Types and installation of geared motors: Instruction + Video

Types and installation of geared motors: Instruction + Video Types and installation of geared motors. The main task of any type of mechanism is to perform work with the best efficiency (COP). A number of such mechanisms include a gear motor, which is a system of an electric motor and a gear box that converts power in the desired direction.

Such devices are relatively inexpensive, reliable and have a high efficiency.

General information


There are types of motor-reducers, and among them it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Cylindrical.

  • Worm gear.
  • Wave.
  • Planetary.

Each of these types has its own disadvantages and advantages, and for this reason, when choosing a device, you should carefully study their technical characteristics. These types of devices are used on a mechanism that has intermittent or continuous operation.

They became popular due to the fact that the drive is convenient and unpretentious, as well as due to the large number of gear ratios from 5 to 100.

The units have a low vibration level during operation, which means they are not very noisy. According to the drawing of the device, you can notice another such feature as the self-braking function, and for this reason, if you lift some kind of construction load with the help of a geared motor, and the engine suddenly stops working, the gearbox will simply stop at a certain point and the load will not fall. In addition, this mechanism can rotate the shaft in both directions, which is especially valuable in conveyor, construction, lifting and other systems.

Along with the fact that the device has many advantages, there are also certain disadvantages.

Low efficiency is considered one of the main ones, since it is not more than 80% due to sliding of metal parts of the mechanism at high speed. This does not make it possible to make the device small and the power loss will be very noticeable.

The cylindrical version of gearboxes


is currently the most widespread among industry and technology. Such a device has a high efficiency, namely more than 90%, and their mechanisms do not wear out much even in the worst operating conditions. One of the best representatives is 4MTs2S, which is used in various areas of industrial scale production. It is intended for long-term operation, sometimes even around the clock. It operates from the mains at 50-60Hz at different powers.

Of the advantages, we single out:

The disadvantages of such a geared motor are:

  • The load during operation must be constant and in a single direction, and this narrows the range of application.
  • The mechanism is capable of working only when the environment is not aggressive. Dust content should not exceed 10 mg / m 3 .

These motors make it possible to obtain ideal operating characteristics if the location of the gearbox is tolerable and the electric motor is correctly installed. They are lightweight and compact enough.

It is for this reason and on a similar principle that the wiper device in the car works. For the industry, however, they are increasingly using the ZPM device, which also were able to show their best side. They are used for most industrial devices, but such a mechanism is not suitable for lifting loads.

The advantages of planetary geared motors include:

  • The ability to change the load on the shaft, and at the same time this applies to both size and time, since the unit can equally cope with both reversible and direct loads, even at nominal operating conditions.
  • The device is designed for long-term operation, from 7 to 24 hours.

  • Can be used even under reduced pressure when the equivalent of ascent up to 1 km above sea level.
  • Designed to work in conditions from -45 degrees to +45 degrees and high humidity. These motors can be specially adapted for use in tropical latitudes.

And at the same time, even such an ideal device has drawbacks:

  • They cannot be used for machines that require precision, since there are problems due to the choice of clearances between the gears, and this will complicate even repair work.
  • During operation, an increased moment of inertia appears, and in this regard, the device is inferior to the design of the cylindrical type.

  • Operability only in non-aggressive / explosive environments.

Now it is worth considering wave gearboxes for technology.

Wave gear motors

This type of equipment is one of the most high-tech and modern. Wave transmission is capable of combining the reliability of a gear-type transmission with the dynamics of flexible elements that are used in the structure. They are used for general industry, and are distinguished by their compactness and lightness, as well as the ability to get the most transmission number even with the smallest number of moving particles.

The advantages include:

  • The devices can be sealed and separated from the engine, so that such gearboxes can be used in industries where there is a danger explosion or in a dusty workshop.
  • It works perfectly at different loads, which are not more than the nominal, will scroll equally in the reverse and forward directions.
  • Excellent low and high pressure performance.
  • Can be used for precision machines.
  • Excellent ride quality.

Of the shortcomings - the following:

  • Reduced level of torsional rigidity.
  • An increased level of mechanical stress on the flexible element, which quickly fails if misused.

Let's take a look at how to choose the right gear motor.

How to choose the right device?

At the moment, many companies offer many models of such a device through catalogs, which describe the purpose for each type. To begin with, the customer will be interested in the price-quality ratio.

Nowadays, Bauer or Bonfiglioli products are quite popular. This is really good equipment of high quality, which will last a long time and faithfully. But still, you will have to spend money on its repair, since spare parts are brought from abroad. It is for this reason that most customers make a choice in favor of domestic manufacturers, and the price of such a device will be much lower, as well as the cost of repairs.

And only for high-precision machines should you think about whether quality should be neglected? But here, too, domestic manufacturers are trying to step on the heels of foreign suppliers.

For this reason, before buying, determine for yourself where and how the motor will be used, which will help you make the right choice.

Reducer - products of technical and material purpose, this mechanism serves to change the rotation speed during the transfer of rotational movements from the first shaft to the second.

Gear motor - electric motor and gearbox, which are assembled into a single device. It is much more compact compared to a drive from a gearbox alone, installation is much simpler, and in addition, the material consumption of the base frame is reduced, for mechanisms with a hollow shaft, no frame structures are needed. A huge number of solutions in terms of design and typical dimensions makes it possible to equip enterprises with devices of various purposes, capacities and dimensions.

This device can be used for all areas of industry and construction.

The most common are planetary and cylindrical units, which are made according to the reporting system of the location of the output shaft and the electric motor. Worm gears have an electric motor located at 90 degrees to the output type shaft.

Scope of geared motors in construction

Construction of any type of building requires not only careful preparation of projects, as well as the availability of building materials, but also some mechanization that will help facilitate the work of builders. Many construction mechanisms are powered by an electric motor, and rotational movements are transmitted to various devices using gearboxes.

Yes, it is in them that there is a self-locking function, and therefore the device can be used to move or lift workers / materials. This can be a concrete mixer, a junction crane, a hoist, asphalt concrete production equipment, a winch, and other construction equipment. The worm gear motor is used on construction sites and in a tower / gantry crane.