth of 25 cm, can be used to prepare the soil for planting corn, potatoes, etc.

However, such a tool is unsuitable for garden work, it is impossible for them to dig in trees, dig holes. This should be done with a normal shovel. Should you buy a miracle shovel? To simplify the process, it is definitely worth it if you are ready to purchase a forks for 2 thousand. The design of such devices is quite simple and it is quite possible to design them yourself if you have experience with welding. You can find the necessary drawings on the Internet.


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